Top Ten Most Embarrassing NHL Moments


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1 Penguins comeback at the Kings

it was embarrassing for the kings. they were winning 7-0 when the penguins scored seven goals in the 3rd period it went into overtime and the penguins won 8-7. - 2234

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2 Edmonton Oilers getting beat by Lowly Canucks
3 Zdeno Chara misses on a breakaway with an empty net

he must of kicked his head of after that. - 2234

4 Loui Eriksson scoring on own net
5 Henrik Lunqvist knocks the puck into his own net
6 Tie Domi gets into fight with fan
7 Alexander Semin cries after receiving his silver medal

i feel like running up and hugging him. har har. - 2234

its embarrassing but sad. poor guy. - 2234

8 Martin Brodeur has a booger hanging out of his nose in an interview

HAR HAR HAR! its so funny! - 2234

9 Kris Letang gets knocked out
10 Tie Domi farts loud during live interview

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11 Evgeni Malkin get injured on his first game back
12 Winnepig Jets turn into Pheonix Coyotes

I STILL feel sorry for the Coyotes. - booklover1

13 Vancouver Canucks getting beat by Golden Knights 9-4
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