Top Ten Online Project Management Tools

This list ranks the Top Ten Best Online Project Management Tools available. The list has been prepared after reviewing these applications separately. Ranking is based of features such as task management, scheduling, financials management, portfolio management, resource management; ease of use and integrations.
The Top Ten
1 Zenkit Zenkit is a productivity and project management software that provides tools for task management, collaboration, and more. Founded in 2015, the German-based company offers a range of features such as Kanban boards, to-do lists, and Gantt charts. Zenkit focuses on creating a flexible work environment, allowing users to customize their experience to suit different workflows and needs. The company aims to be an all-in-one solution for teams looking to streamline project management and enhance productivity.

Organize anything with Zenkit. Switch between different view whenever you want - kanban, list, table, calendar or mind map. It's also cloud-based and a database builder. The Zenkit team works constantly to release new features or updates - e.g. Gantt chart will be available soon.

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2 AtTask
3 Celoxis

One of the most comprehensive PM tools out there with well thought out features. Key differentiators are: reporting, resource management capabilities and custom apps. We have management to replace all out internal home grown systems and documents with their custom apps, which I personally think is a great innovation. It is also easier to use and faster than our previous app.

Simple interface and powerful features. Reporting engine is the best. Highly recommended.

Great resource management capabilities. Love their custom apps!

4 Genius Project
5 Clarizen
6 Comindware
7 Kanban Tool

I've been using Kanban Tool for about a year now for personal projects and find it's minimalist approach doesn't make my eyes tired like some of the other busy UI's. For a current project, my team is giving it a shot and there haven't been any complaints yet.

My company adopted Kanban Tool about 3 years ago. We all need to manage a lot of tasks and Kanban Tool is very helpful with that. We all see all the tasks at the same board, so we know who is doing what and how much time does he work. We don't duplicate our work so the effectiveness has increased tremendously.

It's a great service for both Kanban starter and advanced users. I love the simplicity and clarity it gives, but also appreciate the extended features that I can add if I choose to do so. Great app. Clever time tracking too.

8 Daptiv
9 ProofHub
10 Asana Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work. It was founded in 2008 by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-engineer Justin Rosenstein, who both worked on improving the productivity of employees at Facebook.

Intuitive interface and time tracking integrations.

The Contenders
11 Project Manager
12 Project Insight
13 Wrike
14 Kanbanery
15 Tenrox
16 TeamWork
17 Podio

Very easy to use and simple.

18 5pm

Simple interface, but great features and fast support

Does the essentials and is cost effective and saves me time allocating time correctly to my projects

We use it to manage our daily projects and it makes our work much easier and communication smoother.

Simple. Fast support. Reasonable price.

19 WeekJ
20 Paymo

Online project management that bundles Time Tracking, Task Management and Invoicing.

21 Nutcache

All in one project management tool with collaboration work space, time tracking, expenses management and invoicing.
All you need in one place.

Woo that's free up to 20 users!

22 Hubbion

Free project management tool. Unlimited users, unlimited projects and unlimited file storage options..

23 HiTask

One of the best online project management tool out there!

Getting things done has never been easier!

Project management = Hitask

24 Techno-PM

Techno-PM offers quality and practical articles and templates for project management


Combines CRM, task management, time tracking and billing all into one app. Free version for freelancers and very well structured for teams

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