Princess Daisy

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Princess Daisy is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, in which she is the princess of the fictional region of Sarasaland. more.


Rosalina is WAY much better. Plus you could do a whole lot more if you would let Rosalina get a game. Come on! People love her! And it wouldn't even be all about Rosalina if you guys wanted. We could have Lumas. Or for you guys we can make Daisy an important part and I mean VERY important part. It's a win-win for both Daisy and Rosalina fans! Note: I'm not saying your ideas are bad or stupid and I like Daisy. I'm just saying we can do more with Rosalina and I'm kindly saying that she is better. I don't mean to start insulting you guys.

What about this? It has been 26 years since Daisy had fun with Mario Luigi and Peach (because of that Rosie crap). Daisy was all alone in the balcony of her castle when her friends appeared. They were holding items for a grand picnic. Daisy jumped with joy but the moment of happiness got interrupted by Tatanga. He silently stole the Dream Flower, a flower that granted five wishes. It sounds simple huh? Well it ISN'T! What Tatanga wished for was that the world to break apart. Then he wished that all the universes to become individual planets, same with Sarasaland. But his last wish was to transform Sarasaland into the most powerful empire / planet so he could rule over the UNIVERSE! Daisy and her friends team up to go save the Dream Flower before Tatanga uses all the wishes. they transform in their Charged suit and used thei special power : Mario has the Fire Foot, Luigi the Telekinetic Thunderhands, Peach has the Wings of Wonder and last but not least Daisy with the Crystal Fist (and ...more

You don't need to bash on Rosalina because you are a fan of Daisy. I hate the fans that do that. But I still think Daisy needs a revamp before Rosalina. - DCfnaf

Princess Peach has a game. Why not Daisy? Nintendo needs to give her a game. How about saving Luigi? Since Peach has already saved Mario. Maybe king boo or Tantanga could be the final boss?

It would be sweet if in her game the leading characters were Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, and Toadette instead of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad. I mean, all of those characters (well, besides Wario) need more character development but don't get it. That's why people hate on Waluigi so much!

I would love to see a game where Daisy along with her new sidekicks Toadette and Birdo go and save the Mario bros and Peach from Bowser's evil grasp. Maybe even add in Diddy and Waluigi too.

She has been in spin-off games forever! Give her a chance! She's way better than Peach!

Daisy is way better than Rosalina and should be in super smash bros 4. It's not fair that Rosalina gets to be there before Daisy.

Vote for her.

She deserve so much better...

But definitely, she really has big potential to be an ass kicker in main Mario games with Peach and the others and to get her OWN GAME!

Daisy is a character having a lot of potential. I find it it's a pity that she does not appear in more games.

Let's see a Final Fantasy-Esque RPG with Daisy going independent of the usual mushroom kingdom crew to go on an epic quest with a brand new bunch of characters (much in the same way Wario and Yoshi diverged into their own franchises) utilizing her speed, power and Earth & Crystal abilities against a group of villains in a much darker-than-usual game

She's supposedly a "tomboy" but I don't see it. From what I've seen in the sports/kart/SSB & party games, she seems more self-centered and hotheaded. I guess since she plays mostly in sports games that makes her "tomboy" but Peach plays in them too and she isn't really tomboy. Even when she wins she does mostly non-tomboyish poses.

A tomboy princess is an interesting concept and it would be interesting to see that played out with her. I could see her rescuing Luigi or Toad or Peach (anyone really) and kicking butt for doing so due to this supposed tomboy trait (and no mood-swings crap like with Peach please) And she (should) be more than a partner for Peach because she was made before the sports/dd series.

But I donno... They kinda seemed to not care about her tomboy trait they said she had and just started fresh with her character when they brought her back in... MP3 was it? Sad =C

Personality-wise Daisy is rather different to a lot of other characters in the Mario universe, which opens up many more possibilities for original ideas. Also, Peach got her own game, so why shouldn't Daisy have one? - Entranced98

She is my favorite Mario character my home screen is her I love the game Mario (team Daisy)

Nope, Waluigi was created only for became the Wario's partner in the spin-off games, Daisy was created for the main series like Wario, Birdo and Shy guy but Nintendo never used them again.

Daisy is my girl. She has always been my favorite playable character and I would buy a game featuring her as the main character any day.

She's the best mario character and needs her own game... Peach has one why not daisy

Princess Daisy is by far my favorite character. She really needs her own game.

There should be a game where Peach is captured again... But Mario and Luigi are poisoned and they ate all the mushrooms! Super Daisy it will be called. Also Frog, Turtlefrog, Pac-man, Reddy-man, and a toad will help! But then Wario's machine saves the day.

She needs to be in Smash that's all I want or if Nintendo makes a Mario/Pokemon crossover. Just playing as Princess Daisy, pikachu (the real pikachu not mii verion) & yoshi in a team. Then that's it I'll not complain anymore.

Daisy and Toad need a game badly. I would have a fit if they don't

You guys are all arguing about whether Rosalina or Daisy is better. I'm a fan of both, so here's a thought: let's put them both in the same game. Daisy appears at the observatory and needs to defeat a new enemy. Rosalina and the Lumas help her.

THANK YOU! I hate the Daisy and Rosalina fans so much! Both are awesome characters and have so much unfair hate! - DCfnaf

Daisy could team up with Peach and have the ultimate superpowers to fight off Bowser, Tatanga, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser jr and possibly the Shroom Princess - a bit like in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time! :D

No, Waluigi is a pointless character, he exist only for be the Wario's partner in the spin-off games.
Characters like Wario, Daisy or Birdo were created for the main series but they weren't never used again.
Daisy deserve a game more than Waluigi, sorry.

If her fans can shut up and stop bringing other female characters into this then yeah

"Daisy is way better that Peach and her game could be about her saving Luigi like Peach saving Mario. She should also be in SSB4! "