Top Ten Married Anime Couples

Married couples in anime wither they were already married or eventually get married.

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41 Kaneki Ken & Kirishima Touka - Tokyo Ghoul

Are they even married? I really don't think so.

Are they married?

42 Kenshin Himura & Kaoru Kamiya - Rurouni Kenshin
43 Simon & Nia - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Even after a brief timeskip, seeing their relationship all developed was one of the best things about the show. Even when Nia was trapped in the depths of the Anti-Spiral universe, Simon did the impossible and came to her rescue. How romantic is that. Definitely one of the best married anime couples I have seen. Also, it was kinda funny when Simon got all happy when Nia said to him over the phone that she would marry him. Simon: Yes! Me:Yes indeed, Simon. Congratulations on getting married!

44 Victorique & Kujo - Gosick

These two are so cute together! The ending was just perfect. Victorique was wearing a wedding dress and was walking hand in hand with Kujo. They are just perfect for each other! - ToukaKirishima

45 Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma - Fruits Basket

They so sweet and should be together. I miss this anime :( - taengoo

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46 Hideki Hinata and Yui - Angel Beats
47 Nemu Asakura & Junichi Asakura

They are so cute Together - lilia

48 Hachirota "Hachimaki" Hoshino & Ai Tanabe - Planetes
49 Karamaru & Carla - Samurai Pizza Cats

The creators stated that these two will have a lot of screen time. They become heroes.

It stated that Okara is stronger than Polly, Lucille, Francine, Princess Vi, and Empress Fredia.

Okara keeps this a secret because Okara is pure of heart, she has no ego, she has humility, incorruptible, and honesty.

If the series continued the Creator stated that Karamaru (Good Bird) & Okara (Carla) would have a son and a daughter

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50 Renton & Eureka - Eureka 7

Renton and Eureka Thurston for the win.

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51 Mamoru (Mark) & Natsumi (Nelly) - Inazuma Eleven

I knew that they would get married! They look so cute together! - ToukaKirishima

52 Maximilian & Milia - Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
53 Asuma & Kurenai - Naruto
54 Yattarou (Speedy) & Pururun (Polly) - Samurai Pizza Cats (KNT)

The creator stated if the series have continued they would have gotten married at the beginning of season 2. first episode of season 2

55 Solomon & Sheba - Magi

The two of them are just so adorable together. Their story was one of the best as well! My favourite couple of all time

I really liked Sheba's personality and her sudden change of heart. She was adorable and Solomon a true leader so they made a perfect couple & Even though they didn't have much time together, Aladin should be proud of his parents!

56 Ranma Saotome & Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2

love this

57 Choji Akimichi & Karui - Naruto

NOO! Karui is TOO pretty for that Choji.

Honestly, who saw this one coming? I was surprised! Oh well Choji needed some love too and Karui is pretty, she can make Choji happy!
I just wonder about Chocho! I mean Karui looks quite delicate compared to Choji! He could have crushed her while they were... Er... In bed doing IT.

58 Natsumi Raimon & Endou Mamoru
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