Captain Sparklez


He has the type of personality that just makes everything seem entertaining. You feel like you're actually playing the game yourself. Tobuscus is very similar and on general hilarity I'd vote for him, but anything that involves Minecraft, Captain Sparklez easily wins. He also has the best Minecraft Music Videos.

Jordan keeps Mine Craft alive for me. Always makes it fun. Especially when partnered with Nick and Mark.

He was the one who made me want to play Minecraft. His survival videos taught me how to play Minecraft, and when I bought it, I knew everything about Minecraft. He's awesome, and I think he deserves number 1!

Captainsparkelz is my favorite youtuber, and has yet to disappoint me! He may not have gotten to the end as fast as others, but every episode that he has posted has had me laughing. Also, he posts more games than minecraft to keep a better variety of people watching him.

Captain Sparklez never bores, has awesome Minecraft songs and helps promote a lot of adventure maps and mini games. I cannot seriously believe he is number 4

Well I have to say I kinda suck at minecraft but you know what I learn a lot and I mean a lot from sparklez but really he is far better than sky and should be number 1 because he would beat sky in hunger games pvp quick build and general awesomeness so please vote for sparklez and just keep playing rock on minecrafters wo

In My Opinion I Think Captain Sparklez Is The Best, He's So Funny And Completely Adorable! He's Mature But He Has His Times. He's Clean, And Doesn't Get Carried Away. He Jokes Around To Keep His Videos Entertaining And Not Lame. He Fails SomeTimes And That's What Makes Him Funny. Please Vote, Love You Captain Sparklez!


1. Less than 1% of his talking is trash talk.

2. Jerry will always be in our memories.

3. Sky is too CRAZY.

4. After 20 of your videos and some house tutorials I have almost finished Minecraft.

5. Ya have the best Minecraft parodies and songs.


He's the best I always new he was the the best because he was the one who showed me how to play and what Minecraft is so I think he's the best in the world I wouldn't Evan no about Minecraft if he wasn't around so I thank Jordan for showing me Minecraft he should be number 1

CaptainSparklez Should be number one, not sky. Sky has no talent in writing songs. The only thing he wrote was New world, but it was a parody. CaptainSparklez may have made a bunch of parodies, but off super famous songs like Gangnam Style, Dynamite, DJ got us falling in love again, and even Viva la vida. He even managed to make an original. The song, paradise, maybe more popular than all the songs captainsparklez made parodies of, but the parody version of the songs captainsparklez made has more views than the parody version of paradise Sky made.

This was an EXTREMELY hard decision since there's so many great minecraft youtubers but I had to vote for Captain Sparkles because I think his music videos are the best. Sky's funny but I find that he gets a bit too carried away for my taste.

I definitely think Captain Sparklez is the best, he's original, he's funny & he's good at the game. And because of his videos I now have a buddy to play Minecraft with (my 10 year old Autistic brother who wasn't into Minecraft at all until I showed him a Captain Sparklez video) and now I can fully enjoy the game. He's the best

The best he doesn't use bad language one of Minecraft first one of Minecrafts best I love his adventure maps with mark and nick and his parodys are awesome to he should be number one you're the best Jordan keep on going

He's my role model and made me see the light. I didn't need to be stuck in the school work so much. Minecraft was a great thing he showed me. Also he makes me able to live through hard times in life... I don't know what would've happened without him existing and posting videos.

CaptainSparklez is really awesome because he fails a lot, but somehow you don't get sick of it. Sometimes he may get more angry than he should, but otherwise he is really funny and makes all of his videos epic.

Best known Minecraft player big time! He has the most interesting things to say and he doesn't let you down in his videos. Everything he does you will find as so so so entertaining!

He has the most subscriber between the minecraft players. He also plays different games. Minecraft is one of them Call of duty is another and he even plays more games I can remember. He also stays on schedule every week.

Captain sparkles videos are all beyond funny, he doesn't make just minecraft videos, but all sorts of different video game videos. Sky is good too..but captain sparkles seems to make you understand minecraft better, and does cool mods.

Captain Sparklez is adorable. Me and all of my girl friends think he's a wonderful youtuber and a great minecrafter. :P His videos are funny or informative and he makes minecraft pretty easy to understand. The music videos are so amazing too!

I love this guy he has done TNT Olympics! He also does Minecraft hunger games. My favorite! Have you seen his songs too! They are amazing!

CaptainSparklez is just most legit and makes really cool music videos and minecraft videos. Honestly, the Modded Survival is just EPIC. I love it! You can't compare HIM with anyone else.

He is so nice and a good role model. Jordan also has awesome minecraft animations! Also he keeps it clean unlike some other youtubers. Keep up the good work. Good job at Minecon Jordan!

Captainsparklez is the best because he is #1 but every body hates it so that is why he is #1 His hunger games are the best because he always comes out on top even though everyone is trying to kill him that is why I think ( and you should think too ) Captainsparklez is the best.

Captain Sparklez is the best YouTuber because he is always making videos with over 1, 000, 000 views every single video he makes and has over 2, 800, 000 subscribers and with his worlds greatest YouTube song

Man! He is the best, he's been featured in a lot of Minecraft related stuff and he's not childish unlike some other YouTubers (because he ACTUALLY has a set goal for each video he posts! ) Well yea! He's awesome all in all!