Most Underrated YouTubers of All Time


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101 Frankie1080p On PC V 1 Comment
102 Tree's Apprentice
103 Cyndago V 1 Comment
104 KickthePJ

This man has an unearthly imagination. Every one of his videos contains incredible amounts of character, allowing the viewer to get lost in an atmospheric and crazily creative world.

Super creative and hilarious! Very underrated like Crabstickz they deserve more recognitionm

I absolutely love PJ! His videos are hilarious and creative.

105 h3h3Productions

Without a doubt, one of the most unique and original channels on YouTube. Never fails to make me laugh. It's a must-watch if you like subtle comedy and A LOT of inside jokes.

These guys are funnier than most big channels they deserve a lot more subscribers

H3h3 my all time favourite channel

By far the funniest YouTube channel I've seen by far. Even their vlog channel is pure comedy gold.

106 juliansmith87

His videos are completely original, and he deserves a lot more subscribers

107 ReviewTechUSA V 2 Comments
108 PKSparkxx DatHottneSS

An awesome person who deserves more subscribers then he has. He knows how to treat his fans!

An extremely underrated Let's Player who is constantly overshadowed by cobanermani456.

109 Xxtherealninjaxx

Does good videos but doesn't have a lot of Subs

110 SuperNormalful

Super is definitely worthy of being higher up on this list, he's just as caring as Markiplier and just as funny.

Keeps up to date and delivers all the hot topic content and at its best. Great videos, hilarious guy, wish you the best of luck.

He's the funniest YouTuber I have ever seen in my life but he only has 120 subscribers

V 2 Comments
111 Mamrie Hart

Funniest woman on YouTube

112 KPopp

Kpopp is not on any lists and is very underrated. She is also called fat, ugly, etc by comments for no reason

She's really funny, I love her sims hunger games sieres and just yeah

V 2 Comments
113 GradeAUnderA

Like I hate everything, but better... much better.

Makes the most hilarious intelligent rants whilst literally illustrating his point with MS Paint drawings.

114 You Suck At Cooking

He's so funny. Other cooking channels are lame and boring. But he's different. Deserves way more subs.

115 DAgames

He is honestly so funny, yes he swear sometimes, but besides his music, his game plays are funny and his personality I would describe as honest, out going and funny - Purplederps

He is a great youtuber. Honest- and if you go on his Twitter he acctually intreracts with his subs and shows them he loves them in a way. Yes, the fans can go a bit over the top sometimes- but he is still a great person. And a great youtuber

116 ArtieTSMITW

Great songs and reenactments. - PotBellyPup

117 WheezyWaiter

Far better than RWJ this guy (craig benzine) deserves waay more views than he gets.
It is the most unique and funny channel ever.

V 1 Comment
118 Pieguyrulz

This guy does have pretty good points in his reviews - FlakyCuddles43

119 Jerma985

He's a very funny and creative guy

120 Ashens

A channel about reviewing gadgets and items others would find pointless. Combined with witty, sarcastic British humour and a brown sofa. Comedy gold.

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