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1 P.E.

PE is simply ridiculous. It does not help you with anything in life, and is more likely to get you a pathetic life than a productive one. And it ruins your dignity from when you start it until when you can drop it. - PositronWildhawk

Are you guys actually serious right now? P.E. is not a pointless class period, lots of people here are trying to point out that P.E. doesn't provide important exercise such as weight training. Well, did you ever realize that one of the main purposes of P.E. is to rid you of stress and anxiety and to just get outside to move around. Do you guys seriously want to sit in a classroom all day and go home to do your homework all night. P.E. is the time to just loose off and not be stressed out so much. I swear, people these days just don't want good things. How is running around and goofing off with your friends not fun?

My rant on P.E

P.E should have an extra e because it is ridiculous! The teacher tells you that you have to play instead of staring and he/she gets mad. Then, you pretend you are playing these boring sports when you're not. The gym teacher still notices and keeps stopping the game. You are on the gym floor for a long time before you get on the stage while the other part of your team plays. You still sweat if you're pretending to play because the gym is not air conditioned. After the class is over, the stupid athletic people say that only a few people on their team did something for the team. Then they talk about it during a test, and the teacher tells them to shut up. (be quiet in non bad words) They say stuff like, ''The only ones PLAYING were blah and blah", and then their friend or friends agree with him/her. They repeat it for a few minutes, and forget about it an hour later.

Don't get me started on the pennies. They always come off your shoulder and too hard to put ...more - ShopkinsLover

Excersice is good for the mind, body, and soul/spirit. It makes one calmer and keeps one more healthy by working those muscles.

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2 Algebra

Algebra is pointless because the vast majority of people in life never use algebra, less than 20% of Americans use algebra at work whether basic or complex and studies have shown that mathematical performance of students gets worse when they start algebra.
Besides if there is a need for algebra then just use a computer. There are many apps for computers and smartphones where you can calculate algebra rather than waste hours of your precious life performing pointless algebra. - OC96

The use behind algebra is to get us to think. I believe they should introduce these topics in school but let the children decide if they want to move on. Most would disagree by saying that we would lose most peoples interest in math by doing that because nobody would want to move on with math, but that's basically saying you have no faith in the children. I feel as if they are turned away because they are FORCED to learn the topic.

Algebra is the bridge to "higher" math functions. For those that have interest in engineering, architecture, manufacturing and countless other fields, understanding these higher functions is a base necessity. It sucks oftentimes because understanding these concepts is difficult for most of us at first, but in almost all cases, at least a basic understanding is achieved, and believe me, it is very helpful in the workplace. - Ned964

Just random hard letter math that u will u never use in life TEACHERS made this because a few months were not enough and for more stress and anxiety

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3 Religious Education

I'm irreligious, why do I care when Jesus died or how Man was "created" Another subject that's a lie and shouldn't exist. If you wondered, Man was created when E.T. had intercourse with a gorrilla. That makes as much sense as Creationism does. - Cazaam

I wish you atheists would get off of your high horses and start actually analyzing the contents of religious groups and texts. You are not more special than us. You are not smarter than us. You do not have anything that makes your opinion more eligible than ours. Yours is just a worldview like everyone else's, and it's time we start treating it as such. - GrimmShady

Tell me when once in my life knowing how Jesus died and went up to a mystical sky father who granted him eternal life is gonna get me anywhere? What jobs does it provide? BARELY ANY!

I'm Catholic so I have to go to religion four days a week and it's really boring. (No offense to God. ) - Connor360

Why would we spend pointless hours of our time just learning useless stuff that we are going to forget the next day? Its not like I need to know the most likely invented and completely made up stories that other generations before us were forced to believe. When you walk in to this class, you want to FLIPPING KILL YOURSELF HOW MUCH THIS IS POINTLESS!

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4 English Literature

English literature is the epitome of pointless. It has zero value in being studied, and serves no purpose in the real world. Math is used to make everything from computers to bridges, history is important to learn to prevent past events from repeating, and science is important because it relates to things sounding us everyday, and has led to so many invaluable discoveries, such as the cures for diseases. And of course, regular English is massively important for obvious reasons. You may not necessarily use all the subjects I listed above, but this does not change the fact that they are still so important in our world, and a lot more problems would exist today if we stopped studying them. But let me ask you this: What would happen if people stopped studying old English? Let me give you the obvious answer: Absolutely NOTHING. Nothing would change, because it does not affect our world in the slightest bit. What is the actual point of reading this stuff? There is no point, yet high school ...more

