Top Ten Best Mario Character Fanbases/Haters


The Top Ten

1 Wendy O. Koopa Haters

They know she Sucks - ToadF1

2 Waluigi Haters

They know he's Filler - ToadF1

3 Bowser Fans

Silent People - ToadF1

4 Wario Fans
5 Toad Fans
6 Koopa Kid Haters

They know he Sucks - ToadF1

7 Funky Kong Haters

They know he's Annoying - ToadF1

8 Boom Boom Haters

They know he's Generic - ToadF1

9 Pink Gold Peach Haters

They at least know Pink Gold Peach was a Bad Idea - ToadF1

I feel so sorry for Nathaniel Bandy that we was ridiculed for his taste (re: Pink Gold Peach is one of the worst ever). NicoBBQ should stop loving Pink Gold Bitch. Metal Mario does not need a lover. Nintendo can be filler nowadays.

10 Bowser Jr. Fans

Silent People - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Wendy O. Koopa Fans

Who Fans? Oh, those Arrogant snobs - ToadF1

12 Toad Haters

No - ToadF1

13 Peach Haters

No - ToadF1

If they don't like her, then that's their opinion

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