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1 SkyDoesMinecraft

Sky is funny and awesome

I voted for him because he is hilarious and fails a lot! Especially at parkour and survival games!

Hilarious comedy with great park our and mods things the expression you make makes me think your awesome

My friend online on my ps3 said that her brother is Sky. One time I played Minecraft with her brother, but it was on her account. she was probably lying

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2 TheBajanCanadian


He is awesome at Minecraft he does every thing right and has the funniest friends ever go bajancanadian vote him or go on YouTube and search Minecraft Mitch and his friend or just Minecraft Mitch GO BAJANCANADIAN!

BAJANCANADIAN is the best you tuber in the world 1. He keeps you interested and up to date with the videos and MAKES ME LAUGH LIKE CRAZY WHEN JEROME IS IN HIS VIDEOS

Pfft. He curses too much. - TheRedstoneWiz

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3 Captain Sparklez

Original, #1, and one of the earliest.

He is like a master to me. He make it easy for you to understand mincraft and its ways. He has his anger moments sometimes, and jokes to make it an interesting video not a lame one. That is why he is NUMBER ONE!

Role model he always seems so clean, occasionally letting off some steam. Keep on killing creepers Jordan!

I love captiansparklez - Review

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4 JeromeASF

I think he is super funny he does a lot of videos with BajanCanadian too, he's is just very funny dood.

Why is jeromeASF so far down he should be second because his cops and robbers videos ar hilarious and he is an awesome YouTuber jeromeASF deserves a better place


He is cool

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5 Stampylongnose

I Love his videos They are fantastic. I also love his friends! He totally deserves to be number 5! He is very creative as well as funny. He is the best youtuber that I have ever watched!

Stampy is a hilarious guy. He has an awesome minecraft crew and builds really cool things in his world. If you haven't checked him out you really should. He is also known as Stampylonghead though if you are confused

He is the friendliest guy you will ever meet

HELL NAW - HufflepuffGeekGirl

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6 Ssundee

He should be in top 10 I think he is amazing everyone go ian

Really good hunger games player. Also really funny.

Cool and lots of viedos with sky

He's just so smart always trying to show quality videos and with lots of ideas I really like he's work respect!

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7 TheDiamondMinecart

TheDiamondMinecart is one of the best Minecraft Youtubers ever! He does amazing Mod Showcases, do really cool house builds, and has an awesome survival series. Personally, he should be in the top 5!

He does cool mod reviews and a cool house/statue builds and a cool modded survival

Thediamondminecart is a minecart full of awesomeness
Dan or thediamondminecart does great mod reivews
And intros

He is honestly the best thing that ever happened to YouTube!
Go teamtdm! - neehawgamer

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8 Antvenom

He is so awesome by now he has won 3 hunger games in a row he even said that he won't do the next one because he wants someone else to win once

He is boss at Minecraft. His consistancy of high quality videos are great. I love catching up with all of his series. I really think he cares about his viewers the most out of all these guys, not to say that they're bad though.

Has cool mod videos.

He does videos about glitches in Minecraft, and as he puts it, "breaking Minecraft", which I find very interesting. - allamassal

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9 Deadlox

Wow no votes for deadlox that's sad he's so awesome he funny to VOTE for DEADLOX!

Awesome adventure maps, mods and does lots of stuff with skydoesminecraft

He has a very cool skin and deadlox your the coolst man hat I ever meet in the whole wide world.

he is cool

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10 Minecraftuniverse

He is awesome and doesn't swear THAT MUCH

He is so cool and funny and he's friends with Sky who I give a thumbs up!

Tons of mods, adventure maps and other cool stuff. (friends with skydoesminecraft)


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The Newcomers

? Moosecraft

Moose is fun and wonderful. he is child friendly and I have NEVER heard him swear

The Contenders

11 PopularMMOs

Tons of mob battles, mod showcases, and an awesome new intro!


He does epic mob battles better then tozatop or any other youtuber does, he does tons of mod showcases, AND HE DOES MACHINIMAS! HOW IS HE SO FAR DOWN ON THE LIST!?