English literature is a bunch of bullsh**. How is it going to be beneficial in life. Will shakespeare really play a part in your future life. I really hope not! Do you really think people want to sit in their chair for 1 and a half hours talking about Shakespeare conveying his emotions and thoughts. Do you really think that Shakespeare himself thought about whether or not he's going to use a metaphor, simile or personificaiton. I highly doubt it. Is there a point in learning about things that had happened 400 years ago and is fictional. Children nowadays are wasting their lives reciting some bloody play that they will only do once. The essay you write for 1 or 2 exams will be a waste of time because at the end of the day no one will read it ever again. Although modern english is beneficial to current lives for communication will you ever say this to your girl/boyfriend thou is't well looking. Sorry to people who like english but your wasting your time reading a whole load of crap. ...more

What a load of crap. This subject reminds me of religious studies. The teachers are just trying to make you believe in something that just isn't there. The author of a book doesn't sit there thinking "which literary technique should I use now to convey this idea". No, they are thinking "i better write something down or I will never get this book published so I can make some money and stop living with my parents".

So boring and useless

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5 Dance

I already know how to bust out some moves, does it mean anything to practice some boring routine when I can just make it up as I go along? Just another class to wag. - Cazaam

Dance is pointless, There is no reason to fail a kid because he doesn't like to dance or can't dance. You would not go to a job interview and be asked to dance so you can get the job. Completely pointless unless you're going to be Michael Jackson, then is better to take dancing lessons than dancing in school.

My dance teacher always broke down at our class, which made the whole class pointless


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6 History

We care about some dead person who did something no one cares about why? I don't know. The only interesting part of history is evolution. - Cazaam

We would never need History because it is not like anybody is going to give you a paper in your job and tell you here I want you to do exactly what Thomas Jefferson did.

When will we need this? It's not like in future someone's going to come up to you and say "Hey! When did king Henry die? Or when did the Battle of the Hastings start? " - LyidaFaiths

Help us in life -infinite%

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7 Math

Math that we learn in elementary school and maybe middle school is good (things like percentages, being able to handle money, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, etc... basically anything you can apply to your real life). Algebra and trigonometry are examples of useless math. I don't think I'll ever need to know what x equals, what the hypotenuse of a certain triangle is, or how to graph linear equations.

Why is this even on the list in the first place? I don't like math, but pointless is not the same thing as bad! It's super important! If it weren't for math, then these haters wouldn't be here and complain about important stuff! - darthvadern

Mathematics is so pointless, not because its hard or complicated but You have to pass it... If you already known the basics like Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication then you don't need to learn other things about math since if you had a job most (80%) of the time you wouldn't even need or use it...

i agree

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8 Band

It's not a subject, more of a club..

Why is this a thing?

Band is ass

П"🙄yeah not a subject it's a club that would be like butting any sport on here😑

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9 Chemistry

I am currently a software developer. So, why the hell was I forced to study chemistry at school? To become a software developer you don't need chemistry at all. 90% of careers don't need chemistry as well, so I can't understand how is that we are forced to study this subject.

Thank you, thank you, same problem here, but or Chemistry teacher is killing us, we must know every single thing, why?

If at least they teached you how to make your own drugs!

This subject is so useless.Like actaulyl what is the point.Half the stuff tehy teach is fake.

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10 Music

No point of this class even existing. If you was interested in music, you'd know before then. The only thing this class has done is made me scared of the recorder. - Cazaam

If I wanted to play something, I would teach myself or get a non-school teacher. All this does is split students up so the teachers are not overwhelmed. I had a recorder shoved down my throat when I was 11. - benhos

Have to vote for this one. Don't have Religous Education here (I don't go to a catholic school) so I had to pick this one (I'm sure RE would be my pick if I had to learn it). Music class is pointless beyond pointless. In highschool I have to take an art to get my art credit, so I took visual arts Grade 9 for an easy one (Didn't have room on my timetable for Grade 9 art in grade 9 or 10 as only 2 and 3 electives were available and I took the courses I like) - CheesyNachos

I suck at the violin anyways. I would rather sing - ShopkinsLover

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The Newcomers

? Digital Literacy

I honestly thought this class was useless. What I learned in one semester is the equivalent of watching thirty minutes worth of YouTube tutorials. The only thing taught in this class that was actually useful was internet safety and some relevant laws regarding internet use. I ended up learning more about digital literacy in my math classes. - Mochi_Pochi

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11 Human Geography

What was the point of this class again? Oh yeah, there's no purpose to it. Geography has taught me nothing new. I've only had maps and pointless essays shoved in my face. In addition, I've lost countless hours of sleep typing those damn essays. I think I've only learned to hate--despise even--this absolutely useless and boring class. Thank God this is only a semester-long class at my high school.

