Top 10 Best Moments Between the YouTubers IHateEverything and RalphTheMovieMaker

Love both of these two so much.

(and no, they are NOT alt-right supporters, no matter how much your completely out-of-touch parents might try to spin it)

The Top Ten

1 IHE winning the infamous copyright war that was waged between him and Derek Savage over Cool Cat Saves The Kids

Hopefully Youtube learned from this (of COURSE it didn't) - xandermartin98

Two of my favorite YouTubers on one list. - phillysports

2 Ralph making his own movies

Not only because it makes him live up to his name (in addition to them also being shockingly well-made films), but also because it gives him more of an actual legitimate RIGHT to do what he does when compared to most other considerably even more overrated film critics on Youtube (cough, Nostalgia Critic, cough) - xandermartin98

I don't really like Ralph's movies all that much. King Candy was a tonally confusing mess that didn't know if it wanted to be a dark comedy/satire or a gritty psychological crime drama. As much as I like IHE and Ralph, they very occasionally get a little too pretentious or snobby for my liking. - phillysports

3 Start to finish on Ralph's Mystery Diners review

"Cameras" running gag


Iraqi Food Cart rant

Over-the-top accent reel

Ralph The Closeted Homosexual (I Mean Chef) [I Mean Movie Maker]

et cetera - xandermartin98

4 Start to finish on IHE's Minions rant

Normally, I don't like to say "I liked the part where he burned and destroyed things", but if that fracking Minion merchandise didn't absolutely deserve it at this point, then I honestly don't know what does - xandermartin98

5 Ralph insanely multi-layeredly making fun of both racism and social justice warriors at the same time in his 2017 Oscars discussion with Bobby Burns

Fitting because ridiculously extreme examples of the latter category of people (hyper-sensitive, overzealous SJWs that are honestly just as big of arrogant, pompous douchebags as the actual racists themselves, even without mentioning all of the VERY clearly not-actually-racist people that they ignorantly accuse of BEING racist on a regular basis, with Ralph himself shockingly being a prime example) made up a pretty unsurprisingly large portion of film critics during that year.

Why else would Black Panther and Zootopia be THIS popular, not counting the fact that they're respectively made by Marvel and Disney?

(Also, Ralph desperately trying to pronounce the actress Ruth Negga's last name without accidentally saying the N word and failing miserably at it every single time was priceless as well) - xandermartin98

This video was hysterical. When I clicked on it, I thought it was serious at first. Around three minutes in I knew it was just an enormous, elaborate joke just like his "Top 100 Movies of 2017" video. - phillysports

6 IHE making an full-length video about the I HATE DUST meme

Well, at least the video had a little bit of meteorite in it, I suppose - xandermartin98

7 Ralph's Zack Snyder face edit from his Batman V Superman review

Looks and is outright hilarious, enough said - xandermartin98

8 IHE making fun of Disney/Dreamworks ripoff films
9 Ralph's existential-crisis rant about how stale, generic and predictable superhero movies have become at the end of his Age of Ultron review

Set against the background music to the infamous "THESE HANDS" monologue from The Ren & Stimpy show, no less - xandermartin98

10 IHE releasing his foul-mouthed alt-right douche drone in the Destiny Comment Comeback

The Contenders

11 IHE uncovering the truth behind Frozen Land's "Legend Of Sarilla" logo-overlaying fiasco in The Not-Disney Collection
12 "DURR, PLANT" AKA Crikey Cameron from IHE's Damn Daniel rant

Only in today's society could an anti-meme like "DURR PLANT" could actually become the thing it was making fun of. - phillysports

The memetic controversy it caused was hilarious too

(giggle, just like his Cool Cat Saves The Kids video, snicker) - xandermartin98

13 IHE wearing his very own purple-dildoed Minion costume in the Top 100 Worst Youtubers rant
14 Ralph's and Macon's hilariously awful Optimus Prime name puns at the end of the former's Transformers 5 review

It would be an Optimus War Crime to not vote for this (tee hee) - xandermartin98


15 IHEs heart wrenching reunion with his father while playing fortnite
16 Macon making his most popular video yet by recording himself stabbing Ralph to death in MaconTheLetsPlayer