The goat. He deserves his subs. Well done Pat - lilrocketman

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12 iballisticsquid

This is RETROACTIVEGAMES FROM YOUTUBE he and stampy are awesome

He is cool and definitely needs more subscribers for his effort

He is cool laugh out loud

Cool and fun

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13 ChimneySwift11

Brilliant always happy and cheerful and the minecraft files are awesome!

AWESOME. None other comment necessary. In your face peoples! No offense though.

I love his Minecraft craft seeds and files

Always a great guy - Outcast

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14 sethbling

You rock a redstone

Redstone, MCEdit, pure Minecraft skills.. Sethbling is one of the best Minecrafters out there!


Would you rather see people play minecraft and drama, or would you like to see innovations?
I pick the second one, this guy is a genius.

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15 iHasCupquake

She's very true to herself and I really like that. She is an extremely good interior designer (Minecraft wise). She has a very bubbly personality and always makes you laugh or keeps you intreagued with what she's doing

Favorite! One of the only girls (which I admire! )

I love ihascupquake she is one of the only girls but to me she's a famous YouTuber

She is sooo fun and she gives me some many laughs

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He is awesome cool and should be in the top 10 vote for husky you sexy kippers

The MUDKIP is just awesome... Yeah!

Voting for him due to well, natural comedy and charisma. Incredible to watch.

Husky is too op he needs to replace Stamos or danTdM

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17 BlueXephos (Yogscast)

BlueXephos and the YogsCast are awesome. They have that sort of bubbly energy that just makes you addicted, and puts you in a good mood every time you watch them! Simon and Lewis are the best team, and one of the great things about them is that when your recording you can tell that they are friends and that they care about each other. To me that's important. They are just awesome, e, hilarious at everything they do, and just plain funny! Keep it up guys!

Why isn't bluexephos in number one? They're very funny, I love them!

I love the Yogscast. I watch their tekkit videos including Rhythian, Sips and Duncan's. I will always love them.

Very traditional youtubers good humour

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18 xRpMx13

This guy is awesome! A lot more people should check his channel out. To me, he should at least be in the top ten.

Ryan is hilarious and makes A+ videos that are very cool and modern and everyone should subscribe

He is the owner of an awesome server full of hunger games and other stuff, he makes tons of videos from glg craft and entertains a lot of people with it he is super funny he should be in the top 10

He tortures robin - Warwolf18

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19 Tobuscus

Should be number one. He is completely hilarious and every video if his makes me laugh my brains out. "BLESS YOUR FACE, IF YOU SNEEZED DURING THIS VIDEO, BLESS YOU" "PEACE OUT"

Beast guy that makes a joke about everything he does. Deserves a number one on this list, but is in 15th.

Epically epic he is a legend who plays a lot of games and has his on blog channel he should be number 2'because CaptainSparklez is better Has a good series though

Yes I like toby

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20 paulsoaresjr

Paul you are so awesome! I love your videos on punchwood island I just want to play with you everyday. I was thinking to start a youtube channel and have you as the special guest whenever you want. You are so awesome.

Paul is my favorite youtuber, and my first Minecraft guider! His "How to Survive and Thrive" videos taught me everything I needed to know about Minecraft, which I taught my friends about. He's a great surviver; give him a few days in a regular MC world and he'll have a house, farm, and a decent set of tools! That's why he's a 'Soarviver'.

He makes everyone play Minecraft


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21 EthosLab

Best Youtuber for Minecraft by far! He has a variety of series for Minecraft and also always helps new watchers to catch up! Gotta love this man!

He is hands down one of the best. My inspiration for my own channel from day one. 330 subs later I realize how long it takes to get an audience who follows you. He shows every video that he cares about his subs by keeping his videos clean even when playing with other people. His lp and his videos on the mindcrack server are creative and funny. Overall just one of the best.

