Top Ten Things to Talk About on a First Date

There are many stressful things in life, and when it comes to the early teenage years, one of the biggest worries is dating. First dates are extremely stressful, especially if the person you’re on a date with is someone you’ve crushed on for ages or if they seem to be extremely confident with the whole process. It can seem impossible to find something to talk about, and one way to scare your date away is by being boring or annoying. So, you need some pretty good things to talk about, something that won’t make her (or him!) yawn, cringe, roll their eyes at, or walk away from, so here they are! Even charisma, intelligence, humour, politeness, and dashing good looks may not save you if you don’t have a good thing to talk about, and coming from someone who has *ahem* all those qualities, that’s a big thing to say. And no, I’m not a dating counselor! Enjoy!
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1 Their talents

Instead of saying something boring like "what are you gonna do for a living / what do you do for a living", ask them about their talents. Make it seem like you're interested in what they like and what they're good at, and one way to make them comfortable is by letting them talk about things they're good at and comfortable with doing, obviously. If they feel comfortable with you on a first date, they'll likely want to continue dating! And of course, once they're done telling you about their strengths, you'll both have a chance to tell them about yours and seem awesome to them and to see if his or her talents match yours and whether they seem like someone you could have a future with.

2 Your similarities and differences

They say that "opposites attract", and do you want me to tell you what I think of that? I think it's complete crap. In rare cases people who like adventure in their life will go for someone who is not like them at all, but usually those rare cases lead to bad things. I am more attracted to people who like the same things I do, and that leads us to our lesson. Making connections about your similarities is a very good thing to do on a first date. If you can, they'll feel like you like what she does, and they'll like you even more. Make sure you don't lie about connections. Take this scenario:
Date: I love baking. Do you love baking?
Me: (thinking of the one time I almost set the kitchen on fire trying to make a pie and ending up with a cracker) I love baking!
The next day:
Date: I know you love baking, so why don't we try making this old family recipe.
You'll probably have to end up telling them or making it clear that you were lying, and they'll be very hurt and disappointed.
Also, it's pretty good to make sure you do have some differences, because if you don't that's almost creepy and it would even be a bit of a boring life to be with someone that does everything you do. It might scare them away if you're too much like them.

3 Their family and friends

If this person you're dating is the one for you, getting to know their family and friends is a big thing you need to know. It'll make your date more comfortable with talking about you with their family, and it'll make you get an idea as to what to say when you do the nerve-racking first meeting with their parents. They'll feel as if you're into their personal life and if they seem open with you, that's a very good sign.

4 Their passions or hobbies

This is possibly the best way ever to make a connection. Learning about their hobby or learning that you share a passion for, let's say, music, can further spark romance and make you even happier today. Their hobbies can tell you a lot about them as well, and if they seem open about them it's a very good sign.

I think this is definitely a game-changer, and that it should be pretty high

5 Favorite movies

This may lead to many great connections, and you can learn a ton about people by knowing what their favourite movie is, plus it'll be useful information to store for later uses. You can talk for ages about your favourite movie, and if you haven't seen theirs, watch it that night and impress them the next time you meet.

6 Their perfect day

Much like some of the others, this is all about getting to know them, and by describing their perfect day they may feel like you really want to know what they like and want. They'll feel happy talking about it with you and you can make them want to know yours. Them asking you about what you like and want is a very good sign they're feeling interested in you and comfortable with you. Unless they just read this list too and were preparing to say the same things as you.

7 What makes them laugh

This is one of my personal favourites, because I love making people laugh, and it would be so nice to ask them this, and then later on making them laugh in this way and knowing how touched they are that I remembered, and how special the whole thing is. There's nothing better in hearing someone you know laugh in a way you know really touches them. Well, other than bingeing stranger things, watching cute sloth videos and demolishing a plate of nachos, that is.

8 Food

If you're at a restaurant, ask them what they might order. Find out their favourites and foods they can't stand. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach (as untrue as the "opposites attract" thing), so it's good to know what they like to eat! You could ask them what other restaurants they've been to and like, and that could give you ideas for future dates. Knowing how they eat can also tell you about their personality, though I hope that you'd already know that before going on a date with them.

9 How nervous you are

Usually, if you do this at the start of the date, they'll admit they're nervous as well and you can share a laugh and relieve some pressure, making the rest of the date process easier and less nerve-racking.

10 Their ideal vacation

If you ask them about this, much like the others, learning about their ideal vacation will make them comfortable and feel like you care about them. Additionally, whether they choose a busy city, a beach-filled island, or a crazy exotic location will tell you a lot about them. This will be a great way to pass the time, and may lead to future discussions.

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11 Your pet peeves
12 Pets
13 The weather
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