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281 Mr. Sark

He does have a great personality! He deserves way more subscribers! Sark Party Unite!

Mr. Sark has a unique personality which is good. He's always energetic and funny which probably comes from being on X-Play and being the host of Machinima Respawn. Known for his sarcasm and his wacky personality, this YouTuber should definitely have more subscribers than he has now. Taking his personality and mixing it with his amazing editing skills and the great work put into his videos he's a unique and entertaining YouTuber.

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282 College Humor
283 Neil Cicierega
284 STAR_ V 1 Comment
285 Spectrum Pulse
286 AlbumReviewTV
287 TylerTube_Studios
288 Almost Cool
289 Tomato_Gaming

He focuses on very heavily edited content and specializes in screaming... Recommended for anybody who has a sense of humor

290 NateWantsToBattle

He has a charm that I just can't explain... He's funny and talented! Highly reccomended.

291 KawaiiSimmerr

Her videos and video editing are that of a professional-level. She's pretty big in the Sims 4 YouTube community, but in terms as to where she is expanding her horizons outside of the Sims franchise--she is WILDLY underrated. She is super adorable and very mature for her age. I'm always happy to watch her videos, even if I'm not an avid gamer.

292 PlanetVanillaGaming

This guy makes so many good videos, he's also tweeted that when he gets his new gaming pc, he's going to be making high quality videos 24/7.

293 Ethoslab
294 SullyPwnz
295 Deadlox MC
296 H2ODelirious
297 forrestfire101
298 Swanky Films
299 Sprice Machines

Posts some of the most amazingly complicated and entertaining chain reactions ever seen

300 The Cyber Okami
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