I'm gonna make this comment pretty short, because the comments above pretty much summed up everything.

First off, some of her make up videos are not that good.

Considering makeup is one of the few things she makes videos on, and she doesn't even really know what she's doing, I find it extremely annoying that she's sucked the entire world into watching her channel.

Also her vanity just repels me. There is a level fakeness in her videos that I just can't overlook. Maybe it's the whole routine of vainly making faces at herself in the camera and always trying to appear "cute". She doesn't come off as cute or sweet to me. She just comes off as a complete airhead.

Lastly her constant 'woe is me' attitude. Sometimes she complains about her stress/anxiety and I'm just like "really? "

She clearly doesn't know what REAL stress is.

By the way before people start flipping out, it's my personal opinion. YouTube is a public platform. ...more

I used to be supporter of Zoella's channel, but in the end she showed her true colours. I have just one word for her and it is LAZY. Because yes, she has 6 million viewers and she barely updates three videos per month and when she does on her main channel (you know, the one that actually made her rich not the pointless vlogs one) the video are completely awful and basic Everybody could do the same "Hello everybody, it's me again and this is what I brought recently" AKA what brands sent me. I have nothing against being sponsored or stuff because that's how you make money but her videos are completely empty of information and when she gives some those information can be tragically wrong (suggesting high coverage foundations like they were BB cream or just giving descriptions completely wrong about the products). She is taking so little interest in her viewers I wonder why they keep watching when she brought the same stuff every time and blinks her big eyes and everything ...more

Incompetent airhead who is exploiting editors and ghost writers to try to write a semi-coherent YA book to push on her pre-teen audience. If YouTube didn't exist, she'd be that failure from high school who couldn't go to college or get a real job.

Total idiot! She can't cook, she can't get a real job, she can't write a decent novel ON HER OWN, she certainly can't write grammatically correct blogposts... I'd argue that she can't even make good content in her YT videos. Can't believe she's making six digits for gushing about all the cereals and shoes she likes from a given month. Also, she pushes an image of herself as "tiny" and beautiful, when anyone who watches her daily blogs knows she's unfit, has HORRID skin, is average height, and cakes herself with makeup to look semi-presentable.

I can't comprehend how shopping and showing it off has become a job nowadays that earns you more than people who actually work for a living. Shallow much zoella

Just because you're not smart enough to get it, doesn't mean you can be rude about it!

How can this girl not be on the list? She is so fake and smug. She's has a pity party for herself whenever someone says she is thin. Zoe girl be more worried about that wide ass joker mouth you have. I can't wait for the YT world to come crashing down around you. No skills no talent = manual labor job.

She comes across as fake and recently her dozy boyfriend complained about the fans that were peering over their fence and through their windows. He said they never wanted fame?!?! Yet they court fame and remain on YouTube when they could leave anytime. Zoe accidently showed her address in one of her vlogs which was on an emvelope, she edited it out but it was too late as it had been seen.

Her friendship with the Sacconejolys is also making her less appealing, the creepy "Zoe is my girlfriend" video Jonathon made was rank! Yet she still associates with him and his obnoxious wife.

Her vlogs ate getting boring and repetitive, it is sad to see a grown woman behaving like a young teenager. She is obsessed with her size and spends money like water. I do not understand why she is so popular.

I agree with Jonathan's video (can't stand the guy) But his wife Anna is not obnoxious, she's nice and way better than Zoe - WinchesterGirl26

She's so full of herself I can't even - I've never met anyone more annoying. Her videos are the most boring things I've ever watched how do people even watch that. She puts no effort into them, doesn't edit them at all she's exploiting the YouTube algorithm to get more money. Literally she doesn't care about her fans, she never goes to any events or anything she only likes their money and usually exploit her target audience (young 12 year old girls) to buy all her bad products.

Self obsessed, whining little princess. It's all about the $$$$$. And the pizza.

