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981 MineGamer3D

Minegamer3D is the world's best miner ever! I love minegamer so put him on the charts!

982 Chloe Awesomeness V 1 Comment
983 KeyWolfPlayz V 1 Comment
984 Jwingwangwong V 1 Comment
985 Juan Gabriel Claravall

Juan Gabriel Claravall, has lots of Minecraft videos, he even has cool Minecraft world's in his iPad and computer.

986 FinalMonkey33
987 TheProGamer9012
988 Mynameschai

Super funny, friends with Alfie deyes, and plays mine craft and other games too.
He also has a blogging channel.

989 Bomby Zombie
990 Maxminer090 V 1 Comment
991 GameChap

They are the two hilarious British guys on a funny Minecraft channel! - Jackal2272

992 RFgamer V 1 Comment
993 Exux ExpreSteven
994 TheOrionSound V 1 Comment
995 Dangthatsalongname V 1 Comment
996 Calowom
997 Lucieetehgamarh V 2 Comments
998 Tetra Gamesis

Wow this channel is amazing but not much commentary wish he could do some commentary too.

999 JustAHotDog V 1 Comment
1000 Lilly Singh
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