Top 10 Signs of Domestically Abusive Women

When we think of domestic violence or "DV", we’re automatically programmed to assume that a woman has been abused or beaten by yet another man because that’s what statistics show. But to contrary belief - the number of men being domestically abused physically, verbally and sexually is growing rampant. It’s been said that one out of every seven males has been domestically abused physically, and the numbers are growing daily.

We as men are programmed to see it as emasculating or "not a big deal" when a woman strikes a blow to her significant other. But it’s not just the physical abuse. Here’s a list of signs and "red flags" to watch out for that can lead to DV.
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1 Controlling Behavior

Remember that Martin Lawrence movie "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate?". When I see a controlling woman that movie immediately pops into my head. The woman who is turned on by power or the emasculation of men, who lives a female empowered authoritative lifestyle, and or isn't used to hearing the words no. Numbers are increasing finding women to be more controlling and aggressive in a relationship than men.

Don't get me wrong, having a fully confident and competent woman is extremely sexy, but our attraction can be used as a weakness in her eyes. They can tend to become bossy or portray themselves as our mother figure telling us what to wear, how to eat, when to eat, a lifestyle followed by a standard of rules and guidelines that cater to her every whim. And when her demands and opinions aren't met or welcomed, it is likely to become abusive verbally, physically or (number four, sex weapon) sexually, by withholding it. Because she either lost the little respect she had for you ...more

Many women are controlling because they themselves were controlled and abused in a previous relationship, and they want to take out their frustration on all other men.

Oh yeah. Women can be extremely controlling. Just ask Bill Cosby

2 Jealousy

Of all the signs previously mentioned none could be complete without jealousy. Every existing sign of DV roots from some form of jealousy. This is the Mecca and cornerstone, the alpha and omega of all ended or abusive relationships. No matter if the victims male or female, some form of jealousy always plays a major role and here's why.

This human emotion of insecurity doesn't always have to be about cheating or thinking your significant other may be loving another. No, no, no… we have been known to be jealous of everything from our girl making more money than us to spending more time at work or with the kids than she does with us. Although ladies and men both share these same insecurities, statistically men have been less likely to go playing FBI and detective on their spouses, we all have our ways. This is one of the easiest emotions to fuel the fire mainly due to the mind wandering and the fear of the unknown. So many scenarios begin to play in domestically abusive women's ...more

Yeah... jealousy can make you do horrible things. Don't be jealous, be happy for your significant other

Jealousy is healthy and normal in moderation but disastrous in excess.

3 Using Sex as a Weapon

Now to be clear, this isn't always a bad thing when both equally agree to play it right. I'm not talking Fifty Shades of Grey or anything but there are some clear signs of sexual abuse with your partner to be aware of. The willing or unwilling, Often in relationships one tries to use sex as a weapon "well until you do this, you won't get this." Often times, that is a women's "go-to move" and it can be fun and playful when not used Maliciously. While there's no law stating you have to pleasure your man this much, this long and this often. The sheer lack of intimacy of any kind with your partner could leave a man to think questions like "is there someone else?", "Did I do something wrong?". This action could open a whole other window of insecurities, jealousy and rage.

While there is withholding sex, there's also too much. On one hand, we have a girl who wants to be intimate with her partner all the time, and him being unwilling. If a man is unwillingly seduced by his girlfriend ...more

Sex is mutual. It's never a favor. It's never a gift.

4 Hyper-Sensitivity

Studies show that most abusers have very low self-esteem, so it doesn't take much for their feelings to become hurt or for them to "feel picked on." Hypersensitivity can manipulate a false sense or exaggeration to a comment or statement which could very easily turn into a massive blow-up. Therefore, as men we always feel the need to walk on eggshells and are hesitant with our comments because of how it may be interpreted. It can be something as simple as "I'm a little tired, do you mind if we just stay in tonight?" Sounds pretty straight forward right? While you're getting ready to lie down she's up ruminating "why doesn't he want to go out with me?", "is he hiding something?", "did I do something wrong?", "is there someone else?".

In some ways, this is a mental disease and may require some form of treatment or therapy. In other cases, it could be a combination of several of the aforementioned signs. The good thing for us men is, this is a trait that can be spotted early on in ...more

I do annoying things

They say shut up

I pick my finger in my nose, which is a bad habit of mine, they freak out

Also there is this one titan girl in my class that hates me

5 Split Personas

"Don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry." For the comic book fans, I'm sure we all know what that means when Bruce Banner says those words in an austere manner. Similar to Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, this is to be considered one of the scariest warning signs of having an abusive partner.