Well I did like Zoella maybe a year or so ago. Now I absolutely hate her for many reasons. First because she thinks she is pretty, while she isn't at all. She may look nice with makeup on, but have you seen her face without it? Her face is all covered in pimples and her skin is so pale and the skin around her eyes is literally brown because she never washes her makeup off completely. Her hair used to be pretty when it was brown, but now when its blonde it just looks like bird poo. And in fact, she is very unfit and her diet is unhealthy. She goes to gym maybe once in a few months thinking it will keep her fit. But hey I'm not gonna judge her by her looks, because I'm not the most pretty person myself (but I'm not anyone's inspiration either so I guess I have a point here). I'm just gonna point out the fact that she "has" anxiety and panic attack disorder. And that's okay. Maybe she has it. But the way she presents it to her so called fans is NOT okay. I mean we all know her ...more

The comments above have summed up everything perfectly but this just needs to be said. She is a brain dead moron who constantly shoves her wealthy,white-privelaged upbringing in everyone's faces and promotes ridiculously expensive products to naive white girls, who are probably richer than me, but still can't afford to buy these products. She sits on her bum all day and makes more in an hour than my parents do all month, and they work 50 hours a week. All she has to do is upload one video every week but still manages to fail to do so because her so called anxiety is so limiting. She is allowed to travel the world and have beauty brands when she does none of the work for it. Writers live in poverty for years and beg publishers to take books they have worked on for 10 years but she gets offered a book deal, gets a ghost writer to write it, still manages to write a rubbish book, proudly stamps her name on it and gets to make more money. Having such a big fanbase of globally unaware ...more

Empty giggling idiot acts like an eight year old girl

I used to watch her videos when younger, and I liked them because I thought they were fun. Now I absolutely HATE them. First off, she only does q and a's which are SO long and boring, then she does hauls just so she promotes the company and then gets money from it, I mean she made a video just sniffing candles, telling us how they smell... And she makes make up videos that show us her real face, which (not to offend anyone) isn't the definition of beautiful. She has so many pimples and weird brown-ish skin around her eyes (probably because she never really cleans her makeup properly). I also HATE the fact that she's trying to make anixiety a "trend" and always mentioning it in her videos, I mean really? Your fanbase is 8-12 year olds who don't even know what that is. I'm not even gonna mention how her book was ghostwritten. And the fact that she doesn't properly care about her pets really annoys me. Her Guinea pigs should be let outside the cage everyday, and nala isn't ...more

Self absorbed spoilt brat who has too much makeup and a ugly face. The biggest mistake she ever made was starting this career. I hate her Croaky voice loon boyfriend.

Pretended she was writing a book and then when everyone found out it was ghost written everyone was alright with it. what she pretended to write got loads of money from it and then people blamed the ghost author!

She seems really fake, not as in the way that she wears too much makeup (because she doesn't) - she just seems too perfect and not human, it's not possible to be that nice and sweet, everyone has their dark side. She also uses her anxiety as an excuse to rant at people and send hate to them. She also didn't write her book and took credit for it until now like wyd? She's also just annoying to watch, she's not helpful and she flaunts off her money and stuff too often.

To be honest, I feel like her even more annoying boyfriend made her into the way she is now. She was a lovely girl in 2013 what the hell happened to her?

The effort she outs in her videos is next to nothing, and at this point if she came out with and apology/honesty video, it wouldn't make up for anything as its past the point of unbearable.

I hate Zoella she's a complete idiot

Stupid talentless girl that draws the "perfect picture" but in reality she is just money hungry!

I'm sorry but this isn't true it makes me feel sick to the stomach to hear this being said about a confident, hard working, beautiful person. - GraceLovesZoe

I LOVE Zoella! Why is she on here? No! You can't say bad things about zoella or she'll have a panic attack!

I don't think people see the sarcasm in this one, that's why it has so many thumbs down.

She's so boring & not even pretty (even though she acts like it)

OK, how did a channel about makeup get over 11 million subs. To put that into perspective, that's almost as much as SkyDoesMinecraft and JackSepticEye. Like, how!

She is so boring that I might just have to kill myself. they are just stupid and weird.i hate them and I always will.

Zoella is one of the best YouTubers ever! I love her so much and she has helped so many people with their anxiety. Yes I know she didn't write her book but of doesn't mean that she didn't come up with the ideas and characters! Everyone who hates on Zoe is just jealous of how much of a fantastic lovely beautiful person she is! I can't imagine being Alfie or her friends because I would be so happy to have such a fantastic friend/girlfriend. She is not lazy it's just she is so busy with meeting and her new beauty range that she never has any time to make aYouTube video! I hate every single one of you haters out there and you are wrong! - GraceLovesZoe