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21 Chris Crocker

His fifteen minutes ran out a few years ago. He's now become the poster-boy for "irrelevance".

I actually thought he was a girl until now - mimimelon987

He's always upset! Thanks to him I used to think he was a girl when I was younger. And he's crying when he's giving his "Leave Brittney alone! " thing. Ugg!

Why should we leave brittney alone when shes all autotune laugh out loud

22 LeafyIsHere

He's the cancer of YouTube and He just bashes everyone's self-esteem and besides his voice is so annoying I don't understand why he talks like that

Voice is irritating. Seems like he's trying way too hard with his random rants. Also his fans are most likely 13 year old jumping on the HISSS bandwagon. They appear on other random videos and spam that. They should be purged.

Seriously, there is something so wrong about his voice and laughter

One of the meanest YouTubers I've ever gotten the chance to watch. - redhawk766

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23 Jinx

He is a good guy but not really good reaction channels and not even edited the original videos

I'd rather watch grass grow, at least EWNetwork has actual reactions, and doesn't steal other people's content by watching viral videos.

I have nothing against Jinx... but in his videos... he does... nothing. Absolutely nothing. - redhawk766

Cancer #bhdarmy

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24 RobinThickeVEVO

A rapist combined with a VEVO. What more to say?

Blurred Lines has some of the worst/most uncatchy/annoying tunes in music, EVER!

Some ass who only has 1 popular (not even) song

This website was called top 10...

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25 Screen Rant

They Are The Worst Channel Period - VideoGamefan5

I like screen rant

26 Anita Sarkeesian Anita Sarkeesian

Anita, please just stop.

27 smosh

I don't know what happened... They used to be so good, they would make me laugh so hard it hurts... Now, they just suck.

I don't get why smosh is so popular. They are talentless and don't even make ME laugh, which is saying something. All their fans will hate on you if you don't like them and will say you are jealous. Well there isn't anything to be jealous of because anyone can make stupid dirty jokes that aren't even funny, because that's all they do. THEY ARE SO ANNOYING!

I don't watch Smosh much but I don't see why they could be the most annoying. I understand why Smosh were popular back in the old days of YouTube but now their videos just seem to be lacking of humour. I wouldn't vote them as the most annoying, maybe the most devoid of humour comedy channel. - UnofficialOfficial

I miss the times where it was basically Ian and Anthony doing whatever they wanted to, no matter if it was dumb or not. - Thehelmetguy1

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28 Gigi Gorgeous

I really don't like her because she is so STUPID! Just watch the video of her and Kylie Jenner together tasting stuff. Two of the most brain-dead people in one video -.-

Everything she posts is click-bait and she does nothing but troll her viewers with obnoxious videos. Her Barbie-girl persona is over the top and embarrassing, and she's the living embodiment of the word fake.

Her stories are fake, her voice is annoying and puts tons of makeup. Her whole "Gigi Gorgeous" persona is just fake. She was cool when she was Gregory but now she is just another fake and stupid beauty guru.

Annoying YouTuber who is only getting attention because she "represents" the trans community. She is absolutely disgusting just like her fanbase - LabelGod

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29 SilentoVEVO



30 Jay Schuerman

Jay is the most laziest and disgusting looking man! You can't respect a guy who doesn't even try to work to support his family, lives off of his wife's income, walks around the house all day in pj's or paint splattered clothes, constantly picking his nose and can't even be bothered to shower or shave... Seriously, he looks like a big hairy Sasquatch! He just looks like he would smell. The only thing you hear or see him do on a regular basis is go the the gym to get his "swole" on so that he can then turn around and eat a big plate of dog food slop that he makes for the kids and himself. The worst is when you hear his wife tell him how "hot" he looks... Seriously, what the hell?!

I definitely agree about his life style. I think they lack conversational skills. so silly. I don't know what they saying to each other. blah, blah. I am concerned about Phoenix. Pitiful. Neither sam nor jay speak English to them. How are they going to learn proper English. Mostly every word Phoenis speaks comes from his mother's mouth. Unless they get those children out socializing, they are in trouble. The screaming is nuts not cute at all. I cannot understand how people enjoy their channel. Their viewers are strange.

Jay is a loser who will do anything to avoid working. I can't believe a grown man is not bored to death sitting around the house all day with his wife and kids. He and Sam do nothing to try to educate their children or help them grow. I'm concerned about what is going to happen to this family once the few views they have dry up because clearly, Jay and Sam refuse to work. Sam can barely be bothered to put a bra on before noon.

Jay and Sam have reached a new low with the Ford car scam.

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31 ArianaGrandeVEVO

Overrated and horrible singer.

I don't like her music but I have respect for her

32 Jake Paul Jake Paul

Obnoxious, narcissistic, selfish, greedy, there are several other ways to define Jake - Thehelmetguy1

Biggest dick on earth his ego is longer than him

His car is cool and some videos are enjoyable but overall pretty average

He has no good qualities whatsoever. Too many bad ones to list. - naFrovivuS

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33 SeaDisney1998 V 1 Comment
34 Da Bezt Chanel


35 Tyler Oakley Tyler Oakley Mathew Tyler Oakley, known as Tyler Oakley, is an American YouTube and podcast personality, humorist, author and activist.

He used to be somewhat likeable and relatable, but his YouTube fame has gone to his head and he now comes across more often than not as a rather smug and over the top caricature of his former self. He's mostly intolerable in his current incarnation and his fake laugh is like nails on a chalkboard. He seems like a smart guy who might go places if he can move past his current cartoonish image and dial it down a notch.

Saw him on the 475 limited Woodward Smart Bus in Detroit, Told a lady her job as a financial analysis at Blue Cross Blue Shield is boring. Talk at a guy on and on about his fame and connections with celebrities, and how he's better than all the other riders.

