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341 Little_Kelly

Little Kelly is so awesome and her dog buttons is adorable she should be much further ahead she is just so awesome and cool and epic

Little Kelly you are the rest I love your videos you're the best

U shouldn't' be this low on the list!

Little kelly I'm your big fan,I always watch your vidios,and I love it

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342 The Atlantic Craft

They make millions put everyone's Minecraft ign for they can be featured 10 secs in a video then forgotten forever - ThisHawkKing


343 House_Owner

Ross is dope, man. He's gone off from being just Sky's friend, and made his own channel. He hangs out with Max, Shelby, and Tim, recording all sorts of gaming videos

426?! Really? He makes me laugh so much and I think that he would definitely be up higher!

His try not to laughs with sky are the best

I like his videos his funny

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344 TBNRkenWorth

Lol you have so much banter I almost explode plus tell Preston to play more death tag please

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345 Technoblade

Technoblade never dies

Tapl, Definitely, Techno, Refraction and Extra are my top 5 (no order)

He is one of the best pvpers in the world and is better than Bajancanadien, Jeromeasf, and all the other YouTubers so everyone sub to his channel

Why is this #353?
It should be #1 or #2 (behind TapL)

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346 ThatGuyBarney

He is a cool dude he is funny like's Apple's and dirt

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347 TheMinecraftMuse

I saw his first video and I was amazed by him and now I'm on YouTube 24 7 watching him.
I love his buildings so much there so cool and amazing.
Love you your the best you shod be in the top 10!

He comes up with great functional inventions for vanilla Minecraft and deserves more attention.

348 SubZeroExtabyte

He should be higher cause I think he is awesome. He doesn't talk because people say he is too loud but I only heard him once and he wasn't loud at all. Think of how awesome his videos are & how much work he does hosting games. It's kinda sad that he is told to be quiet when he does the hard work :. But never mine he has amazing animations can you please here me out and vote!

Doesn't talk, but is constantly told to shut up. Makes great animations, and helps host/monitor great games.

The animations on his channel are awesome!

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349 Dan Lags

He is the one who inspired me to build a city that I will start

He created his own city
He built the Alpine Mansion
He is a amazing tourist

350 samgladiator

How is he so low? He's a talented story teller and listens to his fans. He refrains from swearing so his younger audience is pleased, which many mainstream Minecraft YouTubers do not do.

I love his videos cause he loves his viewers and we love him right? Give him a boost to number one!

Sam should at least be in the top 20

The best minecraft roleplayer.

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351 Little Carly

She is so awesome and epic my best friend thinks she should be one of the top ten so does Little Kelly little lizard gaming and tiny turtle they are all just so awesome they deserve to be much further ahead

Little Carly I'm your first best fan also you are the best to

U should be at least top 100 Little_Carly

Yay...,little carly and little kelly are the best vidio maker

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352 Furious Destroyer

He is so funny with Jen I love their lucky blocks

He is so awesome and funny. I love his videos and everyone should know


His name is PopularMMOs. - Lapis525

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353 ScrubCraft V 1 Comment
354 Monkeyfarm

Monkey farm aka king of Mob spawners (No doubt it my mind)

355 Xisumavoid

By far one of the better YouTubers out there. He deserves much much more credit for the quality and just the amount of time he puts into each video! Check him out

Amazing and great farms

I love your hermitcraf videos. Should be number 1!

Playes on the hermitcraft server nearly allthe time. He does mincraft snapshot videos he is great and needs more suscribers

356 pokebob123

So cool, funny, and hilarious. Should be #1!

357 Little Kelly Minecraft

Me do not know only my sis does

You deserve to be up higher!

She is super nice

I love Little Kelly I can't stop watching your videos I like you 100000000 percent your my number 1 favourite youtuber in the world 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 -Little Stephanie

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358 Ethangamer

Ethan! My name is Ethan to! I think my head and my eyes are going to explode! You are my number 1

Amazing at death run!

He awesome and 100000000000000000 like please
To him plzzz

359 Taurtis

Taurtis and Samgladiator! Gotta at least be in the top 10!

I love you taurtis love your videos

Bro he is awesome with Sam!

Sam,Taurtis and Grian should be in the top 20 deafo

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360 Little Donny

I like him when he go's with donut on adventures like going to little kelly's castle.

I like little Donny with baby Leah more awesome!

Little donny and baby leah are so cool! And donny's vidio are so awesome

He is so coool and a 100 percent fan of him and baby leah

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