Top 10 Tips for People to Avoid Attracting Fake People and Gold Diggers

There are a lot of fake people and gold diggers in this world. There's still a handful of genuine people who care about someone for their personality, not what they have. So here are several tips on how to avoid attracting those non-genuine people and how to save yourself from a lot of trouble, fake friendships and major heartbreaks that can hurt you for a very long time.

Note: This is for all people (poor, rich and etc...)
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1 Don't pretend to be rich

If you see a person you really love, just be yourself and don't pretend to be rich. Sometimes, people will show off and pretend to be extremely rich when they're not. If you pretend to be rich, you'll likely end up attracting gold diggers or fake friends who will use you constantly until you run out of money completely. What if that person you fell in love with was only with you for your money? This can really hurt you depending on how far your relationship went. If you saw their true colors the same night, consider yourself very lucky and a warning to never do this mistake again. If you saw their true colors only after a few years, this will be a lot more painful. You can be hurt for a very long time. It can also happen the same with friends since they can hurt you really badly and might turn on you if you run out of money. Another reason why to avoid faking being rich is because you might meet the right person who likes you for you, but being a show-off or having a fake lifestyle ...more

This is great advice, and gold diggers don't actually care about the people they're dating, so they end up breaking people's hearts in the end. Plus, they just want the materialistic things and money, nothing else.

2 Don't show off

If you're rich, it's best to refrain from showing off since some people will never leave you alone until you run out of money. Gold diggers, fake friends and in extreme cases stalkers will never stop bothering you. Gold diggers will pretend to like you and would always ask for things that cost 50 times more than the regular thing just because they're more "fashionable" when they're practically the same stuff. Others will fake being sick or pretend they lost their credit card or something just to take your money away. Fake friends will make up a lot of lies and ask you for money constantly. They'll likely fake being sick, want to make a "project", or ask to borrow but won't ever give the money back to you. Stalkers will force you to give them money, others will blackmail you and in extreme cases they'll kidnap you until you give every last dime to them until you're completely broke. It's best to not show off nor brag about being rich under any circumstances.

3 Don't mention that you're rich

If you're rich, do not say that you're rich because you'll end up attracting the people you'd least want to attract. It's best to act like a regular person who isn't rich and just remain natural. This can definitely help you in every way since many gold diggers will go for people who actually mentioned they're rich or at least have a good amount of money. It's also not recommended to talk about money too much since a lot of people are eavesdropping and then will ask you to either hang out or go on a date and act like they're your "friends" when they're only there to for your money.

4 Listen to your friends

Some people have friends, some don't. If you have a true friend and they say to not trust that specific person, it's best to listen to your friend since they know all the red flags and their suspicious personalities. Even if your friend seems as a "burden", they're actually just trying to save you from a huge amount of trouble, lies and deceptions. Also, if you have a crush on someone who's definitely not into you, it's best to let them be and move on because if you interfere too much with them, you'll likely get into some trouble. You'll likely meet their friends who may also take advantage of you. Also, if your crush knows you're rich, they'll likely act nice and pretend to be your friend. Sometimes, wanting to hang out with one person can result into you hanging with their whole gang. The whole gang will use you, get you in trouble and sometimes can do even worse things. It's always best to listen to your real friend who's genuine and would never use you for money or anything in ...more

5 Don't dress too nicely

Dressing nice is perfectly fine on a few occasions, but don't overdo because you'll attract certain people who will think you're rich whether you are or not. Just dress comfortably and most people will never bother you even if you're rich. Sometimes it's best to dress in your own comfort rather than looking fancy especially when it's just regular days you want to enjoy peacefully.

6 Live in a normal house

You really don't need to live in a penthouse nor a mansion because even if you're rich. A lot of people will be questioning about how much money you have or will think you have a huge company. You're better off living in a regular house because what's the point of having a mansion if you only use like a quarter of it and 75% of it will be empty or be filled with decorations you'll rarely see. Many people would also want to visit your penthouse or your mansion if they know about it.

7 Make sure your expensive cars are stored

If you have a Rolls Royce, a Lamborghini or any car that's extremely expensive, it's best to have those types of cars stored in your garage and only use these on special occasions. It's always good to have an average car as an everyday car so people won't actually care for it let alone want you to give them rides.

8 Don't go to fancy restaurants too often

A lot of gold diggers will likely be there and will likely ask you to take them on a date after they finished with their other dates. The more you go to fancy restaurants, the more people will think you're rich. Besides, going to regular restaurants is safer. Only go to fancy restaurants on very special occasions, not on a regular day.

9 Do a loyalty test

Only do this if you're unsure that they're genuine or not. This may be a little bit harsh, but sometimes it's best to find out rather than pursuing into a deeper relationship or friendship. Doing a gold digger test can really save you in the long run. If they pass the test and is loyal, it means they're genuine. If not, dump them before you're hurting yourself even more. You can do a similar test to your friends to make sure they're not fake. If they fail, cut ties with them.

10 Don't use too many credit cards
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11 Don't wear fancy jewelry in public

If you go in public, don't put any fancy jewelry on you. Don't put fancy watches, fancy necklaces, fancy bracelets nor anything that will attract attention from people you don't want to be with. Genuine people don't care about any of this. Gold diggers and fake people would probably want to hang with you because they might think you're rich or you try to impress someone.

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