Top Ten Best Mario Kart Wii Character and Kart/bike Combos

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1 Yoshi - Mach Bike

Not only fast but has good of everything! Yoshis stats are what this bike has low of

I Agree with it I was stuck on 150cc special cup ( to get daisy*) and its really fast
Yoshi + mach bike = automatic win

Yoshi has the fastest but cutest bike! You know which one I'm talking about.

My favorite combination. I get my fastest times on Time Trials when using Yoshi and Mach Bike. Thumbs up if you still play Mario Kart Wii

2 Funky Kong - Flame Runner

Funky was found dead in Miami, it is only fair for him to be number 1. Let's do it in this beautiful gorilla's memory!

There is no reason why this should not be the first. Even though it is not the best in everything, its speed, weight, and other overall stats make this the best choice by far.

While not the absolute best in any of the four stats that matter, it's one of the only vehicles that does well in all four - smashmallow101

Funky Kong get speed and Off-Road bonuses to make the Flame Runner dominate. The Flame Runner thrives in Speed, Drift, Weight and Mini-Turbo, which are the four most important stats. Easily should be Number 1.

3 Baby Luigi - Blue Falcon

Baby Luigi is the second fastest character in mariokart wii

He looks the best in the blue falcon nothing can beat that

Great reasons guys... ;/

Him and Koopa Troopa is coolest in this kart - Btd

4 Toad - Quacker

Although this is a good combo Toad is also really good on the bullet bike

The Quacker is the highest acceleration in the game. Nothing Beats that!

Toad and the Quacker are unstoppable, it got fantastic acceleration and its too cute

Does toad and the quacker have good drift though?

5 Rosalina - Shooting Star

Awesome combo got to try it out

Best combo ever

I love rosalina

It's cool to have your own bike. It also has a luma on it. AAww!

6 Koopa - Mini Beast

Koopa is best with the bullet bike its got decent stats on everything

Wrong. He is the best with the little bike with the face on the front.

I disagree. Him and bullet bike are best

Disagree loop with magikruser is the best

7 Dry Bowser - Flame Runner

This combo is a combo from hell. If you can control this monstrous combo, you will win every race

Those Funky Kong players must be crying when I can get first place with this combo

It looks so awesome nothing else to say

The only combo I ever use! So OP!

8 Daisy - Mach Bike

Should be higher up - she is the best middle weight character combo with Mach bike

I main Funky on the Flame Runner, but this option needs to be higher up. Daisy on Mach Bike is much faster than Yoshi on the Mach Bike, so she has better chances of surviving online. Her turning stats are great, which especially complements the harsh turns that custom tracks provide. Mach Bike, unlike Shooting Star, is an inside-drifting bike, and outside-drifting bikes make it exceedingly difficult to optimize corners with. Literally stop voting Rosalina up for her "waifu potential," or whatever. Daisy and Funky blow her out of the water.

This should be second and Funky Kong Flame Runner should be first in my opinion

Is actually the only option that's comparable to funky kong with flame runner

9 King Boo - Honeycoupe

I think I should use king boo wario bike


That is wrong King boo is so beast with the wario bike
I came first all 32 races in row in hard and 150cc

10 Luigi - Mach Bike

I used him in mirror lightning cup and I got 3 star rank and it's the best combo ever!

I like the Mach Bike personally, and Luigi doesn't seem to cover as much of the screen as others, so this combo is a fave of mine.

I'm not that good at mario cart and don't really play a lot but this really helped me get better. It's a good combo if you don't have a lot of characters and want to do good.

I used this combo on all time trials courses and won every time!

The Contenders

11 Bowser Jr. - Sneakster

Just so fast! One of my friends plays this every time and absolutely destroys everybody else.


12 Dry Bones - Bullet Bike

I love Dry Bones, he is my favourite Mario Kart character and I agree with the bullet bike idea but believe that he is best with either cheep charger or magikruiser for Dry Bones colour and type seems to suit these vehicles a lot. Again just my opinion.

With manuel drive, you can get a ridiculous amount of boosts on skids and there is no other bike or cart that matches the bullet bike's drift

Best bike combo for smaller characters

Super good drifting!

13 Mario - Wild Wing

Nothing better than the wild wing. Mario in the wild wing is just the best!

Not the best but the wild wing looks so good

Good combo

14 Toad - Magikruiser

My favorite never lost with it

It look's good and works well. A great option overall.

Whenever my sister uses this combo,she usually always gets first place except for me trolling her by using my triple reds - TabbyKat

Good,speedy, and quick. Good combo!

15 Peach - Mach Bike

Peach is pretty much the only charcter I use anymore. And you won't find me on any other vehicle. I love this combo so much. Especially when driving manual. Her mini turbos are phenomenal.

Peach and her mach bike is just a great combo

Well, I love peach on that match bike thing but really? I mean come on u guys. She goes faster on LEGS! Whenever I play with that combo I lose. When I try her on a wild wing she is EPIC! So ya people...GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

Great combo! Not the best in the game, but Peach was underrated in this game! I don't like her, but I actually enjoyed playing as her! She's great with the Mach Bke! - HeavyDonkeyKong

16 Bowser - Spear

Bowser and spear should be higher on the list

Doesn't turn well

Best combo ever

never tried it

17 Baby Luigi - Bullet Bike

A fast combination that I use every time. It also looks amazing.

