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21 Bloodblitz

He's awesome. He's also got the random videos that are extremelly funny. - PotBellyPup

22 MalaCritico
23 KamSaysWords
24 Chilled Chaos

He is underrated he is a good YouTuber

I've seen him first in a Youtube ad. I never watch the Gaming Ads because they take so long, but with chilled I actually watched it till the end.He's one of the funniest gaming youtuber I have seen who produce great content next to VanossGaming and H2ODelirious, he edits his videos well and he uploads like almost everyday. He also has the "Derp Crew" which is actually like Vanoss' crew in a way. He's someone who I see is stuck at 1.1 to 1.3 million subscribers for a long time when he should be getting way more.

25 Dorkly

Hilarious videos with great spritework animation skills. Nothing more, nothing less.

26 Dustin Reckling
27 Alltime10s

I actually like Alltime10s. I bet they make a list of ten facts about Big Nate. I hope they do.

28 MatthewSantoro

Amazing content, always look forward to his videos and is a really great guy

I don't like him. He's a plagiarist, never gives credit to where he gets facts and feeds on YouTube drama for views

One of my favorite YouTubers

People need to forgive him for what he did. He asmitted to it, apologized, and fixed it. I really like him.

29 Onision

Why is he on this list WHY! First of all he isn't really underrated, secondly he's annoying as shiet, and finally he's a hypocritical douche who bashes anything he doesn't like. Put jontron or mrrepzion on this list and REMOVE THIS DOUCHEBAG!

Onision has helped a lot of people who were suicidal and were cutting, I'm a big fan of his, I know some of his videos can get offensive but that's why some people just shoudnt watch him instead of posting hate mail... To dislike is one thing and I respect those people but to hate someone you have not met in real life, someone who didn't commit any crime is useless...

My favorite person to walk the earth

Basically, he's LeafyIsHere, only a lot funnier, a lot more attractive, a lot smarter, and with actually good videos.

(Still AT LEAST just as much of a douchebag though, if not more so) - xandermartin98

30 risgrestarsfx
31 Cynide and Happiness V 2 Comments
32 AntDude

One of my favorites - shawnmccaul22

Remember when I mentioned how incredibly hot Onision was?

Honestly, I could very easily say the exact same thing about this guy (and PeanutButterGamer, and SpaceHamster, and Vinesauce Vinny, and the list just continues going on and on) - xandermartin98

33 Peanut3423

He changed his username to The Autarch, but anyway he is really awesome and deserves way more views and subcribers. When I saw his videos I expected him to have around 500k subscribers, much to my suprise that he only had 50k. He puts lots of time and effort into his videos, he is respectful and still produces awesome content. - Drbazinga

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34 Markiplier Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Who the hell said he was underrated? He's among the most popular YouTubers of all time!

Mark has almost 6 million subs and growing fast, he is not underrated.

He was underrated before... Now he have 9 million subs

I love him, but not underrated at all

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35 Chadtronic

Chadtronic is one of the best "reactors" on Youtube. For one, he actually REACTS, instead of comments like,"Ha! " He also puts lots of efforts in his videos and he's got a great setup. Not to mention his laughs, those are golden."

Friendly YouTube channel

So underrated

One of my favorites. Other favorites would include PBG, Antdude, Rabbid luigi, CtW, and NB - shawnmccaul22

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36 SecretAgentBob

Strange humor very few doing this kind of works. Funny stuff.

Family guy styled cartoon shorts. - PotBellyPup

Awesome but simple, short movies. Epic YouTuber.

Abselotely hillarious! They should kick Raywilliamjohnson off the list snd let him on!

37 Rayacaramel
38 RageGamingVideos

I've been a fan of him for a long time, but his humour got stale. What a shame..

Honestly, I feel like his friend Hollow deserves more subs than him.

His jokes and laugh are annoying, tries way too hard to be relatable

I personally like his videos. (don't hurt me please)

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39 DashieXP

He deserves more subscribers than most of today's "best" YouTubers.

This guy really deserves more recognition than he already gets - FlakyCuddles43

When I'm depressed, he knows how to make me laugh. - PrincessKiana

Dashies bae

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40 Hat Films

My favorite youtube channel, the sirs have premium content which is sadly not reflected in their sub count, the comedy balance between the three is great as well as plenty of quality videos with the Yogscast family. The community is particularly strong. Although their channel is primarily gaming (Grand Theft Auto V, Garry's Mod and many more), my personal favorites are the live action videos and vlogs of trips. Currently sitting just shy of 900k subs, it would be great to finally see them recognised for the talent they are and break that 1 mill. If you are reading this give them a look up, I am sure you will enjoy! Good day!

My favourite gaming YouTubers. Create a wide variety of great content and their editing is up there with the best. At the end of the day, they're just a bunch of mates having a good time playing a game.

Most beautiful amazing sons of bitches to ever grace this Earth, apart from trott

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