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421 lhugueny

I disagree because I like his videos and the one that animates the videos is my boyfriend so...yeah


422 BigYoshiFan
423 JerBear
424 TTGMinecraftBoy37

Plus, how is he not higher on the list? - mayamanga

It's like if Dora Rocks and Sammytheclassicsonicfan had a brother. - mayamanga

425 Scout Fly
426 Morgan and Mackenzie
427 PhyloFilms
428 Quinby Stewart
429 Anthony LoGatto
430 Cwcvilleguardian
431 Spodermen
432 nigahiga nigahiga

He is AMAZING. He puts a lot of effort in his videos, and he is super funny, smart and cute. There's a reason why he's one of the most subscribed YouTubers. #teamlamps

Why is he on here? - GoldenRocket

One of my absolute favorite youtubers ever! He actually puts effort into his videos and they are all very original ideas. So glad that his channel hasn't gone downhill over time.

Boring. Same old things, no new content

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433 CutiePieMarzia

Her voice is the most annoying sound I've ever heard in my life. At first I thought it was because of her awful English pronounce... It isn't. When she speaks Italian it gets even worse (I'm Italian and her voice plus her horrible Italian accent is the worst thing possible. ) I completely agree with those who say she gained all those followers thanks to her boyfriend. But are all of them deaf or what? Even if she was the funniest of them all - and she is absolutely not - how can you stand her voice? Come on guys!

She only gained her Youtube fame because she is the girlfriend of Pewdiepie.. I think if someone becomes famous, even on Youtube, that person should do it through their own likable personality and good videos.

Yeah, of course, a gaming channel and a beauty channel are very likable things...

I don't know who is more retarded, she or the people who likes her and watch her videos. I'm really amazed nowadays with these YouTubers, people that do anything in their life but they're famous and rich with just 23 yo, I can't imagine pewdiepie doing the same with 40 yo, I don't know how he'll live then. Adults have to work really hard, some of us more than 8 h a day for what? For less money than we really deserve and then a 20 yo comes to YouTube and gets rich and famous for doing anything? And people watch it and like it? As I said, I don't know who is worse, they for doing such videos or the millions of people who waste their time instead doing profitable things watching videos without no content. What's worng with people in the world? For real.

But I love Marzia how is she annoying? She is a great role model for girls and she's super awesome too but we all have our opinions. My opinion is that she is awesome. I respect other peoples opinions too but when they are just like "oh this person sucks" "this person is the worst" it really gets on my nerves.

Her voice could cut cheese, and her only gimmick is being pewdiepie's girlfriend. (And by jove, he's annoying enough)

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434 The Chainsmokers The Chainsmokers
435 intelligentCODfanboy

An troll who treats Call of Duty as a sacred religion. What is the world coming to.

436 sWooZie

Swoozie actually so funny though :')

HE IS NOT ANNOYING! For annoying he should even be near this list! He should be #13882 for annoying ness. - MTDiorio19

All he does is brag and pretend to be special because he's a "virgin" who turns down hot chicks that are supposedly all over him. Also he is very uninteresting, spoiled, ugly, and damn boring why does this guy even have a single fan.

He shouldn't be on here

Sooo... Why is sWooZie on here?

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437 christianU2uber

Christianu2uber has a reputation of being:
A cannibal troll
A 12 yr old boy who has no idea what he's talking about
and Possibly the most hated kid on youtube.

Get a life and stop complaining to your camera about how much you hate something or someone.

438 IISuperwomanll

In my opinion I think that Lilly is a fine person and some of her videos are entertaining. But nowadays she just keeps rambling into the camera and over exaggerating everything like it all just seem so pretentious & fake. All the 'issues ' she talks about she keeps trying to dramatise it when it isn't really all that serious/bad. I don't know she's just very contradicting. And some of her videos are rather long and it starts to get very annoying and noisy on the ears when you keep listening to her voice where she keeps using accents and tries to be swag and casual but in reality is super annoying and not at all funny. She just talks in an over exaggerated manner/tone. I don't know what's all the unicorn island thing cause it really spreads annoyance.

Noo why is Lily on here? She's so funny!

I love Lily she is one the of only good YouTubers left! She is hilarious and her fake parents are awesome!

She's basic and annoying

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