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101 Cameron Menefee
102 BrainScratchComms
103 LionsEdge
104 Frankie1080p On PC V 1 Comment
105 KPopp

Kpopp is not on any lists and is very underrated. She is also called fat, ugly, etc by comments for no reason

She's really funny, I love her sims hunger games sieres and just yeah

V 2 Comments
106 Tree's Apprentice
107 Cyndago V 1 Comment
108 KickthePJ

This man has an unearthly imagination. Every one of his videos contains incredible amounts of character, allowing the viewer to get lost in an atmospheric and crazily creative world.

Super creative and hilarious! Very underrated like Crabstickz they deserve more recognitionm

109 GradeAUnderA

Like I hate everything, but better... much better.

Makes the most hilarious intelligent rants whilst literally illustrating his point with MS Paint drawings.

110 You Suck At Cooking

He's so funny. Other cooking channels are lame and boring. But he's different. Deserves way more subs.

111 ArtieTSMITW

Great songs and reenactments. - PotBellyPup

112 WheezyWaiter

Far better than RWJ this guy (craig benzine) deserves waay more views than he gets.
It is the most unique and funny channel ever.

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113 ProJared ProJared

This guy is hilarious. He also collaborates with other underrated YouTubers like PBG, JonTron and the Completionist. His videos are funny and his reviews are very deep and thorough. Even is one-minute reviews are funny, and he talks about games like The Last of Us, A Link between Worlds and SimCity (Just to name a few) in under 1 minute. He is definitely better than, SkyDoesMinecraft, Smosh, and OH GOD NO, NOT TOBUSCUS!

Love him so much. I'm a guy I am not gay and I meant I love him as a YouTuber and the content he makes. Dirty minded people these days

He's a really funny guy. I don't need to say anything else. Watch him.

I love this man to much... If only he was as popular as the other guys down at NormalBoots, like PBG and Jontron

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114 Jerma985

He's a very funny and creative guy

115 Daz Games
116 NintendoCapriSun
117 Kubz Scouts

Vote for Kubz scouts.
Definitely underrated such a good channel

118 DAgames

He is honestly so funny, yes he swear sometimes, but besides his music, his game plays are funny and his personality I would describe as honest, out going and funny - Purplederps

He is a great youtuber. Honest- and if you go on his Twitter he acctually intreracts with his subs and shows them he loves them in a way. Yes, the fans can go a bit over the top sometimes- but he is still a great person. And a great youtuber

119 Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik

Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik os grossly underrated. The creativity put into his video I could discribe as boundless. Most specifically I adore how creative his comments are. The comments are often dark, witty, sarcastic, and overall humourous. I describe him as underrated as I hear very little people speak about him in the YouTube Community. His series, "Internet Comment Etiquette", often follows specific themes ranging from "News Websites" all the way to "Being a woman online". If you love thought out humor, and the internet, I would recommend Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik. - SomeOrdinaryGamr

Yes! Super underrated! I love the content he puts out! Especially the thought out humor, very well done on Eriks part! - SkyElephantClan_

120 ProtonjonSA ProtonjonSA
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