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761 HICO526
762 Dinnerbone

I named my wolf After him because I had to feed my wolf 36 bones to get it tamed, good Name for a dog
Or the dining room

763 ElimentAnimationsrus
764 Xisuma

The man is on hermitcraft and is a beast along with all the other people

765 TheDoctorYT
766 Bucket 'O' Gaming
767 Derpiest_Turtle

He is just a kid but has great videos. Not to popular though

768 Evanz111
769 KioPlaysMCPE

I like him! His really cool and he show mod showcases! But most of all, I like his parkour maps the most!

770 NinjaGodSky
771 Rockymike Onecraft
772 Ender Craft

He is sooo cool if you haven't checked out his channel check it out he os sooo great he is super funny

773 ItsDunzo

He makes the best survival games videos!

774 Alex247no2
775 CJGlider

Funny I play Minecraft for people to have fun and laugh and have a good time. I will start very soon.

776 Redwing_11 V 1 Comment
777 Pinkie Firestar

I mean she is so funny, go sub her right now she is so funny, she has not that many subs but still she is awesome and funny. SUB PINKIE FIRESTAR RIGHT NOW.

V 1 Comment
778 McTwerp

An amazing new-comer who tries his hardest to entertain with his various talks about chicken nuggets. Check out his video Episode 1: Meet Bill The Cow.

779 Sean of the Respawn Screen

An Up-And-Coming Gaming Channel - SeanOTRS

780 Ceminto Aka Elliot (Previously Known As Etech Games & Stuff)

An Up-And-Coming Gaming Channel - SeanOTRS

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