Most Powerful Dragon Ball Z Characters

Most powerful characters from DRAGONBALL Z ONLY. No characters from DragonBall GT or DragonBall. There's a separate list including DBGT characters.

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1 Super Vegito

Most powerful character in DragonBall Z. The only other character in DBZ that comes close is Super Gogeta in the movie Fusion Reborn, and though Gogeta might seem identical to Vegito (and I actually easily prefer Gogeta and think he's much more awesome ) Vegito is actually stronger because the Old Kai said that the Potarra Earrings fusion is much stronger than the Fusion Dance Fusion. - EvilAngel

I made this list for Z characters only. If we were counting GT then everyone knows that Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is by far the most powerful. But counting only Z then Super Vegito is by far the most powerful. The most powerful individual character who isn't fused is Ultimate Gohan. - EvilAngel

Super Vegito is the strongest character in Dragon Ball Z because he has a power level that is almost 2,000,000. Even though he was born with the Potara Earrings he is still the strongest character in Dragon Ball Z. I wish Super Vegito was the King of the Universe or something because I really like Super Vegito. I like Super Vegito 100%, No Doubt About It! And this is a true fact on if Super Vegito is the strongest character in Dragon Ball Z and my answer is YES! I LOVE SUPER VEGITO SO MUCH!. I CAN BE HIM IN ALL OF THE DRAGON BALL Z GAMES IF I NEED TO.

He is the best

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2 Ultimate Gohan

Who can beat Gohan when he's mad?

He is just awesome. He dominated super buu who power is about the same as ssj3 goku. It makes no sense how vegeta got hits on bills but gohan and fat buu got demolished. They are both a lot stronger than him and gohan is way stronger than fat buu. He is also stronger than kid buu

Gohan is just in general had the most potential in dragonball. He was the first to transform into super Saiyan 2 and also defeated cell. The next series nobody could beat super buu. Gohan came down from the Kai planet and just dominated buu. If gohan would've trained as hard and as long as Goku and Vegeta did, there is absolutely no doubt he would be the strongest character in all of dragonball.

Ultra instinct goku can defeat ultimate gohan

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3 Super Gogeta

He is stronger then Gohan because if Gohan can not beat super but but verity can beat super buy then go gets is stronger but vegeta and goku has to have the same power level to fuse and goku is stronger then goku so vegito is stronger then gogeta but gogeta is stronger then gohan

He can go ssj4 he is unbeatable strongest charactee there he could easily beat omega shenron if his transformation was not so short because he is so powerful easily the best character

He is better than super vegito because vegito had so much trouble beating super buu and super gogeta took down janemba easily

Vegito was toying with Super Buu, and Janemba isn't as powerful as Super Buu. - noo7na7

Vegoto beats him

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4 Goku Goku Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He had many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. more.

This list in my opinion should not have fused characters and should not have all different forms of characters such as ssj3 goku instead they should all come under the base form; in this case by me voting for goku I am also voting for ssj3 goku and so on for gohan and vegeta etc. Anyways Goku will always be the strongest; he may not be by the end of DBZ but if he had to become strong and fast enough to defeat ultimate gohan he would do. The whole point of Dragon Ball is that the goku who represents good and determination will always overcome the evil when it comes down to it. This may not always be alone; as there is a huge emphasis on friendship and the importance of If it came down to it where it was goku against an enormous evil power that he initially paled in comparison to he would strive and grow above and beyond it to lead the way of good over evil. So this is why goku has my vote.

Are you serious! Goku super sayain 4 is way stronger than Vegeta could never be. Goku beat even majin Vegeta. He beat Vegeta multiple times. Vegeta never stood a chance. The only time Vegeta won was the first time they fought. Goku is the one who beats all of the strongest villains. Even Vegeta himself admitted that Goku is much stronger than him. Vegeta was inferior to Frieza, Buu, Cell, Broly and so many others. Goku is the one that beat Frieza, Buu, Broly and everyone else but Cell and that other guy that Gohan had to take care of himself. But seriously, anyone who truly knows this show knows that Goku is not only the very main character, but the most powerful character on the whole show!

Goku can surpass any villain and at the end of gt he is shown to come back probably the same age as he was when he fought freiza so he can probably go into higher fighting modes

Goku is a kind of powerful, his OP is called "something called this" when it's called beating all the super sayians

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5 Vegeta Vegeta Vegeta is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

VEGETA IS NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER. That is the only reason he'll always be a step behind Goku. It DOES NOT mean he's weak -hell no, quite the opposite actually- he just CANNOT be more powerful than the main.