When it comes to her having "The Hulk" persona it can become very difficult for the outside eye to see it. To the world, she's viewed as a hard worker with a great career, or a great mother, girlfriend or wife. She may even be an active member of the church and an outstanding community activist; an all-around amazing humanitarian whom many admire and look up to. So naturally we're deceived by the same qualities that drawn us to her in the first place. When Mrs. Banner comes home and transforms into the "She-Hulk" by way of constant verbal abuse, lashing out, or breaking things sometimes even physical abuse, we have a hard decision to make. When this is an on-going theme in relationships ...more

6 Baggage from Past Relationships

There is nothing harder than trying to give a new relationship a fresh start, to not bring some of the old emotions and baggage into your new one. Unfortunately, that is part of being human and that is a human reaction. Although we all do it to an extent, it can be abusive when we (number seven) blame shift or say "well I thought this, because my ex that".

Most girls with baggage tend to come with an abundance of past hurt and drama and are emotionally bitter or damaged. Not saying in most cases, it's not for good reason, (I'm sure we've all broken a heart or two) but there is a difference between caution and distrust. If she has no trust in you, without you giving her reason more times than not it's due to how an ex-treated her or it could be (number ten) daddy issues. Women's past resentments can eventually start to weigh on us and our relationship to where all we do is argue and fight. Since most people in relations do tend to come with some form of emotional baggage odds of ...more

7 Blame Shifting

"You made me this, you made me feel that, or I did this because you or you always…"

Fellas (and ladies), I'm sure I don't need to tell you that if you've been in enough relationships one way to keep the peace is to almost always be the one to apologize. No matter who's right or wrong, ABA… (Always Be Apologetic). Now I'm not saying we should lie down and not have a voice or an opinion in our relationships, I'm simply just stating, pick your battles.

Blame shifters are ones who have a difficult time accepting responsibilities for their own actions. Or find little to no fault in their doings of the relationship. So confronting them with negativity or trying to get them to understand their wrong doesn't work. I can tell you from my own past experience that nine times out of ten that just leads to a bigger fight. So how do you deal with this abusive sign? Some try therapy or reasoning, while others… the blame shifting was so immense they ended the relationship ...more

8 Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Although drugs and alcohol know no gender, ethnicities, cultures, economic, or social boundaries. Typically it's men who are presumed as the aggressors when some form of alcohol or illegal substance is involved; over the past few years studies show that statistically women are more and more becoming the aggressors.

A good example of a red flag to us men of an abusive woman is if after our lady knocks back a glass or two of her favorite wine, she gets that urge to feel "we need to talk." And that talk occasionally involves her degrading, verbally abusing or disrespecting us and our relationship. If this is an ongoing issue in relationships, then it is definitely time for some changes by virtue of behaviors only worsening.

It may not come in the form of alcohol it may be something we think is as harmless as prescription drugs. This tends to lead to a more passive form of abuse by way of shutting down or shutting us out. Not all abuse has to be of violent ...more

This is why alcohol and substance abuse are NEVER the answer to anyone else's problem (even if it's the only way for some people) because not only it is a negative way to deal with problem, but it can also lead into a very toxic relationship and especially death. A problem like that can also cause your spouses, fiances, your girlfriend/s (and also boyfriend/s) to leave you for either a very long time or forever.

I'm okay with soft drugs like weed, ecstacy and LSD. I won't date a girl whose into coke, meth, painkillers, xanax, or heroin. I also won't date an alcoholic.

9 Quick Attachment

One sure-tell sign of a domestically abusive woman is instantaneous involvement. Now we have all dated a few, the female who, after the second date she's getting fitted for wedding dresses and picking names for children. She has "P.I.'d" (private investigated) you so much you'd think you were wanted by the law. She and her girlfriends (or guy friends) have social media stalked, Google searched, cyber stalked, been at your job and went through your phone all in the first week!

Most times, this anxious behavior stems from fear of being alone, also tying in with number ten (daddy issues). The idea of love or in love with the thought of being in love is so strong it consumes them and that becomes the focal point of their lives. They see it as "I love my boyfriend" but to the outside world, it's viewed as clingy, crazy and or not having a life outside of the person you are seeing. Therefore, tread very carefully with this one, if our gut is telling us to run, then we do just that… ...more

10 Daddy Issues

Now fellas (and ladies) don't get me wrong, daddy issues aren't all bad which is why it's number ten. There are some perks given from their low self-esteem issues; which brings a few temporary pleasures, but in most cases also generates long-term crazy and need of therapy. Now if you're the type of man who likes crazy (there are a few of us out there) then this isn't a deal breaker for you.

Daddy issues are also the essential ingredient for clingy, dating much older men and in some rare cases Oedipus complex.

Most women with daddy issues don't even recognize what a "good man" is. Consequently, they plow through a bunch of "scrubs" that treats them horribly. When the "perfect one" comes along, he gets treated the same if not worse as the previous ones due to scars and emotional baggage. Which is why it is so vital for us dads to be a positive influence in our daughter's lives?

I don't see how this would hurt me.

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