It's nice to have someone out there to watch play Minecraft (and whatever other game, like Cube World) who doesn't curse during videos, cheat on survival mode, or waste our time asking for likes and/or subscribes. I am also pleased by Etho's choice to remain anonymous (seriously, I want to watch someone play Minecraft, not watch his or her face or hear about his or her life) and incorporation of redstone into Minecraft in unique and creative ways. After watching many (believe me, many) different people play Minecraft on Youtube, I can genuinely say that I enjoy watching Etho play Minecraft the best. Great job, Etho; keep up the brilliant work.

Absolute legend. Doesn't hunt views or subs, otherwise he'd be number one on this list.

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22 Bashurverse

His voice and laugh make everything in life okay, bashurverse is also the coolest Melon ever. He has played Minecraft with all the greats, such as CaptainSparklez, bajancanadian and CavemanFilms. So get him up this list!

He is so funny and is always happy

He is amazingly funny because of his voice personality and skills on minecraft! Best youtuber ever!


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23 ZexyZek

This guys is awesome! HE makes the most halarious trolling videos!

Love his trolling videos

Zexyzek is AMAZING, not only are his trolling videos hilarious (which were the videos that mostly made him big) but his other content like his walking dead series, broquest and hexxit are both extremely entertaining and funny making for good quality content. Hopefully his videos will always be this good and I would not be surprised if he passed 1 million subs by only his full third year on youtube.

This guy is awesome!

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24 ASFJerome

He is the beast and best youtuber ever

He should be much higher

Thr funnies Bacca and youtuber

Love him

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25 CavemanFilms

He is amazing and funny he is great at multiplayer and should be 4th
He plays epic adventure maps

He is funny he keeps his content clean and awesome and he is friends with lots of YouTubers.

He makes fabulous series and very detailed mod showcases. He also does pretty good at multiplayer and pvp. He does great adventure maps and also knows a bunch of other YouTubers like Sethbling, AntVenom, SkyDoesMinecraft, ChimneySwift, and others! I wonder who misspelt his name. Its CAVEmanFilms not CAVENmanFilms whoever added this very epic guy. CavemanFilms SHOULD be (but isn't) FIRST place so VOTE FOR CAVEMANFILMS! Go Dwellers!

He's better than a lot of them - Outcast

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26 VintageBeef

I've watched Vintage Beef since the beginning he has always been a person I watch because he has amazing building skills and he never uses bad language which makes him more likable for younger audiences which is mostly the community of Minecraft. I myself am not one of the younger players though

I voted for Mr. Beef because he makes entertaining mostly clean videos that are good for younger and older people. He has epic building skills and doesn't stop until everything is perfect. But parkour isn't really his thing. Go Beef!

Vintage Beef's builds are awesome and great! He's great at minecraft and other games. Plus he's really funny. I always wait for Beef to upload new videos, and when he does I always scream my head off, waiting for the video to load. Vintage Beef is AWESOME!

Beef should be higher I am surprised

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27 slamacow

He is a inspiration 4 me I am currently make an animation Minecraft movie. TOTALLY AWESOME AND AMAZING videoS. If you haven't watched them go and watch.

He makes awesome videos and he is so oringernal just so cool

He does incredible animations just like captain sparklez

I actually didn't expect him to be on this list...

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28 KermitPlaysMC

He's a cool guy. He lives with skydoesminecraft(Adam). Actually he does sound like Kermit!

I watch his video on YouTube a lot and they make me laugh so hard

Kermit is the funniest too me cause his accent rly sounds like a frog

I love him so much

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29 Bodil40

Because his laugh is so funny also he is also pro on parkour he became a troller sometimes laugh out loud

Bodil40 is the funniest youtuber I've ever see

He is so funny 83 seriously

Nahhh never liked this guy his accent bothered me

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30 explodingtnt

He is awesome and really deserves support

He is the funniest minecrafter ever

I really Enjoy His videos, he should be in the top ten

He is amazing you have to sub to him

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31 TheSyndicateProject

Why is Syndicate so far down the list. His commentating is the best out of every youtuber here and he is British and like all British things he is amazing. He also has got one of the best satisfaction rate of people who watch his video. Should be in the top 3. Preferably 1.

