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121 I want to die before you so that way I wont live a second without you V 1 Comment
122 If you could put a number on missing someone, the number of stars in the sky times two wouldn't add up to the number I would put on me missing you.

I told my girlfriend this while I was in Iraq... She loved it...

My girl love it. She find this most romantic words I ever used

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123 I never understood why my friends would ever say she's the one or I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her, but now, being with you, I've finally realized why.

That's so sweet
I would love a guy to say that to me
It just makes you feel so special.. Like your loved by them and only them

My Boyfriend said this to me while walking on the beach... It took my breath away... And yes, he was absolutley sincere when he said it. (=

Thats cute. Everyone always wants to be that special someone.

How does one start this quote though? What is the right scenario? - Curti2594

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124 My love for you is like an ocean, it goes so deep and it is so amazing

It sounds like... Sex... But it really works, I told this to my wife and she LOVED it! She loves a lot of the things I say! Thank you for helping me with this!

That's really sounds good!

This is so cute to say to my girl


125 I've waited my entire life to find you just have something worth living for.

It is so sweet and I used it she said meet me at church tommorow I went there she kissed me for the first time

She slaped me and then she told me that how much I mean to her and I siad yes then she started kiss

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126 I knew my life was not complete, and baby after kissing you for the first time, I realized that the missing piece was bigger than what I thought...

This actually made my girl cry and hug me and kiss me. This is why I like this quote

Great my girlfriend wants me she can't get enough of it she thinks I'm the most best boyfriend in the world thank you so much I'm glad to be loved like this

this quote tells her/him how big of a impact her/his love has been in his/her life. - JoshN

I said this to a girl I was trying to hook up with. And she instantly fell into my arms and so I'd she loved me for the first time. I'm a really good kisser and she's is too!

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127 You're the person that I can trust with everything. There isn't a thing in the world I would doubt telling you about because I trust you with my whole heart.

Hi. I'm a girl, and the best thing a guy can say to a girl is, "I trust you" Just tell her that, and I promise you she will either fall in love with you, or be your best friend for life.

Told this to my girlfriend when she didn't think I trusted her. Her eyes lit up and she told me she wanted to hold me forever and not let go.. Wow this one is really good

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128 I don't just love you, I'm in love with you.


Makes me melt when he says it
but I don't get it..

I always says this to my girlfriend and she always smiles and hugs me so tightly and gives me a beautiful kiss and she says she gonna always love me

Thanks to the person who wrote this when I told her she couldn't stop smiling

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129 If I proved my love for you with a hug, I would squeeze you to death.

I said this to my girl but it wasn't the right timing.. Guys wait till you're cuddling with her than go for it. Do it in person, trust me it works much better

You should have seen the look on my girlfriends face. She loved it.

All she said was "that would be bad". She doesn't know how to talk romantic like she should

Sounds possesive... - Lucretia

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130 There are no words that can describe how much I love you

I love this one! Infarct I tell my girlfriend to night on phone call!

And it makes me feel loving her so much!

My girlfriend LOVED this

This works so well

I texted my girl this and she blocked me

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131 I miss you

The sad thing is :'( I rlly liked a girl and she asked me out. But then about 5 days later her parents found out and we couldent date anymore but... She had a basketball game I kept texting her saying I miss you. The last words I ever said to he was "I will always love you no matter what your parents say, you're the stars in my sky, I'll love you forever. "

You love a girl after 5 days? And you let a girl ask you out? That's pathetic man.

This is a good line if it isn't used to often. Don't use it every single time you are apart.

I've noticed when you really really love sm1.. And you're apart even for an hour.. It comes out by it self straight from the heart.. And no matter how many times she says it I still kant get enuff

Fk u this is so bad I told my girlfriend that and she said stfu

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132 Life without you is like words without vowels... you need 'em to make it complete

This will make a girl love you. !

There are word without Vowels

Really like what?

Yeah, I really love this. Especially say it when you are on a grammar or really,
Just a topic where you are complementing each other a lot.

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133 You're amazing.

This is one you should usually avoid, saving it for those special "first times".

My girlfriend always says this to me and every time she does my heart just skips multiple beats

134 I hope this moment will last forever

When your with the person you love making love/kissing or even just holding hands

This is perfect after kissing I tried it and then we kissed for ages after that too


This also works for Friendship! - Curti2594

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135 Will you marry me?

Put your relationship in jeopardy if you feel it's right. - booklover1

This is SUCH a sweet thing to say and hear, but unless you are actually proposing make sure she knows you aren't being literal, or else you might have a sticky situation to back yourself out of

Haha I'm engaged... Apparently. I'm not old enough yet anyway, by one year, but anyway - it's really cute when a guy says this, but it's important that either the relationship has been a long time or you are really close - Jeheffiner

Depends on if you are kids or teenagers, because it wouldn'r be appropriate. - Lucretia

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136 You make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time

60% of the time, it works every time

Don't use this... It DOES NOT WORK.. I said this to my dream girl and she didn't get it... Don't use it! 1

This works on my girlfriend your dream girl must be retarded if she doesn't get it

Wow. That's pretty awesome. I'm gonna use that. Haha

This didn't really work for me at all

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137 You are my world, my everything

she loves it when I say this too her. She says it makes her day.

When I told her this she started cryig b/c she was so happy she jumped on my and she kissed me we are something right now in life it worked and could work for yours if your in love

Thanks guys I will try this on a girl I like

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138 They say life isn't perfect, but I say it is if you have your soulmate

Stare away then finish line looking into her eyes. And go in for the kiss cm

wow thats sweet, but then you stare at her lips and lean in 4 a small kiss then she gonna wanna makeout with you

yeah, this is sweet. i said this to my girlfriend and i thought she was going to melt.

They say life isn't perfect, but it is for me as long as I have you...

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139 Come with me, we can dress up real nice, you can hold my hand, and babe, we can be rockstars...

This is from a story that I read in school about a creepy dude hitting on a teenage girl!

Pedophiles use this line

If you say this you are either a child molester or just a screwed up person

Sounds like hair lyrics, blech. - Lucretia

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140 You are like a pizza. every slice of you is perfect

Don't! Say this if the pizza looks like crap. Love this one though.

Say that while the two of you are eating pizza together, would be incredible adorable.

Woow.. When I told my G. F this she was laughing the whole night.. Even up till now she is laughing

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1. God was showing off when He created you.
2. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
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