Top Ten Best Mario Game Sequels

Let Me Just Say, Games Like Super Mario Galaxy (1), And Super Mario 64 Aren't Allowed Because They Aren't Sequels, For A Game To Make It On The List, I has To Something Like "Super Mario Bros. 3",

The Top Ten

1 Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario Bros. 3 Product Image

Super Mario Bros. 3 Is A Sequel To Super Mario Bros. 2 And 1 On The Nintendo Entertainment System, Despite Super Mario Bros. 2 Being A Flat Out Disappointment, Due To Its Obscurity, And As For It's Other Counterpart, The Lost Levels, It Was Way Too Hard And Challenging, But Then When Super Mario Bros. 3 Came By, Everyone Was Amazed, Everyone Who Owned An NES Bought This Game Instantly! Words Just Can't Describe This Masterpiece Of A Game, I Mean Just Everything About It Is Perfect, The Music, Level Design, Just Everything Is Amazing About This Game, It's A Revolutionary Piece Of Art That Is A Classic Game That There Is Absolutely No Denying It Deserves The Top Spot On This List


2 Super Mario World Super Mario World Product Image

I'm Going To Count This As a Sequel To The Game Boy's Super Mario Land, This Game Is Just Plain Amazing, The Music And Level Design It Also Introduced Yoshi, I Don't Know Which Is Better, Sonic 2 Or This, Anyways It's A hard Choice - VideoGamefan5

Great game, but not a sequel by any means. The sequel to Super Mario Land was Super Mario Land 2 - dubsinthetubs

3 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Product Image

Super Mario Galaxy Was An Amazing Game, It's Sequel Super Mario Galaxy Was Also Awesome - VideoGamefan5

4 Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Product Image

Super Mario 3D World Is A Worthy Fun Successor To Super Mario 3D Land, This Game Took What Made Super Mario 3D Land Great And Made It Even Better, Adding Amazing Level Design - VideoGamefan5

5 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Product Image

Who Said I Can't Put More Than 1 Game Per Franchise? , This Game Is Almost As Incredible As It's Predecessor, Giving Our Favorite Magnificent Green Dinosaur Yoshi His Own Story, - VideoGamefan5

6 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Product Image

My Favorite Out Of The 5 Mario And Luigi Games, This RPG is Very Well Made And Has Great Story To It, Definitely Awesome - VideoGamefan5

Should be Number 1 only cause it's my favorite video game. - DCfnaf

7 New Super Mario Bros. Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii Product Image

A Fun And Awesome Game, It's Even Better Than The First New Super Mario Bros Game, This Game Has Very Entertaining Bosses, And Especially Seeing After The Koopalings Not Appearing In A Mario Game For A Long While, We Get To See Them Again In This Fun Experience - VideoGamefan5

8 Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Product Image

This game sucks! Mario Kart 64 is amazing & so much better than this!

Yep, This Is My Favorite Mario Kart, It Used To Be DS But Now I Changed It, I Still Like Mario Kart DS Though, - VideoGamefan5

9 Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Product Image

A Handheld Verison Of Super Mario Bros. 3, AWESOME - VideoGamefan5

Why put the same game on here twice with one version significantly lower than the other? - dubsinthetubs

10 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Product Image

I Don't See The Hate For This Game Or It's Predecessor, I Find This Game Pretty Good - VideoGamefan5

The Contenders

11 Mario Kart 64 Mario Kart 64 Product Image
12 Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8 Product Image

Best mario kart ever!

Love this game. Don't get why VideoGameFan5 hates it. The game is great - DCfnaf

13 Mario Kart Wii Mario Kart Wii Product Image


14 Paper Mario: Sticker Star Paper Mario: Sticker Star Product Image
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