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241 Natetalkstoyou

Everybody hates this guy because he shares his opinion. He shares why he doesn't like Smosh, Pewdiepie and BOTDF, and people get butthurt. He's entitled to his opinion and needs more credit.

242 Scishow
243 List25
244 Cyriak
245 Vic Dibitetto
246 Supersonicpanda
247 AdilBeMe
248 SuperNaeem64

He has been on YouTube for over 4 years, and only has 30 subs. He is hilarious and does gaming, but is very inactive on the tube.

249 SpartansVSGaming

Just look at the name. It's sick. So is his channel. SVG does Minecraft, but is more active on his friends' channels than his own.

250 TheDOMINICShow

Dom is a friend of Ryan, and is as good a YouTuber. He has been on since 2010, and is hilarious.

251 jDantastic

Danny does all anime games, even in Minecraft. He has about 4.5k subs, and is growing daily by a huge number, considering its only a side thing for him.

252 Rhymestyle

Dino is a hilarious gamer who is just like jDantastic up top. The only thing that separates them is the amount of subs.

253 VikkStar123
254 xTrollxGaming

Tyler is a great gamer, and is very underrated. He may not be as active as you might want him to be, but he has subs. 500 of them, but that is nothing in the world of YouTube.

255 PushStartProductions
256 Derek The Diamond Geezer

Old skool board game player takes on the trash-talk filled world of online gaming.

Original comedy from a guy in a wheelchair.

Beware of foul language!

257 The Archfiend
258 QuartrGuy

Chaos Theater is a large NormalBoots-style community of YouTube gamers, but much more underrated. The Quarter Guy is my personal favorite. This Mega Man fanboy's videos aren't... well, visually impressive, but his countdowns are very in-depth and his weekly 25ยข worth is pretty entertaining. Plus, with his Patreon account, he's capable of new types of videos. Also, I have a great note on his character's personality. Come onguys, let's get this guy to 30,000! - PeterG99

259 Lonniedos
260 LostPause
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