Top Ten Pieces of Evidence That Proves Mario is Not a Bad Brother to Luigi

I'm sick of everybody saying "Mario is a bad brother to luigi!" Or "Mario hates Luigi!" I can't take it anymore! It's time someone made a list about this! And that "someone" is gonna be me!

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1 In Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, when you first get inside Bowser Mario will save Luigi, then he will start crying, Mario then hugs Luigi and pats him on the back

Nothing more heart warming than seeing two brothers hug. You should take a closer look and the Mario and Luigi rpg games. It shows Mario's personality more. - nintendofan126

Thank you! Those Luigi fans can now shut up. At least I'm not the only one!

Hey nintendofan126 can you follow me please? And I wil follow you thanks for making this list as I really love mario can you comment on my lists like best things about nintendo please - VideoGamefan5

I tested up at that scene :')

2 At the end of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon when Luigi saves Mario from King Boo, Mario tells Luigi he did a good job and says "Thank you" for saving him

People overlook these kind of things way to much. - nintendofan126

I've seen the cutscene in a gameplay video

3 In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, in Star Hill there's a letter from Luigi saying he looks up to Mario

Game Theory Fans suck

Nintendofan SUCKS!

Luigi wouldn't look up to Mario if Mario was a bully to him. They both love another. - nintendofan126

4 In the Mario and Luigi RPG games, if Luigi faints during a battle and you hit the run Run button Mario will pick up Luigi's unconscious body and run away with him

If he did hate Luigi (which he doesn't) he would've left him there to die. - nintendofan126

5 Mario Saves Luigi In Super Mario Galaxy

I'm guessing this is from the Mario is Mental video by game theory. please relax. that was just a theory. it doesn't mean they actually believe it. MARIO LOVES LUIGI! - HeavyDonkeyKong

6 Mario Saves Luigi In Super Mario 3D Land

I have the game and its true

7 In Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time there's a Star Gate that will only let the Bros pass if "They purified Mario's heart" is read as "purified", but Luigi's heart isn't, the Star Gate then tells them to find Aurora Block, Mario then helps Luigi find it

MatPat, Mario is not a bad brother to Luigi. They care for each other. - BorisRule

This proves everything wrong. Screw...Matthew...Patrick. - DCfnaf

Mario could've just left Luigi there and moved on without him. But instead he decideds to help his brother. This also proves Mario isn't EVIL. - nintendofan126

Get MatPat to so this.

8 In Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Mario First Meet Dreamy Luigi Mario and Dreamy Luigi Hug Each Other

Dreamy Luigi is luigi while real world Luigi is asleep. So this item does count - nintendofan126

9 Mario Power Tennis is Not Cannon With the Mario Franchise

So Mario stepping on Luigi foot isn't cannon. Heck for all we know the company that was in the making of the game probably made Mario do that. Not Nintendo. - nintendofan126

Him steeping on Mario's foot is most likely an accident. Plus, have you ever heard of sibling rivalry? It's not even canon, anyway.

Lol true

10 In Mario and Luigi: Dream Team In the Giant Boss Battle Mario Will Heal Luigi If His Health is Low

Exactly. They heal each other up

I wonder what danteem thinks about me making this list? - nintendofan126

Nintendofan, danteem will absolutely,positively, find you and kill you. Sorry bro.

The Contenders

11 Mario Helps Him
12 In Super Smash Bros Brawl Mario Cares for Him
13 In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, it is revealed that Luigi would do anything to help his brother when you visit Dream's Deep

It shows that Luigi really cares about Mario. If Mario was a bad brother, Luigi would not feel this way.

English:In this part, you can see Luigi's thoughts praising his brother. Only affection, brotherly love, absolute loyalty for him and admiration. If Mario really hated Luigi, then he would feel this way too and he woudn't even bothered to help him. Also, in the dream world Luigi becomes an army, a tree, the essence of wind, a tower, a giant, a big ball, gravity, an antigravity center ecc... just to help Mario. This is real brotherly love and this is how brothers should be:love each other and help each other. What Luigi does is very sweet and selfless, and Mario surely repays him, because Luigi always manages to make Mario very proud of him because of what he does for him.

14 He helps Mario look for stars in Super Mario Galaxy
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