I vote to euthanize him and everyone subscribed to him.

More like tyler cockley

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36 FGTeev

These YouTubers are so awful. They are terrible gamers, They don't even fully complete them, The kids are so SPOILT to heck, they have a awful fanbase, intro and thumbnails, and gross humour, consisting of poop and wee jokes.

More fabulous parents exploiting their kids to avoid doing actual work.

Little sister watches him all the time. He haunts my nightmares.

The dad is the worst, he attempts to be “on” all the time and improv rap everything he sees on the games he plays. He may want to look in the mirror and realize he is not black or good at rapping...lose the Lebanese cut beard and thin metal framed glasses,not a good’s quite clear that he spends too much time in front of a screen, get out and exercise
Stupid then maybe when you do dance or workout games you will actually be able to do wait don’t exercise actually then you won’t be around as long...I think the biggest clue to prove he’s awful, 99% of his viewers are under 10 years old...and they just don’t know any better yet...And if I ever saw him in real life it would take all I have to not throat chop that idiot and watch him choke

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37 Zoella

She tries to come across as a sweet, darling "English rose", but she's actually a nasty spoiled brat with entitlement issues who wears too much makeup to hide the face full of pimples she has from her revolting diet of candy and pizza (look at her squishy, toneless body and her cankles... Ugh). She's talentless and lazy, her lifestyle is nothing to aspire to, her "anxiety issues" are simply a marketing ploy (and completely irresponsible, as she's spawned a generation of 14 year olds who don't comprehend what an anxiety attack actually is yet now claim to have them), and there's no way she wrote a word of her book beyond the brief dedication page, which she apparently labored over for an entire day. Her grammar is appalling (every time she says "me and Alfie" or "me and Louise" I want to punch my monitor in frustration), and she affects a posh accent at times that's cringe-inducing because it's so obviously fake and not her native dialect. Her house is also constantly filthy (she keeps ...more

I'm gonna make this comment pretty short, because the comments above pretty much summed up everything.

First off, some of her make up videos are not that good.

Considering makeup is one of the few things she makes videos on, and she doesn't even really know what she's doing, I find it extremely annoying that she's sucked the entire world into watching her channel.

Also her vanity just repels me. There is a level fakeness in her videos that I just can't overlook. Maybe it's the whole routine of vainly making faces at herself in the camera and always trying to appear "cute". She doesn't come off as cute or sweet to me. She just comes off as a complete airhead.

Lastly her constant 'woe is me' attitude. Sometimes she complains about her stress/anxiety and I'm just like "really? "

She clearly doesn't know what REAL stress is.

By the way before people start flipping out, it's my personal opinion. YouTube is a public platform. ...more

Self-deluded idiot, who contradicts everything she says/does. Unbelievably vain and annoying. Can't stand her laugh, can't stand her constant comparisons to all things "tiny"... Even though she's not, in fact, small. Soul sucking twit who cannot take criticism of any kind. You know she's never read a book in her life, and she gets a book deal. Suddenly, she's trying to sell the idea that she has always wanted to be a writer and she's written since she was a child.. Five minutes later you learn that she has a ghost writer essentially doing all the work. She's lazy, dirty, sick all time... Can't manage to follow through with anything... Yet deems herself a 'perfectionist'... Delusional. Now that I've given an accurate description of what this filth is... Let me state the biggest reason I loather her: SHE IS ACTIVELY TRYING TO MAKE ANXIETY A 'TRENDY' THING TO HAVE. She's also diagnosing and giving out advise that she's unqualified to give. She's vile.

Ugh, Zoella. One time in the distant past I was subscribed but soon realised how annoying she was.
1. She's a hypocrite. Spends half her time going on about how girls should think they are beautiful if they wear makeup or not, and the other half pretending to love products companies have sent her to promote and telling her 10 year old fans how beautiful it will make them. So much for body image.
2. She and her friends are bland and boring. Zoella's videos have nothing to make them interesting, she is just a plain, dull, person and there is little to differentiate between her mindless, hugely sponsored videos from each other and she has no uniqueness or special quality that makes her stand out from the crowd.
3. She exploits her anxiety for popularity, views, and money. I m not denying that she has an anxiety disorders, and it would be fine to make the odd video about it, but she manipulates her young viewers into thinking they too have a mental disorder which they ...more - gha

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38 Hannah Hart

Her videos, though well intended, have become hit or miss lately and often seem lazy and thrown together at the last minute. Her "punny" schtick is becoming played-out and predictable. She comes across as preachy at times and she takes herself a little too seriously.

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39 KeemStar KeemStar

God his videos have so much click bait in them seriously when I heard all this drama about him I went to check his channel and found that there are like 20 videos that are 4 minutes long or something claiming to be a debate between someone popular and someone else popular but its just him saying something about the whole thing I see why he's disliked

An evil scumbag that tries to ruin people's careers.

How is this guy on the bottom? He deserves to be at the top._.

I'm kinda glad that Ian dragged him. - citizenerased

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40 SammyClassicSonicFan

"" this, "" that... SHUT UP! God he did a video with this 11 year old girl, and the girl's voice was DEEPER THAN HIS. what?!

People who haven't hit puberty shouldn't be allowed to have YouTube channels

A YouTuber more annoying than FRED is extremely rare. Want me to find one for you? Here he is! SammyClassicSonicFan constantly screams and complains about people's opinions being slightly different than his! At least FRED looks like he's enjoying whatever the hell he's doing in his videos. SammyClassicSonicFan constantly gets butthurt about the comments. YA WONDER WHY?! He also claims he's 15 years old. Whether that's actually true or not, he certainly doesn't act like it!

I find it more funny than annoying
Feels like a joke channel

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