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21 Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6

Early versions jammed frequently and were dangerous, but you can easily customize this gun to become multiple purpose.

22 Element

this is a six dart pistol with a scope and tactical light. its a very useful weapon for undercover or stealth mission. its like a small version of a sniper, but easier to use!

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23 Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6

Okay the gun sucks pretty hard, but still we love it.

24 RapidStrike CS-18

This is a pretty good nerf gun. Clip unloads pretty fast but of you have a clip ready reload time is fast

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25 Nerf N-Strike Jolt EX-1
26 Basic Blaster

this is the best gun ever because it is so fast and the person does not even see it coming

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27 Deploy CS-6

Everybody hates this blaster, but I like it, along with the Slingfire. I must have gotten a good one, because it is one of the most accurate guns I have. I will modify it for an upcoming war, we will see how that pans out! The pump slide is so comfortable, the stock is a little flimsy, as is the trigger grip. This is an easily over looked blaster, and it transforms and accepts barrel extensions!

Light and easy to drag. Shoots fast, and it got a night finder!

28 Nerf N-Strike Nite-Finder

It's compact and can be an emergency weapon. Though it's not a reliable side-arm.

29 Secret Strike AS-1

You pump it up, put it in your pocket, and then it shoots up to 30 feet!

30 Nerf Vortex Nitron

This gun is beast

31 Spectre Rev-5

Best blaster ever, this should be on the list, anyone who likes to be stealthy needs this blaster (yes I own it)

32 Barrel Break IX-2

Epic come on vote for this i5ts always in the top 10 everything is AWESOME (about this gun)

33 Strongarm

The only Nerf blaster to reach a perfect 10/10 on Nerf Wiki, and for many good reasons. - TheStupidHobo

This is the best all rounded weapon. It shoots far, its fast, its accurate, its small, and it looks good.

34 Rayven CS-18
35 Vulcan Ebf-35

This is already on the damn list

True, true it is

36 Demolisher 2 In 1

Do I really need to explain, hardcore Nerf fans?

37 Triad EX-3
38 Swarmfire
39 Rhino Fire

This gun looks awesome! And it holds 50 darts plus 2 barrels come on it's the nicest nerf gun of 2014 but the price is 100 plus$ even so it should in the list ( no I don't have it)

40 Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage

Seriously, this is the BETTER version of the raider rapid fire. It weighs less, it's easier to shoot, it has better accuracy, and has more range. This should be FIRST and not FORTY-NINTH.

Big drum and clearly this has to be the best because of range and accuracy.

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