If you held up 11 roses into a mirror, you'd be looking at 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.


I said this and then told my girl I loved her for the first time... That was 5 years ago.. Since then I have been to Iraq 4 times and I now have 2 little boys and a beautiful home beautiful wife and beautiful kids. But lost a buddy of mine in Iraq my last deployment... We knew eachother since we were 3 years old.. I'm 26 now... I lost my left arm tryin to save him... But I couldn't

That's so beautiful. Me and my girlfriend have been together for 5 years now and we are both living together. When I told her this quote, she started crying and she told me she would be looking at 13 of the most beautiful things in the world. That's when she told me she was pregnant. I am going to be a father.

I'm 11 and I said it my girlfriend she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, I'm not going to say that I love her because I don't know what love is, but I know I really like her and I will do anything for her! I hope that she will be mine forever and ever! I'm getting her a puppy for Valentines day I have been saving up.

I told this to a girl but changed it around a bit saying lipsticks instead of roses cause. I was with her when picking out one. That night she was in a bad mood and in the morning I told her to get 11 lipsticks out and put it up in the mirror. Then I proceeded saying you would be looking at the 12 most beautiful things in the world and I got an awwwwwwww. Note: we aren't going out yet. So mix it up guys and girls.

I said this to my girlfriend after going 2nd place in a beauty contest. She cried and said. "Being with you feels like winning, being your girlfriend feels like I own the world and I don't care that I lost, all I want is you. Winning is worthless without you babe. (we kissed)

So cute! I loved this one... I think that if you said this to a girl, she would feel so special... But I would actually give the girl the roses and then tell her to go look in the mirror and I would say this then... Now that would be so sweet...

I said this to my girlfriend. She kissed me right away. Then I said I wish I could take a remote, rewind, and do that all over again. Then she said you don't need that remote and she kissed me again.

This is the best one because when I said this to my girlfriend we were on our first date and we were at the movies and she made me see a romantic movie. So I said it and she said that was the sweetest thing I will ever hear. And then she kissed me and said I don't to let you go and then we made out

I am a freshman in high school, but I said this to a girl I have liked since third grade, and because of this saying and some more sayings I found on this website, she felt so good, she asked for a hug and a kiss and now we are boyfriend and girlfriend.

To be honest I just think its good I'm just about to try to get into a relationship and this is going 2 be my line :) and I sure hope it works considering that I think that the girl that I'm into atm is way out of my league. So I think that when she hears this message she will melt and maybe become my girl and stop becoming the girl of my dreams but the girl oof my reality.

FTR when the best is here. This one here will really take it to her heart. If you want her to know that she's special and that she's most beautiful living thing you ever seen, then tell her this and make her feel incredible..

This is just beautiful right to the heart and a great way for you I don't know a hole lot but I think saying this a little bit randomly is best because if she is in a romantic mood then she will be expecting it

So cute really makes a girl feel loved I'm as pretty as roses it is so sweet love it love it love it love it I want someone to say this to me I read it over and over so beautiful

My girl loved it and she fell for me we started dating right after. Start with this this starts a spark of romance

Guys this seriously works. My girlfriend was a little mad at me about something and I used this and got an immediate "Awwww, I love you so much! " This really works.

This is SO cool! My girl Fell In love with me even More (: She Told me If she Can Be with Me as long as She can, she Rather Live with me to See my Face every day (: She got Me going Insane for her too

My girlfriend is taking a nap and when she wakes up I'm going to tell this quote to her and trust me when I mean something I really mean it I love this girl.

My girlfriend was like, yeah 11 roses and the mirror are the 12 most beautiful things in the world

This is the thing to say when you are seeing a girl, it worked perfect for me so if your stuck winning her use this line it will work every time I can guarantee that.

This is super sweet I'm here because I'm a hopeless romantic and I am imagining him saying that and it make my heart smile and spew rainbows.

The 12th thing, the the rapping around the roses I gave her

This is the best one ever. After I told her this we made out for what seemed like forever. And then she curled up to me and went to sleep. This one really works.

First off I'm a Scorpio, and when I saw this I smiled hard and my heart warmed. I'm literally going to tell her this when I see her. I give her roses every week!

I'm gonna try this one next valentine's day to a friend of mine who I really like a lot. Wish me luck.

I'm 13 and I like a girl and I don't know what to say