Geography is about learning about the earth and what goes on below your feet. I don't care about how people live in Uganda... An actual examination I had to do. Is this going to benefit me?
I want to learn about the formation of volcanoes and how earthquakes occur. That sort of thing is INTERESTING! - Cazaam

This class has been a complete waste of my freshman year of high school.

I don't get what geography would give you in the future? It's a waste of time.

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12 Spanish

Just saying, languages are for the most part elective classes. Besides, English is not "main language" of the world. Chinese, followed by Spanish THEN English are the top three languages spoken worldwide. If anything, Chinese or Spanish is preferable than English. Get your facts straight

Spanish is very important in North America. There are a lot of Spanish speakers in the US, and it only helps to learn the second most dominant language in the US

I've heard several times over the last ten years it's recommended to learn Spanish because of the immigrants coming here. But my point is why the Hell bother... They should learn English yet stay the Hell in their country

The most useless subject ever because what's the point of learning what someones favourite T.V. show or what their favourite song is when all you really need to learn is how to introduce yourself and some simple grammar

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13 Art

Art is pretty pointless, if someone liked art they would do it outside of school. Not as useful as other subjects on this list, both below and above art. Spanish is on this list even though it is the second most widely spoken language in the world. RE is pretty crap but it helps to understand people's religions. PE has been said to reduce obesity in children ("apparently"). Science definitely helps also.

Art itself isn't pointless or bad, but the way they teach it in school is.

I actually like art, I can draw really good anime. But at school all our creativity is being taken away! I have to draw these weird art and on one of those art I got a 2-! Art should be based on creativity not drawing a stupid apple like the teacher tells you - squeedlybop

The class it self is the problem. I love drawing and doing art (Even if I suck at it) but the class kills good artists because of the lack of freedom

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14 French

Unless if you want to travel to france, this is next to pointless... I live in canada so I have to learn this subject


This is not pointless. If you’re bilingual it opens up many career opportunities, because you get to work with clients who speak French, or other languages. English isn’t so important, not everyone lives in America. Maybe geography isn’t pointless. Y’all should learn it more.


15 Latin

Modern languages like French, German and Spanish SHOULD be taught in schools. At least they are actually spoken in the world and are used in many good businesses, but Latin? It's a dead language! Nobody speaks it anymore! So WHY THE HELL would you actually teach it?! All classical languages should be scrapped from the education system and replaced with French German or Spanish. Latin is useless in every sense of the word!

If any subject needs to go, its this one. Science is useful for scientists, history is useful for historians, music is useful for musicians, etc. But latin is useful for NO ONE. it's a dead language. I get some kids want to know it so make it optional. We also have google translators so I hate language classes. - DumbWays2DieFan

Teachers and parents say that Latin it will help with my vocabulary, but it really hasn't. I've never looked at a word and said 'ooh that word's root is from the Latin word...'. Also, they say it helps with other languages. However its never helped me in French or Spanish. Parents also say it helps with maths and science. in maths it is standard to learn about kilos etc. and Latin has never helped me in maths, same goes for Science. Latin is a dead language and no one speaks it. Hindustani /Urdu is more useful than Latin even though I'm never going to go to India or Pakistan.

Who needs this?

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16 Pre-Algebra

A pointless subject to make the smart kids look bad


Your right m8

17 Science

By far the most useless. A question for the school board, will we EVER and I mean EVER use the information we learn in Biology, Chemistry, or any other mainstream science in normal everyday life? No, we will never use it unless we are in that specific field in the future (and in that case should be either an elective or a college class only). Honestly, Financial Education should be put in place of Science in the High School requirements to graduate. And honestly, half of what modern High Schools teach should be elective ONLY! I rest my case

Unless you're a scientist or major in a scientific field, there is really no use at all for this subject. I don't think science truly deepens our understanding of the world. It's great knowing how basic things function, but schools make us memorize complicated parts that don't help us understand science any better.

(it shows us how things work, but not why things are this way/questioning reality.. for example, do the things we interact with exist? Does knowledge really make you smarter? Are the things we believe "right" or "wrong"? )

the questions above are part of what philosophers study- they put their beliefs to the test and really QUESTION EVERYTHING!

You know, school is pretty much meant to prepare you for the real world. Like, how to care for your children, get a job, all the important things. When I get married, have kids, and get a job, I'm not going to have to talk about the new periodic table or a amoeba! It's a waste of time and doesn't prepare you for anything in the real world.

Manipulated by the elite for centuries... science is based of theory, they are too prideful to accept the lack of real proofs, if they HAVE it, they will keep it HIDDEN! don't believe their laws, all of them are fake, only to brainwashing you and forbidden you to CRITICIZE!

