Top 10 Super Mario Bosses

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1 Petey Piranha - Super Mario Sunshine

How can Petey Piranha not be on here? The iconic boss from Super Mario Sunshine, with a commanding presence as you finish the first episode of Bianco Hills. He reappears in a lot of the spin-off series and is just an awesome character.


He is like, badass. I love him.

Just squirt water

2 Bowser 8-7 - Super Mario 3D Land Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.

Bowser Jr is the Eggman of Mario's world. He builds and uses machines against Mario. The koopa prince isn't as strong as his father, but he makes up for it with brains.

Bowser Jr is a more versatile character than his father. You see this in his boss battles

Heroic. Enthralling. Just. Plain. Awesome.

3 The Shadow Queen - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

One of the most challenging bosses and one of the most difficult bosses in my opinion!

She looks like an evil version of Peach.

Top 1 should be a Super Mario 64 boss.

I totally agree she is the best

4 Bowser Jr.'s Boomsday Machine - Super Mario Galaxy 2

So Good! A true challenge with fun mechanics and a good plot. Bowser Jr. typically has the best boss battles over bowser in my opinion.

Bowser junior is just okay in all of the fight's

This is my favorite boss and it is very hard!

Man, what a mean machine Bowser Jr built.

5 Last Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy 2

He has the best battle music in the world, man I love this battle

6 Giant Bowser - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The music for this boss has yet to return in another Mario game, even though it's one of the best.

Too bad that they milked dry the 'Mega Bowser' final bosses soon after this.

Hardest guy ever played

7 Dimento - Super Paper Mario

How is The Shadow Queen 1? Even though this boss was kind of easy it was stellar plot wise.

He take over the 4th dimension

What 6th place? He is up at 1 to me!

Dimentio is the best

8 Wracktail - Super Paper Mario

You Might Think This Boss Is Pretty Easy but is the leader of hooktail gloomtail and bonetail

9 General Guy - Paper Mario
10 Dark Bowser - Mario & Luigi
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11 Wiggler - Super Mario Sunshine

Wiggler is the best

12 Cackletta - Final Battle - Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
13 Cloud N. Candy - Yoshi's Story

If you ask me, this boss is terrible. Just eat and eat and eat, and that's it. There are so many bosses from the Mario franchise that are better than this.

Wow people like this guy he is a rip off from gilbert the gooey

14 Phantom - Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

I learnt Phantom's song, he's so good! Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle's my favourite game!

15 Giant Bowser - New Super Mario Bros U

Instead of running from him like in NSMBW, you actually have to fight him! I also love the music too.

WORST BOSS EVER so EASY! ps the music is terrible!

16 Gooper Blooper - Super Mario Sunshine

Why the heck did you put this guy here he isn't even fun at all!

Lola pulling off the tentacles!

17 King Bowser - Super Mario 64
18 Raphael the Raven - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

This might have inspired Mario Galaxy, and besides, who doesn’t like ground pounding pegs to kill the boss?

19 Crystal King - Paper Mario
20 Doopliss - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
21 Bowser Jr.’s Mighty Megahammer - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Oh yeah this one is great! I hoped this one was on here!

Fantastic mechanics and fun with Yoshi!

22 Bowser - Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Classic boss battle, one of the best.

23 Antasma - Mario and Luigi Dream Team
24 Tubba Blubba - Paper Mario
25 Golden Diva - Wario Land 4
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