18 Bowser Jr. - Dolphin Dasher Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. He is the youngest son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

I always play this combo because it's so darn cute! (and works well with how I drive)

Pretty sure the fastest/best combo used by pros is Funky Kong on Bowser Bike though

I love how the dolphin dasher is a very fast bike and Jr is cool.

Use this all the time, it's cute and gets the job done

It's actually the best in mine

19 Koopa - Bullet Bike

I never knew that some combos were better than others while all my friends used Yoshi-Mach Bike or other top combos but I still beat all of them

The best character by far no other combo is better

Great handling and speed, small size makes it easy to dodge obstacles

Amazing character amazing bike great combo!

20 Baby Mario - Mach Bike

This cannot happen, confirming that Baby Mario is a lightweight, and the Mach Bike is for middleweights.

I use this all of the time. Honestly, one of the best combos in the game. It has the highest speed and acceleration.

Baby Mario is lightweight.

This can't be a combination,considering that baby Mario is a small character and the match bike is for medium guys

21 King Boo - Bowser Bike

This combo is great

Amazing for Drift and Weight



22 Diddy Kong - Classic Dragster

Use this all the time

Love it


23 Baby Daisy - Bullet Bike

Best drift in the game plus great speed thanks to the speed and drift boosts baby daisy offers. Sheis a lighter baby luigi with better drift. I love that combo and I am a boy

I love baby daisy

24 Waluigi - Phantom

Rainbow Road would be HARD on mirror. Mirror mode I do not have. Neither the Phantom heavyweight bike.

25 Koopa Troopa - Magikruiser

The magikruiser is the best off-road bike on the best off-road and on-road character

I love the speed, acceleration, and the look of Koopa Troopa on the Magikruiser, which I also nicknamed "The Kamekster. :-)"

26 DK - Flame Flyer

The Flame Flyer is NO good at acceleration.

Don't ever try it.


27 Baby Mario - Magikruiser

Awesome. Just awesome. I always get first place when I use this combo, unless of course I get hit by a blue shell.

It is real easy and good to use

A good off-road combo for when you want a decent weight small combo for 100cc.

28 Mario - Nostalgia 1

A good one for beginners. If you've been playing a little while don't hesitate to go for something a bit faster. - Entranced98

Greatest kart in the game, by far

29 Luigi - Classic Dragster

I think I can do the Nostalgia 1 if I can go for something a bit more fast.

Quite a nice one for newcomers to the series. Its acceleration is decent, so item hits and little crashes are much less devastating to your position in races. - Entranced98

Use it every time.

My Favorite Kart Combo ever and the best one I ever use! I basically got first in every nitro cup with this combo.Totally recommend it. - TabbyKat

30 Luigi - Sneakster

This can't happen, since baby luigi is light weight class, and the sneakster is for mediums.

Baby Luigi is in the small class. Luigi is the medium class.

31 Peach - Wild Wing

Peach's wild wing is super fast and looks sharp

32 Baby Peach - Cheep Charger
33 Mii Outfit B - Sneakster

This used to be the god combo for me until I started using manual.

I always use the Sneakster and my Mii is middleweight so that is a plus. - N64Dude

I am Baby Haha and my Mii is medium and I don't own the Nitrocycle.

I destroy everyone when I use this on Automatic

34 Waluigi - Off Roader

Just awesome in drift

Yep that's good


35 Baby Luigi - Magikruiser

This combo is the best multi use bike with the small class. Its able to still keep it drifting boost off the track and it has good off-road so even if you are able to somehow fly off the track (in most cases) you'll be able to recover quickly.

Turn on a dime, and no worries if you go off road a little just pop a wheelie and keep on rolling.

36 Toadette - Magikruiser

Statistically the best character + bike combo for offroading. Time trial with it on Shy Guy Beach driving through a lot of the shallow water in the inside of the course, and you'll be well on your way to a good time. This combo's speed is however average, so I wouldn't suggest doing general racing with it if you can use a much faster combo effortlessly. - Entranced98

great for time trials

Best off road ever

It is so fast

37 Baby Luigi - Quacker

It has suck good Acceleration, I just love i!

It has amazing off road


38 Toad - Mini Beast

I've used it it a bunch of times = 1st

39 Daisy - Zip Zip

Daisy + Zip Zip Bike = AWESOME - Btd

40 Funky Kong - Spear

How is this not above Bowser and the Spear?

Love the speed, hate the drift

41 Koopa Troopa - Tiny Titan
42 Dry Bones - Booster Seat

Every time the CPU is playing as this, he always get in a good place.

The best!

43 Baby Luigi - Jet Bubble

I don't own the Bubble bike, I don't have Mirror mode!


44 Wario - Wario Bike

Wario with the Wario Bike is a good combo, although it’s not the best choice, I like the drifting style of the Wario Bike and the Acceleration is very good, but it has a lot of weight and it doesn’t have good speed, if you’re looking for an easy-drift Bike and a quick recovery, I would recommend the Wario and Wario Bike combo.

45 Toadette - Booster Seat

With me toadette with the booster seat makes her a fast racer

Awesome combo I never lose with this

46 Baby Peach - Tiny Titan

Good for off road but nothing else

I’ve been trying to unlock the Rally Romper but I can’t!

47 Dry Bowser - Phantom
48 King Boo - Phantom
49 Toadette - Cheep Charger

What do you get when you cross an amazing character with an amazing kart? Toadette in the Cheep Charger!

50 Peach - Daytripper

One of my favorite combos, great acceleration and handling

Whats the Daytripper?

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