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18 Economics

Who cares about this subject? Math is very important as is Science and History, but seriously? - Swiftdawn

Anyone? Anyone?

19 Product Design

What's the point of designing a basic thing you already own from scratch? It's just an extremely tedious lesson which I quickly abandoned. - Cazaam

Its annoying


20 Handwriting

The reason I wanted to break my hand. To get out of this abomination of a subject.
10 years later, my handwriting is still atrocious. Proof it doesn't work.
Who writes joined up anyway? - Cazaam

This might have been useful in the past, but then Microsoft Word was invented. - gizzmokids

If you are actually so bad at writing that you NEED to take classes post-elementary, there is little hope to you. Only defense is that I THINK it is optional.

I was forced to learn cursive, and my handwriting is still horrid.

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21 Sexual Education

Well I learn't sexual education in year 4 and it has helped and prepared me with my body as a girl. I didn't freak out and knew what to do straight away. We learn't how to make babies as a ten year old! I think it made my classmates mature and stuff. High school well there really wasn't a repeat as we learnt about different diseases and prevention, so I guess its like biology haha. I know my parents would never teach me this stuff, mum is to embarrassed to. Was funny when my brother who was in year 3 came up to my mum and explained about sperm and stuff haha.

We have porn for this!

In it's current form it's just repeating the same things you learned on other classes a year or two ago. Pointless.

UGGGHHH. I'm in 6th right now and last year they forced everyone n 4th and 5th to get split by gender and the girls faced HELL. we had to watch a twenty minute video with the following:
%1 useful items
%49 cringe
%50 girls from age ranges of 5 to 13 asking a strange voice from the beyond DISTURBING AND WRONG QUESTIONS

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22 Physics

Surface area, time, energy density, pressure, imaginary unit, distance, imaginary unit, time, photon, factorial

Very hard to grasp. Not useless - Ned964

Pretty much useless for anyone who doesn't want to be a physician. Also, confusing as hell.

It’s very useless

23 Language Arts

When or why would I ever need or want to know what an example of a simile or an onomatopoeia or whatever is in real life? It's just not useful or necessary information. This class doesn't help anyone- it's all just stupid English literature and projects that take way too long, paired with one of the dullest classroom experiences you'll ever have. Have I convinced you it's pointless yet?

Language Arts are totally useless. What's the meaning of literary books? At least, nonfiction has some kind of a meaning. And what is the use of all those poetry and writing? Nothing.
And what about studying literature all the time? frustrating.

Yeah! At least math has pragmatic value. Language arts is thoroughly useless

Ok everyone. I am prety good at LA but I don't think we need to get all extreme unless u wanna be an author of something I believe we should know how to read, have decent grammar and know a good amount of words. but there is no way I think that we should know what a metaphor exactly is or a simile or stuff. we know that stuff by learning it off parents, sometimes friends or comedians I don't know but try teaching us relevant stuff please? - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

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24 Geography

This is the most boring subject ever why would I ever want to know about rocks and the formation of rivers spits and bars. Where is this going to be useful in my life we already know east where the sun rises west the sun sets north east west south.

Useless and boring. my mom says its useful for travel. first of all, we can bring maps. second of all, I hate travel. geography is better than history though - DumbWays2DieFan

25 Reading

This subject in my opinion is the absolute worst. Having to read books for school, which is stupid in itself, is pretty useless. Who actually wants to read books, chosen by some of the most education savvy twits in the world, that seem to be the center of boredom. They always pick classics, too. This has brought my definition of a classic book to being over 50 years old, overusing unnecessarily long words, and having the content worth no man's time, all inside a poorly drawn beat up cover. The amount of crap that comes from reading books for school is just stupid!

You want me to read? I'm reading on my computer. I don't need books. - DumbWays2DieFan

Reading is amazing - Swiftdawn

I always get great grades in reading - ShopkinsLover

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26 Speech

Cried so much in this class. Some people are naturally gifted in speaking and some (like me) are just not. They can actually fail you for this useless subject.

It sucks because if you have stage fright you wont wanna say anything

Special ed kids are usually forced to take this

Even though I kinda excel at speaking LA and all that I really don't think speech is good. making a kid who never talks, and doesent like to speak speak is not good at all like your not training a bunch of kids to be prsident of the U.S. or something. and then we have kids who don't speak good english or the immigrants or something. for them don't go to a regular elementary/middle/high school like that! most likely u might have to learn english language or something I don't know just stop le speech - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

27 Computer Science

Quite pointless (Why computer has existed in the first place) but a good subject.

