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121 HBomb94

Hbomb is the best YouTuber I ever watched. He tries his best to make videos.

Hbomb is such an amazing YouTuber, I'm not saying he should top the list but he definitely should be higher. He makes me laugh in every video and I just live his goofy voice. GO H

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122 ZackScottGames

His video's are the best! He also includes the viewers by making interactive videos or having contests!

Why is ZackScottGames at 100? That is a ripe off he should be at least the top 20 like come on I like his animal crossing new leaf videos, Minecraft and all those games and stuff he does he is funny and shouldn't be here at 100.
And please please please vote for zackscottgames he is to beast

He is a good men I I think he should be 101

FUNNY AT EVERYTHING he is just 2 awesome 4 me ( Me Dies because he 2 awesome 4 me )

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123 Huahwi

Where is he? He disappeared off the face of the Earth

Huahwi is the best Minecraft survival games player ever

Awesome at everything especially PvP

Best MC pvper to ever exist.

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124 FinnBall11 V 8 Comments
125 Flakeybisquik
126 Team Crafted

Having ten really great and funny you tubers including the animators

They are just the most awesome people ever! Watch their videos!

Team crafted is awesome they have the most funniest most awesome YouTubers!


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127 Lachlan_craftbattleduty

He is so awesome and cool

I say your name everyday all the time

He should be in the top five

Already on the list.

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128 GrapeAppleSauce

He's the best he killed so many people in pvp and bowing and good at hunger games he has also a lot of friends and a great builder

Awesome at survival games

Sean's gaming is different to any Minecrafter.

I really like his videos. He is really fun and great at skywars.

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129 Dumb and Dumber

I love their parkour and survival videos! These two makes the funniest jokes and taught me the " dumb and dumber" strategy.

Bad things? What bad things? They are some of the best!

Dumb and Dumber should definitely be ah the top I watch all there videos They were the first YouTubers I watched

They are my number 1 YouTubers, they always make me laugh and like to have fun in their videos, they are the first YouTubers I actually started watching videos of.

These guys got me into minecraft from the start!
They are awesome, funny, and I like every there minecraft videos.
They should definitely be at the top.

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130 Mr Cubey
131 iJustineGaming V 2 Comments
132 mlgHwnT

His laugh is hilarious! Really funny guy that does cool map co-ops with his friends pretty funny to watch would recommend

MlgHwnt is one of the funniest youtubers out there! So hilarious!

MlgHwnT should be first because he is awesome and so funny. I'm a girl and to be honest he is cute.

I love this guy

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133 Lanceypooh

Come on, he is a LOT funnier than anyone up there with the exception of a few and he makes everyone laugh even when your mad and he is just the best top 5 dude! Keep posting and be funny

Not exactly the best, but 97? Really? Just really? Deserves to be in the top ten.

He turns into eddie and the only way to go back is with apples

You are super funny and awesome

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134 BulletBillCannon

Pretty good YouTuber not like team crafted but deserves top 100 :P

135 Sqaishey Quack

Her building designs and patterns are amazing! She is also a girl and she doesn't care about her subscribers or likes like the other YouTubers. Go girls! She should at least be in the top 15.

She is so funny I just love her enthusiasm and the way she is always wanting to do stuff for other people #bestduckieever

She has to be in the top ten with the other famous ones. I like her treasure trackers series, especially with Netty!

An amazing youtuber
She has made lots of people happy in many ways
Fit for younger ages but sutible for the whole family.

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136 Vareide

Creative, entertaining videos, especially enjoy the TF2 minecraft parodies. Shout out to "Minecraft is just Awesome! "

137 Dan TDM

I think Dantdm is cool and awesome I LOVE his videos I LOVE his dog because I LOVE dogs and Dr. t is awesome

138 Weeweegaming

Has best note block songs on Earth. Does not get as much credit as he deserves. Real cool guy

Love his videos good with red stone in Minecraft

He is amazing at note block songs, any song you like he can do it. - Thatdude1123

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139 King Punchwood V 1 Comment
140 FVDisco

Yeah, the temple of notch was amazing

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