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181 Loren Gray

She's just a desperate hoe.

She is a bitch

182 TheMysteriousMrEnter

This guy treats his opinion of children's cartoons as gospel. Like he is the saviour and paragon of all knowledge.

I can't stand his voice. So annoying... It grates against my very soul.

Way too much swearing over trivial stuff too.

Jhon enter needs to die VERY HARDLY HIS VOICE IS CANCER AND HIS VIDEOS SUCK! AND he's NOTHING BUT A MLP FAN! This guy deserves to be banned from YouTube FOR GOOD!

183 SuperMarioLogan

Used to be good, but now I just see him as a moron.

Come on! Super Mario Logan is so annoying. I just watched one video and was so annoying. Super Mario Logan is a moron. The only thing he does is ot sound in every video.

His videos were better in 2007-2013 until he brought that annoying Bowser Jr. character to the spotlight.
In 2015, he said that he would make a Mario and Luigi Stupid Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 4, but that has been three years. He pissed of all his old fans and his new fans are all immature 8 year olds that treat him like a god. What made it worst is when he brought that character (guess his name) in his video since 2016. If you are a parent, don't let your kids watch him.

No, no, no, no, no! Logan is brilliant! Check out his channel, I promise you'll laugh harder than ever!

184 Anna Akana
185 Minnesotaburns

His trolls are repetitive and dull, basically ass kisses Activision.

186 PSPfan98
187 Wafflepwn

The guy is an annoying monkey with a serious temper.

Two words..."Fake actors". If you don't believe me, look at one of their videos of them rehearsing.

That kid needs to be sent to a mental hospital, making monkey sounds, hitting himself in the head with a shoe, and shoving a directv remote up his ass all because his WoW account got cancelled

Make fake videos at least admit it is fake

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188 NephilimFree

Complete and arrogant idiot!

189 Skrillex Vevo

Skrillex is good... His three hits, I mean.

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190 DeadloxMC‎

Because we... Do? Seriously what do you EXPECT people to say on a list like this? Get out kid.

Used to watch. I don't hate him I just don't watch his videos. I'll occasionally watch.

Very low quality videos, just another Minecraft YouTuber with no personality.

From Minecraft to annoying and losing all his try not to something challange

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191 DSPGaming

Obviously should be number 1 on this list... Then fred

The most stupid egoistic on YouTube. Blames fans for not getting him more views.

192 MileyCyrusVEVO

She should be more hated..

She turned into a slut

193 Velvetgh0st

Definitely a bully, compulsive liar and a bit of a psychopath. She blocks any fans that don't kiss her arse. Nasty nasty little brat

A deluded girl who thinks she's all that but she's not. Only sucked up to Zoe to get what she wants

Gabby is a self centered bully who licked zoella's ass to get popular on YouTube.

Gabby is a horrible bully who lied about having a operation to gain innocent teens attention and sympathy. Shes a pointless brat who blocks anyone who gives her the slightest bit of hate and doesn't lick her arse. She begs it off all the big YouTubers such as Zoella and is a nasty bitchy talentless cow who shouldn't be aloud to make videos.

194 GudjonDaniel

Used KSI to gain subs then acted like he was too good. He joked saying he didn't know him and ditched him and gain subs. It's good that he lost heaps of subs because of KSI. So GudjonDaniel the arrogant back stabber should be in top ten

195 Marcus Butler

Use to work at his software development firm, and he used to make me work from 8:00 to 6:00 and pay was very poor, and would always travel, and leave the Employees to run it.

The youngest middle-aged grump on YouTube. He's only in his early-twenties, but he comes across as a humorless, dour, extremely bitter 55 year old. He's neither cute nor funny, and his five minutes are thankfully almost up.

Why why why why why

Marcus is amazing yo

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196 Nash Grier Nash Grier Nash Grier is an American Internet personality. He became known for his online Vine videos in early 2013.

A disgrace to social media. Talentless, homophobic and incredibly arrogant are the only 4 words that can describe him.

How the hell is Nash lower than Dan Howell when Nash is a sexist and homophobic ass with such high standards for women.

He should be higher up on the list, he is a complete dickhead and is racist and sexist... His vines and videos are stupid and not even close to being funny and he relies on young, horny 13 years olds for %90 of his popularity. He's good looking but that's practically the whole package.


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197 coverkillernation

How is he bad. He has 28,000 subscribers. Making him probably the most famous heavy metal YouTuber/reviewer. He is my favourite YouTube. Good luck with your dream of owning a music store! - IronSabbathPriest

What sick person would dare put CKN on this list?

Whoever added my boy CKN here is crazy - FettiMC

198 Tyrone Magnus

Wonderful guy, priceless impressions, and shares meaningful food for thought after his reactions. Gotta love Transformers.

Why is he on this list? I find him to be pretty cool.

Why he is in here he still slightly better than amazingphil

He is like jinx, talentless idiot.

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199 Ellie and Jared

So fake! It's obvious the longer you watch them, and Ellie is narcissistic! All the preaching and boasting. They don't do anything for anyone without getting more in return. Like donating IVF... they got more than their money back by monetizing the videos. Jared has to buy bath bombs for her whenever she has to actually do something besides shop online and get her hair/nails done. And that poor puppy living outside all the time so she doesn't mess up Ellie's new house. - Jared needs to take his balls back.

I find them so fake.. Didn't like them

Sure their family is cute but ellie always makes the vlog about herself and she always has to hang with her sisters and we hardly get to see jareds family

200 Jelly

Quite possibly the most annoying YouTuber. Doesn't deserve nearly as many subs as he has, the only reason he has so many is because he got a shout out from a fellow YouTuber. From fake reactions to cringe worthy annoying faces and comments while he plays games, this guy clearly has a 5-12 year old age demographic. Utterly impossible to watch through an entire video while he screams and makes annoying faces. Oh, I almost forgot, his entire fan base is full of autistic elementary school kids trying to defend him from people who actually have a decent brain and sense of humour.

He is rude to the people who make the videos possible.

Jelly is a VERY ANNOYING Gamer and YouTuber. Why anyone watches his videos, is beyond me.

His the best YouTuber

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