Top Ten Most Overrated Youtubers

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121 Darksydephil

Infamous for abusing his fanbase along with taking advantage of them, darksydephil combines absolutely no video editing with obnoxious commentary.

122 VenturianTale

Personally, I am a fan of this group of YouTubers. But they can be really annoying at points. They're obviously not serious much. And all they do is random Roleplays and other things. Not many let's plays. And a lot of Five Night's at Freddy's garbage. Very. Very overrated at times. They scream a lot too. - iiKyodaiKickz

One word: annoying

Never ever ever say they are overrated

These guys are my favorite YouTubers why are they on here

123 DayrenX

Some atheist YouTuber mainly based on ROBLOX with an addiction to fish.

124 OnisionSpeaks
125 FunToyzCollector

Why is she on the list because like Smosh or PewDiePie they pay a lot of money this is serious now I know there are others who make a lot of money on YouTube but those are the only 3 I can think of guys.

126 Hamoboybro. Studios

Basically a boy playing with action figures

127 SacconeJolys

The most laziest YouTubers ever. Has crap editing skills. Uses their kids for money and do NOTHING! Have a nanny when the both "work" from home. Don't buy a house, buy used cars constantly and thousands and thousands of dollars of designs clothes for themselves! DISGUSTING

The SacconeJolys are the best family ever #familygoals

128 Ssundee

Ssundee was great back in the Team Crafted days! People who hate him probably weren't there during Team Crafted.

Retard punk that destroy people brain he is more dangerous than ISIS

Annoying voice. nothing really sets him apart from other Minecraft YouTubers like hunger games and other mini games which pretty much every Minecraft youter does.

I wish he burn in hell
and get raped by cat
and get his ass and cook is for pigs
and take his head and put in cat ass

129 JelloApocalypse V 1 Comment
130 Epic Rap Battles of History

Death battle is much better

Screw attack is better

131 Treesicle

Not informative, gets praised for poorly made videos... Why is he more popular than say, TheRunawayGuys, who actually make good and humorous videos? All he does is state out the obvious plot told by the game itself (Not digging for it, just saying the outer layer), and he gets into a book because of it?!

132 Wroetoshaw

Has more subscribers then all the other sidemen, (excluding jj) despite releasing trash content. His reactions are so stupid I don't even know what to say. He is an absolute spaztic and doesn't deserve a fraction of the subscribers he has. - Horhi

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133 CrazyRussianHacker

This guy is awesome - Johnnyt800

134 HolaSoyGerman
135 AnimatedJames

He's an eproctophile (someone who is sexually attracted to flatulence). Enough said...

136 GilvaSunner
137 Denis
138 TaylorSwiftVevo
139 Screen Rant
140 Zoomin.Tv Games
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