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761 Patclone
762 Minecraft4Meh

He is so awesome he trys his bet to make all his fans happy and he NEVER cusses he's also an inspiration for many people I love m4m and al his friends

763 Pokediger1

He's so funny he makes me laugh all the time he trys not to cuss and he is really good at Minecraft

764 BloodZelos

He's awesome but sometimes he can be mean but he's still awesome

765 TheCreeperFarts

He's a new YouTuber and he's really good at making videos I really enjoy wathing him

766 ZomChris

He's super nice he's a brand new YouTuber and makes really high quality videos

767 Brunamas
768 TheAlterPlace
769 GenerationHollow

An overall chill, funny, and cool guy that PERFECTLY complements Rage's rambunctious, loud personality.

770 PrimetimeDJ
771 7muggy7

He might not be the most popular, be he is funny and NEVER cusses.
I also personally know him and he is a great friend.

772 Natebread524

He may be young and has bad quality but I think he is actually not bad

773 ViperGamersVG
774 CalebKingGaming

Very funny! And super nice!

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775 theheartben V 1 Comment
776 CaptainGuild
777 Nylon
778 Jonob3671
779 BananaDuckGaming
780 Herobrine

Dude your awesome come on to my level

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