Computer Science is a bit pointless, they need to make it harder and drop the pre requisite of Chemistry

Even though not all of us wanna become website makers or whatever, it can change the world and its fun to mess around with This subject is an ok subject, but the useless ones are the ones like biology, chemistry, and algebra. - DumbWays2DieFan

28 Logic

What the hell kind of class is this? Probably for people who don't have common sense.

Doesn't teach u logic just stupid maths - DumbWays2DieFan

So useless no one cares about debait

NO LoGiC iN LoGiC cLaSs - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

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29 Fly Fishing

Fishing is a school subject? - AliciaMae


Enough said.

Umm...WHAT? what kind of school teaches u fly fishing ompf. a StUpiD 1 4 sUrE! - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

30 Gender Studies

The concept doesn't exist

Class is dumb

There are only two genders. Just stop. The others are aboritions.

This wont even get you a job at mcdonalds. its fine if you want to take a class on it that's fine, but don't base your whole degree on it.

31 Local Language

You shouldn't have to pass the language that is only spoken in your country unless you want to live there! Its basically a dead language.

I was taught the wrong type of local language for my area learning the opposite of the countrys. I go out to a place they speak it and they all can speak English anyway! It will be wiped out in a few years

We already know how to speak English! - AliciaMae

preach - TheParable

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32 Earth Science

It is basically middle school science and a course to make kids feel stupid. At my school they reach about the water cycle in the class. Pointless and it shouldn't exist. Biology is more useful than that joke of a course.

Why would anyone becoming a math teacher need to know about tectonic plates. And all of these small details we will just forget in the next ten years.

33 Trigonometry

What the hell is that? sOmEtHiNg sTuPiD 4 sUrE - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

34 Biology
35 Drama

School has enough drama - DumbWays2DieFan

Drama is actually the most stupidest class there ever is it’s like liberal arts in a nutshell.

Dumbways2diefan especially in the 21st centry mst of my classmates are spoiled dramatic idiots like boi I'm trying to get my werk done so maybe I can get an early graduate out of this hellhole we don't need more - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

36 Cooking Classes

Ok this isn't really useless but why learn it in school why not later on in life or learn how to cook on your own at home there plenty of ways to learn it at home my school actually gives us cooking classes and call it food technology.

I hate this class.

They just teach us how to make things like cake. teach us how to make healthy foods too like salad - DumbWays2DieFan


37 Health

Health is the dumbest thing ever no one likes it and we know to eat healthy and do all that

It doesn't take a scientist to figure out that we need to eat healthy to be healthy

People will smoke or drink anyway and know the risk

38 Keyboarding

Where in life am I going to use this. Not only is there literally no use for this, but it also wastes valuable class time. My teacher also does not teach us.

What they should do is test you before they say "okay, you have to take this class."

This was something I was forced to do, got graded on and so forth. like boi I know how to type I can type faster and better with my right index finger and my left middle finger - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

We will be using computers, but I know where the keys are. don't teach me something I already know. - DumbWays2DieFan

39 Media

Honestly, the most pointless and useless subject. This has to be the worst subject and even though it is optional, it sucks. Why would people want to learn to be able to predict the end of a film by the first 5 minutes of it. I really needed to know that the kid was the villain and you have to kill him or nuke a state just by seeing the door open. Thanks Media. You ruin the greatest things in life.

Media studies is uselses. I don't even put it on my CV.


I don't need to know about happy lives.

What's this? - LordDovahkiin

41 Latin American Studies
42 Geology

It's so useful to look at rocks and see what kind of rock they are everyone will need this in their adulthood

I hate rocks...

43 World Politics

Unless you like to solve other people's problems. You might as well sell your soul to the devil.

44 Basic Math

I don't know basic math seems useful.
Just the long calculus, trigonometry, algebra etc seems to lack purpose.

45 Greek

The by far most pointless subjects, ever. I don't know if others schools teach this but in my school you have to study it for 2 years. It's worse than Latin, because we don't even share the same alphabet! Ridiculous.

46 Media Studies

Unless you want to be a journo for a tabloid, a film reviewing feminist or interested in working for the mainstream media or film ind. Or marketing In any way, there is really little point in picking media studies as it doesn't really teach you anything valuable or useful that you couldn't learn in sociology or English class, or by downloading Photoshop and movie editor. Trying to find what the colour blue 'signifies' on a man's shirt on a magazine cover is NOT education. Most of the course was painfully common sense based and I regret choosing it because it isn't a very valuable a level. I wish schools didn't lie to us like this.

47 Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education
48 Critical Thinking/Social Change
49 Problem-based learning
50 Study Skills
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