Top 10 Mighty Magiswords Characters

The Top Ten Mighty Magiswords Characters

1 Vambre

I've been noticing that Vambre hates pants and her favorite sword is the tomato sword I also like her cape and she is better than lina inverse I also like her boots and gloves and eyes and she loves muffins and ilike what she does to her her hair

Vambre is the best character on the show I notice that she loves onions and I love the vlogs she does and the way she sits and when she has her legs crossed her outfit is nice too and I sort of have a crush on her I hold a picture of her in front of my chest I also like it when she and witchy simone have on cat outfits and sing a song

I also love vambre's hair because it is of my favorite color and her cape is wonderful too and it's cool that she like's tea instead of coffee and she does a good job cooking and cleaning it's also cool that she is friends with witchy simone

I love vambre she is so pretty and so is her british accent and I also love her outfit and I believe there should be crossover of her show and gumball

2 Prohyas
3 Grup

He's cute

4 Princess Zange
5 Skullivan
6 Lady Hiss
7 Witchy Simone
8 Zombie Pumpkin Magisword
9 Gateaux
10 Dolphin Magisword

The Contenders

11 Morbidia
12 Nohyas
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