Top Ten Names People Have Called Their Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears are part of our family aren't they? Well, aren't they? Some of them we have grown up with and even though some of them are a bit moth-eaten, a bit threadbare, we love them just the same. What's the name of yours?

The Top Ten

1 BillyBurt BobSplab

This is mine. I just couldn't decide on a name. Billy or Burt or Bob and as Splab is a word that makes me laugh, I included that too! - Britgirl

2 Box Bear

Another of mine. The name of this was decided between myself and a special someone. - Britgirl

3 Fitzwater lll
4 Mr. Snuggles
5 Weed
6 Plumpy Poos
7 Mr. Mann
8 Bear
9 Jack Union
10 Sheila

I don't know why, but the simplicity of this makes me laugh. - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Teddy
12 Chubby
13 Puffy Fluffy

If someone names a bear this, I'll kick the bear down the balcony of my house. - TeamRocket747

14 Panda
15 Big Bear
16 Lieutenant Dan
17 Mr Cute
18 Spike
19 Hannibal
20 Bojangles
21 Billy-Bob
22 Furball
23 Billy-Bob Furball

This is cute! Aww.. - Britgirl

Glad you liked it, BG.

24 Saturn

I do mean the planet, Saturn. - 906389

25 Mr. Schnuffel
26 Lukas Graham Jr.
27 Mr. Snugglewaffle

My classmate in preschool named his teddy bear this name. Particularly because he liked to snuggle with it and he liked waffles. - DontMakeARookieMistake

28 Bob
29 Blear
30 Something
31 Little Bear
32 Gary
33 Ted
34 Beary
35 Monokuma
36 Bruno
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