Best Mario Tennis Games

Mario Tennis Aces is soon released! Let's talk the best Mario Tennis games.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Tennis Aces

Yep, I think Mario Tennis Aces is 5 times better than Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Better than Open and Ultra Smash. - Extractinator04

This has potential to be the best game in the series! - darthvadern

2 Mario Power Tennis

I'd say this and Aces are as good. - Extractinator04

Mario Power Tennis is simply the best Mario Tennis game. It hasalmost everything you would want in a Mario Tennis game. A decent roster, cool courts, great gameplay, yeah. It's the best definitely. Unless Mario Tennis Aces beats this game. - darthvadern

3 Mario Tennis

The original game for the N64, it introduced us the great Waluigi, "IMA WALUIGI! IMA RULA DA GAME! " - Waluigi quote I just made up. - darthvadern

4 Mario Tennis Open

A decent game, great gameplay, the roster was pretty bad though. - darthvadern

5 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

This game sucked. Good roster but horrible everything else - Randomator

Usually considering as one of the worst Wii U Mario games. Roster was excellent, but gameplay was so meh. Only one court in the entire game? Seriously? - darthvadern

6 Mario Tennis: Power Tour

I like how you actually have to work your way up and EARN the Mario characters. It makes it more fun and challenging.

Two words; Terrible roster, like there's only a bunch of random royal tennis academy characters, and there's Waluigi but not Wario? - darthvadern

It doesn't even feel like a Mario game! I believe it oculd have been a good game if it was'nt a mario game, but since it's mario it's just stupid, there's pretty much only a bunch of human characters! - darthvadern

7 Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)

Hardly features the main cast - Maddox121

It had an RPG style to it.

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