Best Paintball Guns of 2013-2014

Vote on the best paintball guns of the 2013-2014 season.

The Top Ten

1 Planet Eclipse Lv1

Reliability of a poppet but the quietness and smoothness rivaling a Luxe.

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2 Planet Eclipse GSL
3 DM14

This represents a large improvement on the DM13 at least as far as maintenance goes other than that they are near identical but what really needed to change.

Smoothest gun in the market and best looking too

Just the best gun ever

Smoothest and best looking gun

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4 Luxe 2.0

Once agin its a luxe you can't go wrong

If it talks to you, it's gotta be good!

5 Axe Pro

Its empires first high end marker

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6 Geo3

Only one word can describe this gun, perfection!

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7 Planet Eclipse Geo3.1

Better than the geo 3 more efficient better grips and feels better in hands

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8 Empire Vanquish

Empires first super gun on the market

9 Dye Dam
10 Machine Vapor

A new company with a new gun

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