Top Ten Music Remixes In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Since I love music, and I love Nintendo music, I was stoked for the new remixes in HD Smash. This is probably the strongest remixes we've had in a Smash game, and I enjoy them all, which is why it was so PAINFUL to leave some remixes off the list, so these are the ones that stood out to me the most, and I won't include songs from the 3DS version either.

The Top Ten

1 Xenoblade Chronicles
2 The Great Sea/Menu Select

Amazing holy mother load, thy name is Wind Waker remix! BY GOD! I'M FLIPPIN' SPEECHLESS! No, really, just, just, just listen. - Super64

3 Fortress Boss (Super Mario World)

Ah, so THIS is where the effort from my Super Mario World Medley went to! Really, really!? I never really found a soft spot for the boss music, since I never really had enough time to listen to it to enjoy it. It's those dag nub vocals! It's Bowser's secret sexy voice that helps this remix! - Super64

4 Destroyed Skyworld

WHOAH, NELLY! I wan't expecting a remix this amazing! It's so beautiful! Sure, the order of the song is wrong, but who cares!? I'm telling you, it's those vocals! There out to posses all the awesome remixes! I love this remix, and I'm still waiting to get my hands on Kid Icarus Uprising! - Super64

5 Title (Metroid)

As a non-Metroid guy, it's mind boggling to see that I enjoy a remix from this series over the song I've been asking for for years. I really don't know how to categorize this piece, but whatever it is, it's pure gold! Nintendo is now showing that they still love ol' Metroid over here! - Super64

6 Quick Man Stage

Quick on the draw, in this town I am the law. Is what they say true? Does Death wear blue? Can he fall? Oh, sorry! Quick Man has the best song in the Mega Man series, so to hear this remix is just brain melting, as it's SOOO great! Techno music doesn't really do it for me, but when it hits the bullseye, it hits it HARD my friends! - Super64

7 Plaza/Title (Animal Crossing)

Animal Crossing is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises of all time, and to see such a fantastic remix like this just brings a tear to my eye. Honestly, the whole piece is well put together, but my favorite part is the 2:00 A.M. remix near the end, it really shows the spirit of Animal Crossing, as it has the best series remixes in the game. - Super64

8 Light Plane (Vocal Mix)

A remix from a very obscure series is actually better than the one from my favorite 2D Mario game? Yeah, because it's so jazzy! Honestly, I prefer the vocals because it enhances the song with their the's. It's the perfect remix to get me out of a bad mood and make my day! - Super64

9 Yoshi's Island

As someone who enjoyed Super Mario Advance 3, I really liked this remix as, once again, it has the feeling of a Yoshi remix. Though, the part that stands out is when the Opening kicks in. The remix of the intro cutscene is well done and blends in well with the map screen remix, it just makes this remix stand out. - Super64

10 Super Mario World Medley

It's rather ironic that the one remix I wanted in the most is the tenth spot. I feel it's rather underwhelming, as I was half-expecting a title screen remix, or map screen remix, or something else. Besides that, it really is a great nostalgia ride for me, as it catches the true feeling of Super Mario World with the happy goofiness of it. - Super64

The Contenders

11 Fire Field (Brawl)
12 Ground/Underground theme

We didn't need the ground theme

That rock ballad in the middle...

13 Brinstar Depths (Melee)
14 Metal Battle (Melee)
15 Wrath of the Reset Bomb
16 Yoshi's Woolly World
17 Stickerbush Symphony Brawl


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