Top Ten Most Popular Girls Names from the 1970s

The Top Ten Most Popular Girls Names from the 1970s

1 Lisa

It is my daughter's name. We are French but lives in London so needed an international name, that existed in both language and this one sounds lovely in English and in French. Love love love it.

Best name ever, simple easy to spell and MINE!, !

This name sounds nice, I just like it

I think this a great name!

2 Jessica

I could name many with the name Jessica. However It isn't as popular of a name as it was even like 5 years ago.

I love the name Jessica mostly because it is mine but still I think it is a good name even it my name:)!

My friends name is Jessica and she is a good friend

My cousin's name is Jessica. - playstationfan66

3 Maria

My grandmas name is Maria

4 Clara

I have a friend called Clara and I have always wanted to have that name.

Kinda ugly but pretty

5 Jeanette
6 Eleanor

My teachers name is eleanor

Notice Jeanette and Eleanor are next to each other. Those are two of the Chipettes, right?
And it's an 80s show...

7 Helen

Helen sounds like a beautiful, calm, wise and spirited young teen. She would have it all! Vote Helen!

That's my grandma;s name

Helen keller

8 Veronica

This is my middle name! - 4557789pom

Means true image and is in the bible the lady who wipes jesus blood off his face and his image appears on the towel sexy unique beautiful name nick name v or vera or even roni I've bn called ica a name you can also take seriously the name is perfect

IT was a movie î country named Veronica IT"s a

9 Kellie

I like it spelled Kelli, but no matter how its spelled, I love it! This is why it made number 1.

Kellies are so cool

I love it as a middle name

I love this name. My niece's name is kellie but spelt Calli. Love it, it's such a cute name

10 Jennifer

Jennifer is the name for many moms so if you name your child Jennifer, expect grandchildren

It's my moms name. I heard of a lot of Jennifer's.

My name is Jennifer and I get nicknamed Jenny very good name.

MY NAME! It's epic and a really good name

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11 Brook

I love this name Brooke

This name has a nice ring to it

Brook sounds like bridge

Love this name. if I'm thinking of a name 4 a new book character brook pops into my head and I'm like "no I used that in the other story" lmao

12 Autumn

Autumn:one of the best friends in summer camp I ever had. - AnonymousChick

I like it because my friend has that name and it is cute

My name is Autumn. I was born n 1974 when I was a child I wasn't fond of my name but now that I'm am an adult I have learn to love it...It reminds me of the free spirited child that I was and in my heart still am.

I absolutely adore this name. It's so beautiful and I think I would like to name one of my daughters autumn. I'm also going to name one of my daughters Laurell Elizabeth.

13 Michelle

This is my mums name and my middle name

Michelle is extremely popular. Did you mean Michelle Koch? - playstationfan66

Cute name my sis names michelle!

My mom's name and my cousin's middle name

14 Stephanie

It's my name and I think it's the best name ever some people dislike but I don't and that is all that does matter.

This name's very cute. I have read this name in many books. I wish I had this name... - anaghamenon14

I think it is a very cute name for girls

My name is Stephanie. Some people hate the name but so what! I mean, imagine the nickname possibilities ( Steph, Stepy, Stevie). When people call me I instantly smile. By the way: Stephanie means " crown ".

15 Alexandera

Best. Name. Ever.
It sounds so royal and posh, and strong.

Because it is such a beautiful

I love that now like tots

I'm pretty sure no one spells Alexandra like that. Epic fail.

16 Kathy

My grandma's name! I like it and it can be short for Kathleen, or Katherine.

17 Stacy

In my opinion this name is horrible. It sounds like stencil or stationary, making it feel empty and overused.

One of my friends name is Stacy and I love the name

I think that this is a name for someone that is very Sassy

I like the name I guess

18 Angie

angie...just like the rolling stones song. - jwileson

19 Julie

I like the name Julie my moms name is Julie

Lexi's mom's name is also Julie. - playstationfan66

20 Amy

That's my mom's name, and she was born in '71.

My mummy's name! So pretty

There are dozens of people named Amy but one of them is a director whose name is Amy Heckerling, the creator of Clueless. - playstationfan66

21 Debbie

This is a nice name I like it

22 Skyler

Love this name! Named my daughter Skylar!

So pretty! I love this name!

One of my favorite names!

Bruh do you have any idea how much I want this name? It reminds me of blue and is just simply lovely.

23 Gina

Love it. It's my moms name she is just a beautiful person.

You better mind your P's and Q's. - Dev98

My horse is named Geogina Alfarvad Z, but I call her Gina

24 Victoria

Love this name! If I ever have a baby girl I will totally name her Victoria and call he Tori

V-I-C-T-O-R-I-A! VICTORIA! Victoria was a cute name for girls. There was a celebrity whose name is Victoria Justice. Victoria Justice liked to show off her bare midriff as a sexy and free girl due to her personal appearance on Victorious as Tori Vega. - playstationfan66

My name is Victoria and I love it very dearly. :) It is perfect for a quiet girl who likes to read books and is a bit shy. And I am just like that!


25 Melissa

Three Words: MELISSA JOAN HART (Melissa & Joey). Melissa Joan Hart was born in the 1970s to producer Paula Hart. Melissa and Paula own a candy shop in Los Angeles, California. The leather jacket (from Clarissa Explains It All) was donated to the candy shop's museum of strange and interesting Melissa Joan Hart items because the actress outgrown it and sold to another actress: Madison Pettis. - playstationfan66

26 Josephine

I like the name Josephine it is my sisters name:)!

27 Gabrielle

This is my name and it means woman of God. It's so beautiful and I wish I could thank my parents for naming me this. Everybody should vote for this lovely name.

This is my name I LOVE my name gabby is my nickname by the way I don't talk a lot because everybody says I talk a lot because of my name GABby:/

Thanks that my name I'm loving my god


28 Emily

It is amazing name VOTE FOR IT

It's supposed to be number 1 - spottedleafpool

29 Lucille

I like the name

30 Wendy

It's not an average name you here.

It's my name

31 Donna
32 Angela
33 Mileah

Pretty name alternative spelling for Malia

34 Diamond

One of the best mothers ever

35 Beth

This is my name my full name is Elisabeth but I shorten it to Beth

36 Clarissa

I liked that name. Reminds me of the 1991 television show aimed towards teenage girls: Clarissa Explains It All. - playstationfan66

37 Yuri

Yuri - violent killer/murderer/terrorist. Do not name a girl Yuri because she will murder you to the point of no return with a sharp knife by cutting your head off. - playstationfan66

I was going to name my child this, that was until I was informed it was a genre of porn.

This is a cool name.

38 Georgia

It is such a cute name for a baby. I love it, at school I had 2 in my class.

39 Marilyn
40 Cami

Sounds so nice!

41 Abigail
42 Christi
43 Mackenzie

That's my friend name


44 Fiona
45 Mikayla

That name is in monster high

My cousin is named this. - AnonymousChick

That is in monster high

46 Elaysa
47 Esmeralda

This is a pretty name

48 Mayla
49 Monik
50 Kristy

there were a lot of these in school

One of them was Kristy Thomas. - playstationfan66

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