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421 minefan543

Funny an awesome, the videos are in timing, and he's a kid, but he is an AWESOME kid!
Everybody should go watch minefan543. Once again, he is absolutely awesome!

Very good guy, he gives tutorials but his videos are not in very good timing...

Very awesome new channel minefantv and his videos are in great timing now! :D

422 banananapielord

He has ended his channel, but is funny as hell

423 TheHaxjk
424 SuperMCGamer
425 AKspartankiIIer

He's so funny you should go check him out he plays Minecraft Call of Duty Grand Theft Auto 5 and really any game you ask him too he does house tours and he will play old games too so go check him out

He's really funny and always brings the lovely Kat in his videos! Awesome mod reviews and Series'! Awesome guy! Love him!

426 HATventures
427 S4GAM3R
428 MrGibbsPowerOn

Everybody who has not voted needs to vote right now for mr gibbs or just at least watch his lotr series because he is the best.

Mr. Gibbs is THE BEST! He has 4 modded survival series, an adventure series, 2 lotr series, mod showcases, lots of vlogs, and many many many more series as well! He always considers his fans and is a motivational speaker. I LOVE YOU MR. GIBBS!

429 Ridgedog

I Like him, he is funny as he sets up games and plays em
I enjoy his supreme knowledge of games, but doesn't know how to think like Simon and Lewis do when they do stuff, having everything messed up

He's great as he helps Yogscast set up snapshots so I can watch it EVERYDAY!

430 Giannis Pap
431 Diamondz
432 Purematt
433 FazeKross

The way he plays Hunger Games in a team is the best leadership I've ever seen

434 SkepsisPlaysGames
435 AWheavy

He also makes great pixelmon and survival videos and I think he is funny as hell and he has a decent amount of subs (over 3000 subs) which is really good so please check his videos out and he just is awesome

436 JesseplayMC
437 GoldenBlackHawk
438 Ghostx

He is very funny and makes me laugh all the time
He he plays with mmapgaming who is my favourite! He is just so good

439 KDproductions™

They make some awesome minecraft series and other awesome stuff. They even made a HeroBrine series called The HeroBrine Lake, and its the best one ever! So if you could go and check out there youtube channel that would be awesome! :D thanks

440 Enderhunter

This guy records with an iPod and is still cool :D

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