Syndicate is definitely the best Minecraft YouTuber ever. He really helped my when I was starting out and his videos showed me the ropes. Now I watch them for fun all the time and they always make me laugh and give me new ideas for my Minecraft.

He posts episodes daily and they get like 500,000 views each. He is the best commentator and he is very entertaining when he plays. Nova should be second cause he's beast as well. - decorulez97

He is a person 504

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32 Amy_Lee_33

She is brave amy and funny, always a tree hugger love, s it.

True to her self crazy hippy loves it!

She is awesome! Such a great Youtuber!

She Cute

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33 The Yogscast


Yogscast should be right up their with Adam (sky does Minecraft)

The yogscast are by far the best they are funny cool and love jaffa cakes go yogscast

Funny guys and addictive channel

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34 TBNRfrags

He is really funny in his videos and I like them

He is a hilarious creeper. And he can fool people easily if they aren't watching him.
He is so awesome.

WAY too low, come on guys, 90? He's awesome, and easily has more subscribers than a lot of the people higher than him on the list. - datrandomguy

I love him!

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35 Graser10

Grser10 has a lot of friends that he plays Hunger Games. He's also a singleplayer expert.

He has really cool videos and is awesome at Hunger Games

He is also funny when he plays with thinknoodles

Graser is hands down HILARIOUS. He really knows how to make viewers laugh and the content is always pure entertainment. Graser should be way higher.

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36 MrWoofless

He's really good at pvp, but he isn't super arrogant and condescending like some youtubers can be. His Battle Arena series is absolutely fantastic and you can tell he enjoys it immensely. Additionally, though he gets into everything he does, when he loses he doesn't throw a fit or blame lag. Overall he is innovative, amusing, super silly while still able to focus when he should, and loyal to his friends (note Taffy, the other half of the MrWoofless channels who has created his own and does other games such as Binding of Isaac, Don't Starve, and Rogue Legacy. )

No, Woofless is easily top 10

Rob is a selfless, generous, uplifting person who always puts himself first. He also had a unique, fresh sense of humor that is key to how he keeps his fans. He's an overall great person who I am more than lucky to have come across.

He is great

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37 minecraftfinest

You guys should be better than skydoesminecraft just because 1. You guys won a lot of hunger games 2. Your let's plays are good 3. Your adventure maps are even the best 4. You guys even introduced a lot of new YouTubers

Minecraftfinest should be number one! Max, Danny and Jordan are super funny! ThxCya should be number two! MCfinest does great videos and are really cute! (I like Skydoesminecraft too... )

You are the hunger game champs and cool I like your swag

Yeah... they make up 31% of the minecraft phase IV cancer
We're miners and we know it is the minecraftian plutonium.
Yodo is a contanimated piece of deadbush
Faction series is the, yeah, you guessed it, minecraftian uranium
List goes on... - MChkflaguard_Yt

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38 Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 more.

Funny, original, and extreme in his own special way! Keep trolling on in Sweden, man! *brofist*


Pewdiepie is so funny. He makes horror videos but when I watch his videos, I will just fall of the edge of my chair. Go on! Sweden man! Keep Trolling and make everyone fall of the edge of their CHAIRS!


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39 StampyLongHead

I love his youtube cool let's play videos in his lovely world

Now three times he has been added

He is so cool and very magnifecent videos I thought he is the first

He is a epic builder I want to be like him I play on Xbox one to!

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40 itsjerryandharry

I like itsjerryandharry because I very like the troll video and they often playing with friend *Fart*

Has really funny trolling videos, nobody elses' videos are really that funny, I mean, they say funny jokes, but that's kinda it. This guy's videos are funny in general

ItsJerryAndHarry have amazing Minecraft machinimas compared to anyone I know. You should really watch their Minecraft videos! They are truely amazing people!


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41 Vikkstar123HD

He is a boss who is funny AND he plays with AliA. He is very knowledgeable and has taught me a lot about Minecraft.

