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421 The Crude Brothers

The kid is so arrogant and annoying. All he does is try to copy his dad.

422 TonyShow82

Stop right there and hold the phone here! Talk about phone, this grease ball definitely needs to phone home or something. I have never seen anything so extremely revolting, ugly, dumb, stupid, homosexual and revolting in my whole life. This revolting blob loves to spew hatred, profanity and makes no sense whatsoever. He's painfully annoying even by Christianu2uber standards. Pretty bad. Need I say more? Somebody dial area 51 I think we have a stray here that needs to be cast from our planet and stop polluting it with his ugly existence!

423 Emala Jiss
424 Vinesauce

He's really annoying and critical! - PhoebeThunderman

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425 Cobanermani456

He isn't annoying, at least to me. He was actually the first YouTuber that got me into gaming. He really listens to his fans. But for the past year or so his uploading schedule has been lacking...a lot. He used to upload at least 1-2 videos everyday, but now he barely uploads 4 videos a week. He always says he's having "family problems" which is understandable, but come on dude. When he says he's gonna be consistent with uploading it barely lasts a few days. He's also always saying he's been working out in the gym which also why he's been having a lack of uploads, but that's just a very poor excuse, in my opinion. - lorivega777

426 Hot Pepper Aiden
427 UkieKooki
428 pogorikifan10

I hate her she always disrespect opinions to girls who likes the most loving mint bear that's from the war and she also bulls those girls to. Anyone agree?

I really hate her she like things that are unpopular and hates things that are popular but the thing I hate about her most of all...SHE HATE FLIPS AKA THE MINT BEAR AND SHE MAKE FUN OF GIRLS YOU REALLY LIKE HIM SO YEAH POGORIKIFAN10 MORE LIKE POGORIKIHATER666

Did you know she has a fan fiction page?

I think her channel is lame.

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429 3LameStudios V 1 Comment
430 PeanutButterGamer V 1 Comment
431 Manda31409 V 1 Comment
432 Mini Ladd
433 Comeplaywithme
434 lhugueny

I disagree because I like his videos and the one that animates the videos is my boyfriend so...yeah


435 BigYoshiFan
436 JerBear
437 TTGMinecraftBoy37

Plus, how is he not higher on the list? - mayamanga

It's like if Dora Rocks and Sammytheclassicsonicfan had a brother. - mayamanga

438 Scout Fly
439 Morgan and Mackenzie
440 PhyloFilms
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