"WAAH, I'LL NEVER BE AS POPULAR AS LOGAN PAUL" - Totally-Not-RalphTheMovieMaker, 2018, right before brutally murdering the real thing in cold blood for his subscribers' sadistic amusement and very blatantly pulling a Logan Paul himself - xandermartin98

17 "A**-o-Holic B***h" comment from IHE's Sonic Comment Comeback

Can't believe a list like this exists now

18 IHE's story about how he runs around in a Sonic costume to scare his local neighbors out of buying Sonic games in his Sonic rant
19 "JEE-SUS" chase sequence from RalphTheLetsPlayer
20 IHE's "big, veiny, throbbing nipples" from the Sonic Comment Comeback
21 Fart-rocket propulsion scene from Fantastic Four-Orce in IHE's Trying To Watch for the Not-Disney Collection


22 "Child that had an uncle" flashback from Ralph's Night of The Living Fred review

"That's usually what happens whenever us humans go through some kind of traumatic experience; our brain tries to repress it, erase it from our minds, LIKE WHEN I WAS A CHILD...THAT HAD AN UNCLE...and...he was a nice guy...seemed like a nice me gifts...took me to Chuck'e'Cheese, but then one day, he took me to his car and said 'Ralph, let's play the...No Clothes Game...for every slice of Chuck'e'Cheese pizza you ate, take off an article of clothing...'

So I took off my shirt, and my pants, but then he said more...MORE...then he took me in the backseat...and then he took out his ding-dong and said...(deep breath)...'you know how you play Whack'a'mole? DO IT AGAIN...JUST...JUST DO IT ON MY DING-DONG THIS TIME...'

But anyway, I repressed that, so it's totally FINE! " - xandermartin98

23 Skyrim snow-machine scene from MaconTheLetsPlayer
24 ASMR fetish scene from MaconTheLetsPlayer
25 Start to finish on IHE's Not-Disney and Not-Dreamworks collection videos
26 James sending his own disembodied head to IHE in a gift box in the Christmas rant
27 Bobby Burns alternating between Youtube and Skype camera angles every five seconds in Ralph's 2017 Oscars discussion
28 Ralph ranking CHIPS at all ten of the top spots of his Best 2018 Movies list
29 Start to finish on IHE's and Ralph's compilation review video of the Fred trilogy
30 Start to finish on IHE's review of Cool Cat Saves The Kids
31 Start to finish on Ralph's After Last Season review
32 IHE reacting to the Youtube reactors' reactions to his own reactions to things
33 Ralph saying "when I play this game, my rod is hard to bend" in RalphTheLetsPlayer
34 Youtube trying to sue Ralph for being (or at least looking) gay
35 "Eyesockets" story from Ralph's Mummy 2018 review
36 Start to finish on Ralph's Nine Lives and Love On A Leash reviews
37 Ralph guzzling down an entire bottle of vodka in one sip in his Night Of The Living Fred review
38 Condom joke from Ralph's Night Of The Living Fred review
39 Reuben describing the entire plot of What's Up as "screen tearing" in IHE's Not-Disney Collection
40 "Slit Bodnod" from IHE's Trying To Watch video of the Not-Dreamworks Collection
41 IHE officially making Frozen Land the new synonym for "boring" in The Not-Disney Collection
42 Start to finish on Ralph's and IHE's Suicide Squad reviews
43 Ralph's aspect-ratio rant from his Transformers 5 review
44 Ralph educating his audience on the subject of the religious court cases that inspired God's Not Dead in his review of it
45 The creation of Sardonicast with Ralph, IHE, and YMS

Also known as my favorite podcast of all time, by far. The best moments of Sardonicast deserves it's own list to be completely honest, each episode makes me laugh out loud. Also it motivated me to watch Barry Lyndon, so that's also a plus! - nerffan8000

The only podcast that I won’t only watch, but enjoy more than the rest of the 20 025 minutes of my biweek

46 IHE vomiting in his Frozen rant
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