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981 Sirnexy
982 Nebs Gaming

He is very original and has very good instructions
His lets play series are really good

983 Orepros Creations

Awesome animations and cool video's

984 ultramag64

He's great and actually replies to people and does other things like horror, brony, and more.

985 Chris Smoove V 1 Comment
986 M3gapain (Flame Thrower)

Love him! Amazing 11/10

987 Firstpersontroller
988 Ryan
989 LpingwithArdwick

Great mystery episodes, I love them

990 master OV V 2 Comments
991 Gamingbychris
992 TheSimcraftFixion

He has everything! He's funny and he sings very well.

He's parodies are funny and emotional!

993 Waglington
994 KotoAndSen
995 Mathodo Shire
996 Emerald & Redstone films

Amazing channel! You should check it out!
Maybe the only channel to make its own lucky blocks!
He can Be A smart person!
Just epic overall

997 Miningkc
998 toobed123
999 toobed123
1000 Minecraft Zephirr
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