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341 Cazzledazzle

Cazzledazzle is basically a 12 year old KSI, except insulting and loud. His funniest video is when he sits at the library doing nothing for 1 hour! That's not impressive! This guy is the definition of annoying and unfunny.

342 elrubiusOMG

He annoys me every day

343 FallenSegal
344 HaploFSchaffer

One of the most hateful YouTubers on the net. He thinks he's the Champion of the World, he thinks also that he has more culture than anybody else in the world. Cynical, hypocrite, egocentric... He always will think is better than you, faar away better, he likes to critize a lot of T.V. shows where he has gone to earn money, then he'll stab on the back those shows that fed him before, a real paradox. About his appearance is better not to talk, you'll see by yourselves.

345 sWooZie

Swoozie actually so funny though :')

HE IS NOT ANNOYING! For annoying he should even be near this list! He should be #13882 for annoying ness. - MTDiorio19

All he does is brag and pretend to be special because he's a "virgin" who turns down hot chicks that are supposedly all over him. Also he is very uninteresting, spoiled, ugly, and damn boring why does this guy even have a single fan.

He shouldn't be on here

Sooo... Why is sWooZie on here?

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346 The Chainsmokers The Chainsmokers
347 Bashurverse

He's so annoying, his voice is annoying as crap and he makes jokes about "balls"

Deserves to be so much higher on the list

348 EatMyDiction V 2 Comments
349 DomesticMango

He is allowed to have his opinion as well and thought I have no clue who I am defending if he's racist then he still can have his opinion but I will never agree with it

He's always whining about black people. Oh black men talking about they don't like Lupita N'yongo. Every black person is entitled to their own opinions so suck it up!

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351 NateTalksToYou

Whats the point of making a YouTube channel to complain about other channels, he really just make a blog and nit go on YouTube

I concur with the whining part, it's really irritating.

Bear with me, I've tried watching his YouTube videos. The reactions videos were pretty good, but then he started moaning about other YouTubers that have nothing to do with him.

352 JennaArend

Annoying, ungrateful, spoiled, she thinks she's all that. She only has friends because her dad is so called "famous."

353 Queensagrie
354 Lia Marie Johnson Lia Marie Johnson Lia Marie Johnson is an American actress, singer and Internet personality notable for appearing in a various web series created by the Fine Brothers, including the Emmy-winning web series Kids React, and for her own vlogging and social media output.

I like her, but I just don't care at the same time - kaitlynrad11

She only gets views for her looks.
She has a mediocre and ditzy personality quite honestly, and the way she tries too hard to be cute is annoying.

She is conceited and not that good looking

Shes perfect amazing I love her k

I personally don't like her. She is just one of those you tubers that I think came into the business to soon, and is leaking off other peoples fame. I just don't really like her to be honest

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355 Tintindear

She is basically a girl version of EvanTubeHD. Her videos suck and they're lame. I watched one once. WORST FEW MINUTES OF MY LIFE. She is annoying. She is about the same age of Evan. She is exploited by her parents (I think). Even the name sounds stupid. She should be in the top five at least. She's just annoying and she opens the products WHILIST IT IS STILL RECORDING AND SHE PLUCKS AT THE BOX FOR A FEW SECONDS. I mean unboxing reviewers make 2 videos and then blend it into one like first they describe the main details of the product, end the first video, open it and then do a second video showing the contents (unless it's a small thing like a blind bag or something like that). Have you heard of YouTube video editor or Windows Movie Maker?

356 MrJaryd2000
357 JeromeASF

He's one of my favourite YouTube people he's still great I have no clue what what you're talking about

Used to be actually a really good gaming YouTuber back in the old days. Was really funny. Now? After he saw the success his friend BajanCanadian had because he stopped cursing and made his channel a Minecraft 12 year old channel. Jerome after not getting many views on his channel deleted almost all of his funny videos and followed BajanCanadian. Now he's got a lot of subs and gets paid. Good for him... Right?

Sold out does the same thing that every Minecraft YouTuber does

358 Matroix

He is cool plus his new name is Ali-A

359 Sonictoast

This guy is so annoying always talking about video game crap meanwhile their fans do the same thing, copying him, and don't understand why people don't like it.

360 CuteFuzzyWeasel
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