I think it would be incredibly remarkable and exciting if he was ( because FINALLY! SOMETHING NEW HAPPENS). To have him be more powerful or reach a new level of power and form before the main character would be so satisfying because Vegeta trains hard and he's so determined. It wouldn't be something out of the blue because he's always killing himself in the GR so when it happens, we'd all probably be cheering cause we know he deserves it. It'll also shine a light on Bulma's geniusness and proof that no, you don't need to abandon your family every chance you get to train elsewhere to become powerful. It can all happen in your background.

But regardless of not being the most powerful, Vegeta IS the BEST CHARACTER in DBZ and a lot of it is because he's not the most ...more

Vegeta, over Goku? No way...I know a lot of you might be big fans of Vegeta, and I am too. But the whole POINT of Vegeta's character is that he will ALWAYS be weaker than Goku, no matter how much stronger Vegeta may get, he will always be two steps behind Goku. It's a classic literary technique, Vegeta is the foil to Goku. Vegeta is immeasurably arrogant in his power, refuses to acknowledge those he perceives as weaker than himself, and scoffs at the "low class warrior". A "Low class warrior" is symbolism for the everyman, ladies and gents... Meanwhile, Goku is humble, kind, and cares nothing for Vegeta's posturing about the "saiyajin master race". And that's why Vegeta will always lose...he can't get past his arrogance and that is his downfall. Vegeta will NEVER be stronger than Goku.

If you don't buy the (extremely obvious) low class/high class symbolism, than consider this: Goku got to SSJ3. Vegeta didn't. DBZ GT isn't official DB cannon, and thus it isn't real so anything ...more - Mourningstar

He's overrated. People said that he's more intelligent than Goku, but I disagree. Many people said Goku is stupid, but he's actually very smart. He's just too naive that it seems like he's stupid. Actually he's one of dbz most intelligent characters, way smarter than Vegeta (Goku is the smartest in my opinion). no one realized that Goku is the only one who've foreseen Cell's intention in the Cell Games, as well as his strategic mind in battles,... Bulma and Gohan are really intelligent themselves and know a lot about technology due to their studying so much, but the most natural intelligent mind must be Goku's.

I fell vegeta and goku are equal and ultimate gohan is weaker than them

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6 Whis Whis

It is staed that bills is the strongest character in dbz but at the end of the movie bills tells that he is is even stronger then him making him the strongest character ever seen

And bills was only using 70% against goku

Also he toys with mystic gohan who is so much stronger then gothenks ssj2 (goku said then buu lost 66% of his power when gothenks defused means that gothenks is 2 times stronger then buu who still has piccolo goten and trunks ) gothenks who is stronger then buu buu who is stonger then goku ssj3 and vegeta ssj2

Whis is stronger than Bills and Bills defeated Goku in Super Saiyan God mode.

Obviously Whis is the strongest since Bills is clearly stronger than everyone else including fusions and Whis put him to sleep for 3 years with a swift chop. Basic logic the real question is who is the strongest character other than Whis and Bills.

Bro... he's the son of grand priest and easily took over ssj blue

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7 Kid Buu Kid Buu

He held back a spirit bomb that contained the power of all the z fighters, ever living being on earth, all of the namekians, the elder kia and supreme kia, king yemma and all of his attendants with goku pushing on it in base form and he was able to over power it and throw it back. Only we goku got his strength back and finished the attact with his (x100) ssj 2 strength was it enough to kill him, after which goku was exhausted again. I put my vote on kid buu.

Kid buu is stronger than Goku ssj3. Goku only defeated him because people gave him the power of the spirit bomb

Strongest ever dbz character without a doubt

He is amazing and he has an attack that could destroy earth ten times. like woow

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8 Goku SS3 Goku SS3 Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He had many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. more.

First thing that pissed me off about this list was that ssj3 Goku was a separate character bas Goku. Next was the fact that Whis is actually the strongest character in dbz at the moment. Then, putting Gohan above Goku is ridiculous enough. Goku would've been able to beat kid buu at full power. Kid Buu has been stated by the characters in DBZ to be the strongest form of Buu. Gohan got totalled by Buu with Gotenks absorbed. Thus Goku is stronger than Gohan. I know what you're thinking, 'But Goku was getting beat up by Gotenksbuu too. ' Well we've been shown that sometimes Goku has some pretty silly motivations for the things he does, like, for example not killing Kid Buu (who, lets not forget is the strongest form of Buu) when he had the chance cause he wanted Vegeta to have a go. So, we can assume, that Goku didn't see a need to kill Buu himself when there was someone there to fuse with. Maybe he didn't want to take all the glory. Maybe he wanted somebody else to be able to say that ...more

I just think he strong because he took down Janemba. (I thought that was pretty cool) Anyway, he also looks super cute in that form.