He is the best Minecraft hunger games YouTuber

Vikkstar your awesome cause you don't just play on the pc you also play on the Xbox360 and the PlayStation3

Vik is one of the best Minecraft Youtubers I've watched. His content doesn't get stale, and it can be enjoyed by anyone, unlike another couple of Minecraft Youtuber's I know. Vik is the only member of the Sidemen to not have his channel dedicated to Fifa. He plays Minecraft a lot, and his How to Minecraft series is really good.

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42 Bajan Canadian

The bajan is in the top 5 what is he doing at 69 place

Cool! So... AWESOME I love your videos!

What he should be1


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43 Rooster Teeth

The achievement hunters are absolutely hilarious, they have a great chemistry and unique challenges that they present to each other. I only wish they would put out Minecraft videos at a higher frequency.

Funniest and #1 in my opinion

They are the best so put them in the top 10

Flynt coal

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44 thecampingrusher

He's great with some of the best videos and in all of them you can't help but laug he's even the first I ever subed to because I love minecraft and he I don't know every thing about his videos just go check him out if you haven't

Tcr for the win

He always makes me laugh, all the cube members should be more popular and more recognized. You must see at least one of his videos!

He shouldn't be on this list I heard him swear a lot

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45 GamingWithJen

I love Jen as much as she loves holes

She does videos with popularMMOS she should be behind popularMMOS! She makes a lot of funny mistakes! She is awesome!

If you voted for pat, VOTE FOR JEN! JEN IS THAT BEST! GIRLS PLAY Minecraft! I am making a statue world filled with female gamers. no boys, but pat and a friend of mine

Jen is amazing I love her so much I watch her videos everyday and she loves holes but I love her more!

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46 Chrisandthemike

Very underrated to say the least. He is very funny as well as the people he plays with. Its worth a sub.

Thanks Chrisandthemike for minecraft family. By the way can you make a minecraft family series that all of your family members play minecraft together and record it in youtube

Dude! Your videos are awesome!

I like the Minecraft family

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47 RageGamingvideos

Great builder with an awesome accent

Creation, Challenge, Competitive.
Quick Build Challenge
Don't question it.

Helo people! My name is Rage, and welcome to another episode of Minecraft Quick Build Challenge! I was in an episode once he is boss

I'm so glad this dude is in my life...
because without his damn awesome quick builds...
i wouldn't even know minecraft...

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48 BDoubleO100

BdoubleO deserves to be at least top 35. He's super funny, builds inspiring things and says inspiring things. He has tons charisma, and is really cool. He's just not very well known, so you should totally check him out.

Honestly he is a really good minecraft we he takes everything to heart. And he is just a great person. He is really funny and there is a lot of other people I could have chose but I know if bdubs ever saw this he would probably really be happy. Because the guy praises us for just watching his videos. And honestly it's a pleasure to watch him laugh out loud!

Bdubz is the best. I have so many memories laughing at the B-Team Mindcrack videos. Every video that he has released is great. And where is GennyB? Not even in the top 100? Get real.

Honestly, I think Bdubs should be number one. He is one of the best builders I have ever seen and probably ever will see. His builds are immersive and realistic unlike that of some others. *cough* Mumbo Jumbo *cough*

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49 LDShadowLady

She is a great minecrafter and she is full of energy all if her videos she has the mist adorable voice and I just love her and she's so inspirational

She is a total gamer girl, also from the pixel pact. She plays Call of Duty, world of Warcraft, obviously Minecraft and more. She is SO funny and sweet and nice and brightens my day

She is one of my favorite minecrafters! She is funny, outgoing, super nice and innocent and so much more!

She should be first! she is the best!

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50 MunchingBrotato

Wow that's a bit harsh he has always been one to make me laugh when he's with the rest of team crafted he really should be at the top with sky and the rest please vote for him

I LOVE Tyler! He plays with Team Crafted ALL the time! Plus his I'm Something videos are hilarious! Please go subscribe to him if you haven't already!

He should be in the top 20s not the last one

I like the name a lot

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