Best My Little Pony Fan YouTube Channels

I like a lot of bronies and pegasisters. They are just so awesome! These are my all time favorites. Except mine, Nerdy.

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1 The Living Tombstone The Living Tombstone

He is an amazing singer, and has an amazing talent with songs! The best part is the beat in all his songs keeps you dancing all night in your pony costume! - NerdGirl

2 AnimatedJames

He's done crossovers with the Sonic series. Nice. - Pegasister12

He makes funny videos. - Pony

He's the main reason why I became a Pegasister in the first place. - MillieTrina_Prower

I love his videos especially winters f***** up and beat it and creative types

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3 Ink Rose

Ink Rose creates the most amazing head canons I have ever heard! My favorites are the ones about Applejack and Rainbow Dash's past. - NerdGirl

4 JHaller

Love his Top Ten Pony Videos of the month! Funny. - Pegasister12

JHaller The Top Ten My Little Pony Videos of the mouth. It introduces me to many MLP videos. He also make a Top Ten MLP videos of the year - NerdGirl

5 BronyDanceParty

He works with The Living Tombstone to make music videos off his music. They always turn out perfectly. - NerdGirl

6 FluffyMixer V 2 Comments
7 mlpstopmotion

Mlpstopmotion inspired me to make a YouTube channel and its who I went to after yumsoda quit


Mlpstopmotion is awesome! No offense to all you guys who think you are her number 1 fan, I actually am cause I have a poster of her on my wall, and she is my inspiration! If you ❤️ Her videos check out yum sofa!

I love mlpstopmotion so much! 😝

8 PWaaMLPfim

She made the famous Phoenix Wright and My Little Pony series. I love her work. - NerdGirl

9 SillyFillyStudios V 3 Comments
10 Christian Cerna

She created the famous series, My Little Portal. - NerdGirl

The Newcomers

? TheLostNarrator

She's Awesome - JPK

The Contenders

11 Duo Cartoonist

I love her Children of the Night video! Beautiful. - Pegasister12

Her art is inspiring. Her script's are unmatched. She is amazing. - NerdGirl

12 ILoveKimPossibleALot V 4 Comments
13 Black Gryph0n

I love his music! Catchy. - Pegasister12

14 Nowacking
15 Saberspark
16 The Fiery Joker

There really aren't that many critics on this list. Let me rectify that.

He has a great personality and charisma in the analyst community! Plain and simple.

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17 FiMFlamFilosophy

Created some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen. - Pegasister12

18 Mastermax888

I love his reaction videos! - Pegasister12

19 The Brony Notion V 2 Comments
20 TheWoodenToaster V 1 Comment
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