Because of his training and Gohan's lack of training he would be slightly stronger than Gohan

Stop making multiple entries for forms. - To

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9 SS God Goku

Goku is the strongest always been

Goku is most powerful...

Goku was, is and will be the most powerful

Could probally kick everyone in top 10's ass.

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10 Gotenks SS3

Goten is the only good part about Gotenks. Without Trunks's part in him, Gotenks wouldn't have been so cocky and over-confident and get his ass kicked by Buu.

Goten is stupid. Trunks is the only reason to like Gotenks.

Because even if it was briefly Gotenks held his own against Super Buu as a super saiyan three,

Trunks saved Gotenks. Goten is a whimpy, stupid idiot.

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11 Gohan Gohan Son Gohan is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Gohan is introduced as the first son of the protagonist Goku, and his wife Chi-Chi, in chapter #196 Kakarrot, first published in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump magazine on October 24, 1988. Chi-Chi is a strict and protective more.

Dude gohan could beat anyones ass

I would say that gohan is a very powerful and potential hidden power out of the other characters

He have hidden powers

When gohan is mad, he can beat anyone

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12 Super Buu (Gohan absorbed)

Anyone who thinks kid buu is stronger should read the manga

How is kid but stronger than super buu super buu is 4 times stronger then ssj3 Goku in the beers saga without absorbing anyone and yet kid buu struggled to beat ssj3 Goku in buu saga and Goku trained a lot since beerus saga and buu saga

He can absorb anyone he should be First

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13 Bills

He kicked everyone and went toe to toe with ssj3 Goku and beat him with 2 punches and could withstand Goku absorbing the power of a super saiyan god and using a kamehameha

He is the most power full character.This is because he need only 1% of his to defeat goku ssj3 and 70% to beat ssj god. So he can beat super vegito and gogeta.

Bills is stronger than super vegito and ultimate gohan combined, it's been proven in the movie!

He should be in 2nd place

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14 Super Janemba

He can topple mystic gohan

Broly would beat his ass

Janemba can crush ssj3 Goku and ssj2 vegeta and is as strong as buuhan which means he is stronger than mystic gohan that is why he is the Best. And if you did not know this, janemba's can regenerate remember pikkon insulted and cracked his skin but he regenerated from it he is truly the. Best better than ultimate gohan - favouredlist314

Gohan is better than him gohan is the best

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15 Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

Well trunks goku goten and gohan killed broly man so he lost to basically everyone

Well, it was 7 years after the first fight with Broly, so they were given time to power up. - MKBeast

The overhype for Broly here lol.
1. Broly and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly shouldn't be different people.
2. I can tell most of the comments below me are by the same person.
3. Broly would get wrecked by SSJ2 Teen Gohan.

I think broly should be on top of the list because he could destroy any dbz character

He's a legend plus undefeated. He is a legendary super saiyan plus he can totally reck buu that fatie.

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16 Broly Broly

His strength is far overrated. He is at best between Ssj2 teen Gohan and Ssj2 Goku. In the English sub broly says that his kids is constantly rising and overflowing meaning that his power does in fact have limits cause his body couldn't take any more power so he does have limits.

Clearly you haven't seen the first movie. He knocked around Super Saiyan Goku, Trunks, teen Gohan, Vegeta, and Super Piccolo without taking damage. The people who made DBZ even said his power level was officially above 1 billion. - MKBeast

Broly is the hulk for the dbz universe. 4 super saiyans couldn't beat him, he was barely trying against vegeta, piccolo, gohan, trunks and Goku. And when he fought gohan at super saiyan 2 he was toying with him even when gohan got mad (wich in theory gohan taps into his hidden power) when he found out videl was hurt. Broly owns and we can all agree that we haven't seen Broly's full power yet and if you still disagree Broly was destroying galaxies not planets galaxies

I think Broly is the most powerful because he possesses the Legendary Super Saiyan, which surpasses every power level in the Dragonball z series even Kid Buu and he was a lot of work. In logical terms, Broly could obliterate all the series's protagonists.

Surging ki

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17 Future Trunks Future Trunks

In dbs he have super saiyan rage and spirit bomb sword,he beat fusion zamasu that beat vegito blue

18 Super Perfect Cell

Super perfect cell is the most strongest

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19 Super Buu (Gotenks and Piccolo Absorbed)
20 Omega Shenron Omega Shenron

Common all of you guys how can you forget this monster he toyed with Goku ssj4 and vegeta ssj4 he should be on no.4 or 5.

Why no one said anything about Omega Shenron? I think he is also strong :/

He has almost the same power as broly

He only appeared in DBGT. - SelfDestruct

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