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181 GenmuLVLX

He is different than other youtubers. He is autistic but you probally couldn't tell because of his strange remarks, but he is quite good - Frouze

182 Tjman461

Seriously his videos are excellent but he gets dislikes I mean come on too many haters - Turtless

183 MrBeast
184 RobertIDK

He's so funny and his songs are the best!

185 Charmx

I watch him all the time and he is so cool,but YouTube keeps blacklisting his channel when he is super close to 1 mill subs.He deserves more views

186 TheFandomMenace

This guy spends hours and days to find the most interesting facts - djmine46

188 Thomy245
189 Trent GamerLive
190 Smooth96Criminal
191 DingDaily

Great funny videos. He isn't very big, but I really enjoy him, and I think you will too. Be sure and visit his channel! (p.S. I am not him advertising, he also did not hire me to advertise for him). Just saying

192 The Hillywood Show

They're creative and talented not to mention funny. Their costumes and makeup is just amazing!

193 Tauberpa
194 Jpmetz
195 DamItsGood808
196 ItsJustSomeRandomGuy
197 DarkSpidey34

Next time you're on YouTube you MUST, I repeat, MUST look this guy up! He's got this amazing Lego Spider-man series on his channel. It started off okay, and it transformed into a masterpiece!

198 HighMountainStudios

This dude's lego Batman videos are downright brilliant! He stays true to the Batman comics while keeping it fresh and origional. Add in some terrific story-telling, and you've got yourself a great youtuber.

199 Fedotiulian

He is funny but he is very underrated! - fedotiulian

200 TheBigT2000
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