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361 Magicalpockyusagi

Either that best troll in existence, or a really dillusiojed person

362 IISuperwomanll

In my opinion I think that Lilly is a fine person and some of her videos are entertaining. But nowadays she just keeps rambling into the camera and over exaggerating everything like it all just seem so pretentious & fake. All the 'issues ' she talks about she keeps trying to dramatise it when it isn't really all that serious/bad. I don't know she's just very contradicting. And some of her videos are rather long and it starts to get very annoying and noisy on the ears when you keep listening to her voice where she keeps using accents and tries to be swag and casual but in reality is super annoying and not at all funny. She just talks in an over exaggerated manner/tone. I don't know what's all the unicorn island thing cause it really spreads annoyance.

Noo why is Lily on here? She's so funny!

I love Lily she is one the of only good YouTubers left! She is hilarious and her fake parents are awesome!

She's basic and annoying

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363 InformOverload
364 iO Trendz V 1 Comment
365 Joe Weller V 1 Comment
366 Sam Pottorff

He's really cute but to be honest he doesn't put enough effort in his videos and he acts so bleh I don't even know how to describe him and he's not that funny I don't hate him he just needs to put a little more effort maybe he should try to do more collaborations with other YouTubers and edit his videos better okay bye I'm done with my rant

He's adorable but he doesn't put much effort, I still love him though

367 iBallisticSquid

I kinda agree with this but I also don't

What he isn't bad his videos are good

He is mainly for a younger audience (my 7 year old brother watched him and stampy) so I'm not surprised to find teenagers like myself hating on him...although we need to remember that as stupid as we may find him he does entertain many young children... So that's saying something

368 Gattor Martin

Really. Sup though is good for starting the video

369 Joseph Martelli
370 Venom Fang X

The guy who made this big video claiming to have irrefutable evidence against evolution... Which mostly revolved around minor studying of whale-reproductive organs, badly photoshopped "skeletons of giants", and the accusation that evolution is taught in schools because... The sidewalk layout of D.C. sort of looks like a pentagram?

371 Latoyaforever
372 Bryce Smithlin

All he talks about is paint ball - Scourge101

373 JC Caylen

Very, Arrogant, rich and sexist, also dating Lia Marie Johnson at 17 year old while he was 22.

374 Barely Political

At least their parodies don't make fun of the original artists

Parodies are not funny at all, only gets hits because of their high production values.

Some of his parodies are funny although a lot of the time they don't make sense and he adds characters to randomly say a line when the character has little to no relevance. Well, at least he's not as stupid as bart baker and tries to be funny rather than just straight up make fun of the artist...would prefer him over bart baker any day.

375 Rob Rants

If you look past his annoying voice, you will realize that he deserves to be an honorable mention on a list of "Best YouTube Channels". He had every right to hate Ariana Grande, which is probably why Arianators exist. Screw you, Ariana Grande. Robs Rants worked harder than you ever will.

376 Simple Pickup
377 AdrianVanOyen
378 Answers in Genesis
379 thewayofthemaster
380 GameDroidFX
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