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121 You are so cute!

I will tell you right now and right here that "cute" means WAY more than hot, sexy, pretty... TRUST ME FOR THIS!

my bf ALWAYS says this to me, and it makes me smile every time. everything I do is cute according to him, but this line is one that can be used millions of times and it never grows old.
tip for the guys - if you say this to a girl, aww her first, say "you're so cute" then hug her
trust me... it works!

Whether she just messed something up, looks like she is about to cry, or is laughing hysterically, this line is a beaut.

I would recommend saying beautiful rather than cute because I think girls would rather be told that they are beautiful rather than cute

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122 I would be lost without you

That was so great know I know how to tell her that I love her a lot - 26294life

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123 Goodnight sweetheart

Iv said this to my girlfriend loads of times but she just says thanks but I think it's a great thing to say when your about to go to bed or shes going to bed

Sam (me) : I Say goodnight sweetheart to my girlfriend each night, its very helpful if you don't have a nickname for your girlfriend/ boyfriend, for me I don't have one for my girlfriend, so this is very useful

when she heres this she is going to say awwwwwwwwwww.!!!!!!!

I don't call her sweetheart but I do call her Teddy Bear

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124 You don't look fat in that outfit

Whatever you do don't laugh when you say this.

Hell no! Do not use this with flowers

Hm. This is tricky one. Only say this when she asks or if she complains.

Uhh.. No... It seems like an insult and you just don't want to say it..

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125 If you only knew how much I would regret life without meeting you.

That was so sweet, made me cry!

This line made my girlfriend tear up so much! All she did was hug me for the next few hours.


So true I said this to my girlfriend and it felt so right

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126 Sigh

A sigh can mean a lot. Its amazing. It just simply means you are too good to be true. Sometimes, unspoken words touch the heart than words that are not originally yours. I love it when my guy just feels happy around me.

This is a powerful force. Sometimes just letting her know that your content in her arms is more powerful then any line you could possibly imagine. Sometimes the most powerful words are the ones left unspoken. I know with my wonderful girl, I feel like in arms I'm complete.

Yes, this isn't words, but when you are near each other, a sigh is amazing from a guy.

This should be higher up

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127 I need you like a heart needs a beat

This is not good at all.

Um... But it's to late to apologise... It's to late.

Would this count as domestic abuse?

I love that song.

128 Late at night, when the hum of the everyday world retreats like the sun on the horizon....I think of you. V 1 Comment
129 It's your world baby doll, I'm just living in it

Better have some swag to pull this one off. Thro some confidence in your voice

Don't call a girl baby doll we hate that

Need to know how to phrase it too, you can use your own words guy! Come onn

My girlfriend always call me her baby doll. *Smiles*

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130 I close my eyes and I am with you

This one might work I'm going to use this on her tonight and see what her reaction is I hope it's good

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131 If I could only make one wish in my life I would wish that I could hold you in my arms forever

I told my girlfriend this cause she lives in Tennessee and I miss her and she said if she could kiss me she would

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132 I wish you could read my mind to see the way I feel about you because every time I try to speak to you your amazing smile makes me become speechless

If it happen then you will to know what I really think about you cutie

This should be the most popular one...

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133 Some people measure beauty by body and face, I measure it by face and heart, and you are an extremely beautiful person.

This one is so good to say to your girlfriend.

134 You mean the world to me (Insert Name).

This is great! My girl friend loves when I say things like that. Normally, girls go for the bad boy but mine went for the sweet and athletic one. I always say things like this and that's why she loves me and that's why I love her. I love you so much Madison!

I told my girl this and she smile and call my a buttface I always tell her how much she means to me but I don't want to repeat the same thing all over again

Not a reply to the comment but to the actual quote, a better one (in my opinion) is: I once looked your name up and tried to find what it means. I was right. One word was there, awesome

Lol this goes for the first comment on this one, it's the exact same way for me! My girls name is maddie too, and I'm definitely not a bad boy lol, but yeah I tell her stuff like this all the time and she loves it too.

I said the wrong name.. :S
Well but the girl whos name I said found out abouth it,
And we've been going out for a year already :D

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135 You're so warm.

If you have your arms wrapped around her waist, brush up against her and whisper this.

Ya! My boyfriend did it to me! I was so happy! We have been dating for 9 months now! Hope it goes for a year!

I've been dating my girlfriend for 9 months too! Hope everything goes well with you guys

Love this line, best casual line to use

I'm so cold I need a sexy baby to warm me up

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136 If there was a rewind button on life I would go back to the day where I first fell in love with you

Hmm! Sounds like you're short or ideas.

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137 Having you beside me today is better than any gift in the world.

This is the time that we had a special occasions that i don't have gift for him. He said this to me.

138 If you could put a number on missing someone, the number of stars in the sky times two wouldn't add up to the number I would put on me missing you.

I told my girlfriend this while I was in Iraq... She loved it...

My girl love it. She find this most romantic words I ever used

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139 I will stop loving you when a mute guy tells a deaf guy that a blind guy saw a legless kid walk on water

This is really touching, you should use it.

I don't know why but I laughed so hard that I had to pee...

This is the greatest work of a genius artist... - Tufayl

Love it

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140 I never understood why my friends would ever say she's the one or I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her, but now, being with you, I've finally realized why.

That's so sweet
I would love a guy to say that to me
It just makes you feel so special.. Like your loved by them and only them

My Boyfriend said this to me while walking on the beach... It took my breath away... And yes, he was absolutley sincere when he said it. (=

Thats cute. Everyone always wants to be that special someone.

How does one start this quote though? What is the right scenario? - Curti2594

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