Most Romantic Things to Say to Her

Just the right things to say... now, wait for the right moment, and whip out one of these lines.

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61 Baby you're a theif, you stole my heart.

I said this to my ex-girlfriend and she was suprised because she was about to break-up with me until I said this she had never heard me say anything this romantic before at all. I recommend this bexause it gets for a good kiss but you have to have really good timing if you want her to really love you.

Nice one my girlfriend go crazy

Haha this one is good I said haha your such a thief, you stole my heart, can't wait till she sees this in her inbox tomarriw

Its alright not the best

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62 They said to make her fall in love with me, I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs, I'm the one who falls in love.

My girlfriend cried a little and we kissed for a while, longest and best kiss of my life

If only it was true

Good one kinda common but when I told her she hug me and cried

Best one probably... I changed a few words and said it to my crush... She instantly said yes... Even she is the most shy girl in the whole campus... Must try.

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63 You are my heart, my life, my angel and my every desire

Really good my girlfriend cried when she heard this one I really liked it, good job to who ever made this

Damn this is a really good one, all of these are

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64 Your eyes sparkle like the stars at night when you cry

Nice one

65 A day without you is like a day without meaning.


66 If I was with you, I would get a small vial to collect 2 of my teardrops. They would become more valuable than gold. I know that when I am with you, I will never see 2 teardrops again.

Its saying that if you were with her than you would no longer cry

What it's saying is that whoever you say this to is the one you want to be with happy or sad.

This one is like really strange because I don't know what it is

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67 I've never thought I would find the most beautiful, funniest, amazing person in my life and just call me Romeo because that how much you make me love you

Romeo also killed himself when Juliet was taking a nap. - BeatlesFan1964

It worked thank you

You guys do know romeo ditches his girlfriend to be with Juliet... and she was like 13... it's a story of a pedo and a child... Never understood why that was such a big thing

That's amazing, iv sent a lot of these to my girl, and it makes her the happiest girl ever!

68 I get butterflies when your name lights up on my phone

He has said this to me

I have butterflies when Axelle come up

69 Baby you are as perfect as... sorry nothing is as perfect as you

There's no such thing as "more perfect" or "as perfect". This saying is imperfect. - BeatlesFan1964

When I told her thus is what she said

You are crazy
But I love you
I love you more don't forget that

70 You fulfill all my desires, you are perfect in every way

This is stumped

71 Am I crazy!? Yes.... But I'm crazy over you
72 I'd die just to see you smile again

When I told my girlfriend this she fell into my arms and cried

73 The shortest word for me is I. The sweetest word for me is love. The only word for me is you.

I told this to the love of my life and she hugged me so hard, I swear our hearts beat together. She loved it, and I know she'll love you for it if you say this to her. Do it man, it works like magic.

Amazing! A top contender here, my girlfriend absolutely loved it. Don't be afraid to share this with the girl you love. She will melt, and you will absolutely get a Aw:).

I said a lot of things to my girlfriend but this is the one that got her to kiss me. I said a lot to her she loved it all but this one is a real heartfelt one you want the person to like you start with this one. Awesome is the only word that can describe it

That sounds obsessive. - BeatlesFan1964

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74 God must have been high when he made you because you are perfect.

My god is a weed smoker

Let's not Make god sound like something he's not even if it's sweet and just a cute saying if we are going to use god let's use god right thanks

I take drugs with Jesus Christ. The only thing is, he doesn't share his drugs and only does our drugs. Whenever we ask if we can try his drugs he always says he doesn't have any. Even when I can clearly see the bag sticking out of his robes. Its pretty disgusting behavior considering how expensive drugs are.

That is classic haha

I don't like this one at all God is not nothing to play with

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75 They say it takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 muscles to smile but lately, there's only one thing that makes me smile.. And that's you.

Did you just call her a muscle? ,

Make sure you don't call her a mussel. (Something fishy going on... Lol)

This is really cute my girlfriend never stopped hugging me saying "your so nice I love you so much" she was crying and it felt good to say that

I told this to my girlfriend and she was speechless

Wow. That guy's life must be devoid of happiness. - BeatlesFan1964

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76 I'm sad. I'm sad because I'm here, and you're there... And there doesn't know how fortunate it is.

This one just tells a girl how much you miss her without actually saying it, great one to text. Gonna try it tonight with my friend. :-)

True every time I feel this surbhi

It's so kind

77 Baby you light up my world like nobody else

This is from One detection

This is part of a song from one direction
Verse: baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed


78 You're actually the most beautiful angel my eyes have ever seen

Very thoughtful and considerate, but I would recommend wording it differently. The way it is currently worded makes it sound as if you have seen an angel before, and to be more romantic you should refer to your love as an angel w/out the simple comment before or after.

Depends on if she is not christian, because if she isn't don't tell her. - Lucretia

79 Even heaven is hell without you.

This line is why my girl agreed to be my girl. She literally started crying wh.

He must see her as the best thing ever or somthig to say this. - Lucretia

i love it

That shows that the boy wouldn't enjoy even the best without her love. That shows how important the girl is for that boy. A gorl woƱ't askfor anything more than this as this is he most a boy can feel

80 I love all the stars in the skies, but they're nothing compared to the one in your eyes.

I told it to my ex and she almost started cry. :3 - MrFuhktard

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1. Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.
2. God was showing off when He created you.
3. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
1. God was showing off when He created you.
2. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
3. I fall in love with you every time I look into your beautiful eyes.
1. When giving her a dozen roses - 11 real and 1 fake - say, "I will love you until the last rose dies."
2. They say a picture tells 1,000 words, but when I see yours, all I see is 3: I Love You
3. If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you.

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