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221 ThatOneTomahawk V 2 Comments
222 levalp98

He is awesome and he is Pro at Minecraft but he have less videos than others and he is Turkish Minecrafter

223 Redb15

He is cool and he has the best wife there is and that's ihascupquake he should have his own channal but he is still cool

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224 Munchnibrotao
225 kooldude13
226 Pungence

Pungence is hilarious he and Skymz together are super funny and Fly Boys is the best series ever

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227 Jinbop

I love jinbop because he is the most important thing in the world.

I like his videos his funny really want to see him and his friends

Don't vote for him he's a pedophile

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228 49ersfan77playsMC

Your so awesome I love your videos

229 Extreme Gaming
230 Grian

One of the best builders I have seen on YouTube, He does some awesome tutorials and his Build School is awesome and even gave me some good ideas and I have been playing for 4 years!

He is well skilled with builds. I wonder how he fare in other aspects of Minecraft

He is the best builder I've ever seen. I also love build swap!

Mature, much better than the annoying "Pro-Builders" *Cough* LogDotZip *Cough* who claim "Derm, Diamond houses are better than those annoying dirt houses! "

He makes you regain a small bit of faith in the Minecraft community.

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231 Zailetsplay

She is so creative with her buildings and really funny as well. I think she is great at mining and I like the way she finds diamonds so quickly really deep in the ground. I also like her let's play with her family she has lots of animals and houses. I think that is so cool. =D

She is AMAZING! You should watch her videos they are awesome.
Worth subbing to.

Zaira is the best because she funny, creative, amazing, and she can swing a sword pretty well! :D

She is the best especially with Minecraft family!

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232 ChallengeAcceptedInc‎

There are the best minecrafters that are the funniest
And they play all sort of different kind of games too
Like Saints Row.

I love watching her videos I think she is the best YouTuber I always wach her videos and some moments are really fun she does some things with slyfoxhound smcown and etc I love her videos SUB HER SHE IS THE BEST YouTubeR ever! :3 :3 :3 (cat face :D)

233 TheEmeraldCraft

It says he's here but I can't see him he's epic though team EMERALD forever or how he says I hop it is

Best min games series good mod showcases and survival

He's the best dude he should be at top 50 with no problems whoever made this list is a noob - realistic

Who is this? When I search him up a bunch of different people come up

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234 Ragingblock

Raging block built this awesome statue, SkyDoesMinecraft was very impressed.

235 Willcraft .Animations

He's my favorite Minecraft YouTuber skydoesminecraft as number 1 and willcraft is close to 200 this guy makes amazing series like Endventures and funny series like Monster school

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236 Batclone

He is very funny and has clean comedy on all of his videos. And he always puts in allot of effort into each of his videos.

237 DevonDoesGames
238 BucketPlanks

Not a big Youtuber yet, but he is very talented and always surprises new Viewsers

239 LuclinMCWB
240 Mrmitch361

He is really funny with the camping rusher and child dolphin GO UDDER ARMY!

Mitch is the best. He is really funny. And I think he is the best Minecraft player ever.

I watch your videos all the time. I think he is a great experience

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