Top Ten Overhated SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes

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1 House Fancy

The toenail scene was only like 11 seconds long, And yet people act like it happened the whole episode. I personally didn't find the toenail scene that bad anyway.

Seriously, You guys need to stop hating on this episode, Squidward Wins in the end, And I give this episode major points for doing that, And people really hate the toenail, personally, I've never been bothered by it
To me, This is the most Overhated Episode - ChiefMudkip

2 A Pal for Gary

A Pal for Gary is very overhated. It's not an irredeemable episode, just badly executed. It could actually have been better! - Svampbob164

A little overhated. I dislike it but Waiting is even worse.

3 Good Neighbors

Oh my God! Good Neighbors is the most overhated SpongeBob episode EVER! Probably one of the most overhated cartoons of all time! - Svampbob164

4 Wormy

I hate the horsefly close-up! - soulard

5 Karate Island V 1 Comment
6 Krabby Land
7 Rise and Shine

It's mediocore - ChiefMudkip

8 Best Day Ever

Very underrated episode. I don't really get the hate for this one. - Svampbob164

9 Atlantis Squarepantis

This one was the worst special ever. Annoying songs, corny plot, no humor, boring. - Goatworlds

10 Main Drain V 1 Comment

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11 I'm With Stupid

This isn't overhated. I hate this episode's guts. - Goatworlds

Cruel to SpongeBob, but funny compared to Little Yellow Book. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It was fine! I actually kind of liked it.

12 Ugh

Pretty good episode

13 Spongehenge

A little overhated, but I still don't like it - ChiefMudkip

14 Pest of the West V 1 Comment
15 Pressure
16 Band Geeks

This is the best SpongeBob episode ever, it shouldn't be hated. Squidward actually gets his sweet victory for once. - Catacorn

17 SpongeBob, You're Fired!

Nah this episode deserves the hate it gets - ChiefMudkip

18 Spongebob's Last Stand

This episode is amazing its in my top 6 best season 7 episodes
6: squidward in clairinet land
5: perfect chemistry
4: kracked krabs
3: the abrasive side
2: sbs last stand
1: enchanted tiki dreams

19 Squeaky Boots
20 The Inside Job
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