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1 P.E.

Not a fan of physical education on a personal level simply because as someone with a physical disability it has always presented me a challenge; however, to dismiss the importance of this class indicates a lack of education in general. The principle is movement for a healthy body. We are not all athletes, nor will we all play sports professionally. I do agree more focus needs to be in aerobics and less on specific sports in these classes for that reason. Still, I understand the over-arching principle is to present a variety of sports to expose students to things they may be interested in pursuing. And that's the most important role we possess as educators, to offer choices and opportunities to students to expand their horizons!

PE is quite important believe it or not. It may not help you get a job, but it helps you get exercise and lose stress about your school life.

Okay, like me and three-quarters of the kids in my gym class are active athletes and get enough exercise. Besides, you're only active during the class for like, 5 minutes. P.E should be optional. I wouldn't take it.

PE is sometimes fun, like when we get to use the weights room, because it was about you getting better, all about you. When we are in teams, it was pointless, especially if you were trying and every else wasn't.

2 Algebra

Algebra teaches critical thinking, pattern recognition, and aligns to problem-solving. At its most basic level, there really are helpful applications for the general population; however, as you advance through the course, some uses become much more theoretical which is generally true for any math course. Again, it's about expanding horizons and providing choices for students to develop skill sets that translate beyond a mere classroom.
And no, I'm not a fan of math per se
(though I enjoy certain aspects). Still, there is no denying Algebra I and some basic exposure to applied geometry is a must for everybody whether or not people understand that premise. Trust me; it's needed!

That being said, higher level math such as Algebra II (required by most states), Pre-Cal, Calculus, etc... those are truly targeted specifically for students geared toward advanced degrees in Chemistry or Physics. All education possesses value-- but not all us applicable to everyone.

To ...more

Algebra is pointless because the vast majority of people in life never use algebra, less than 20% of Americans use algebra at work whether basic or complex and studies have shown that mathematical performance of students gets worse when they start algebra.
Besides if there is a need for algebra then just use a computer. There are many apps for computers and smartphones where you can calculate algebra rather than waste hours of your precious life performing pointless algebra.

The use behind algebra is to get us to think. I believe they should introduce these topics in school but let the children decide if they want to move on. Most would disagree by saying that we would lose most peoples interest in math by doing that because nobody would want to move on with math, but that's basically saying you have no faith in the children. I feel as if they are turned away because they are FORCED to learn the topic.

A place to learn mathematics and arethimitic meant for civil engineers and air plane control towers, the only math you need is money, percentage, negatives, basic math and how to read pounds ounces tons and metric system other than that your fine. No one uses square roots or graphing to find out how much a burger costs, and your bosses don't ask for work most of the time, if the world revolved around algebraic expressions nothing will be done!

3 Religious Education

You all hate learning religion but I bet you all celebrate Christmas. Which is Jesus’s birthday. Honestly why shouldn’t they teach religion in schools. Christmas and Easter are being taken away and not celebrated for what they truly are. The youth should know there’s no Santa Claus but there is god

If you're religious, teach it to your kids and let them make up their own minds. Don't drill it in at school unless that's what they believe in.

Religion isn't important. Religion exists because God wants us to be good. That's all. Why do we have to learn about the genesis, Noah's ark, Easter, Jesus death, Satan, David and Goliath, Moses, Egyptians, Mary, all stuff like that?
It's totally useless. To make God proud, just be a good person. You don't have to read the bible or stuff.

I believed Christianity in Primary School.
But in Secondary School I was sceptic with Christianity.
But it's not useless if you want to work in a church for religion. (Yeah not other things for example cooking and art classes in the week, and whatever else they do that you don't need to be a Christian to enjoy.)

4 English Literature

I've already commented on this in a similar section (see ELA); Perhaps schools could offer specific types of literature: Modern realistic fiction, Victorian Literature, etc... Not such a bad idea. Just so you know, though, English Literature is the convergence of all other major world languages and noted playwrights and scholars developed syntactic and semantic rules still relevant to written grammar today. That's why it's studied in-depth, more especially in the United States. It ties back to the history of the Norman invasion, without which you wouldn't be writing in English, but in French.

English literature is the epitome of pointless. It has zero value in being studied, and serves no purpose in the real world. Math is used to make everything from computers to bridges, history is important to learn to prevent past events from repeating, and science is important because it relates to things sounding us everyday, and has led to so many invaluable discoveries, such as the cures for diseases. And of course, regular English is massively important for obvious reasons. You may not necessarily use all the subjects I listed above, but this does not change the fact that they are still so important in our world, and a lot more problems would exist today if we stopped studying them. But let me ask you this: What would happen if people stopped studying old English? Let me give you the obvious answer: Absolutely NOTHING. Nothing would change, because it does not affect our world in the slightest bit. What is the actual point of reading this stuff? There is no point, yet high school ...more

Okay...The literature part of English is a waste. But, being able to write a decent paper and how to form a sentence is important.

The only subject on this list that is required at the highest level, In my province Grade 12 30-1 in order to go to university. But what actual job beside English teacher needs to know what an simile and metaphor are?

5 Dance

In Spanish class, we had to do a Zumba dance for a workout. And if we did not do properly, we had to do it in front of the whole class. Luckily, no one had to do this.

Dance class is literally useless. The only dance you need to know is the fancy dance you do with your wife after you're married if you are married, and you don't need a pissed PE teacher teaching a bunch of angsty kids how to do the cupid shuffle when they could be learning how to do taxes.
This is the reason I skipped class for the first time (well sorta)
I rest my case

Dance is pointless, There is no reason to fail a kid because he doesn't like to dance or can't dance. You would not go to a job interview and be asked to dance so you can get the job. Completely pointless unless you're going to be Michael Jackson, then is better to take dancing lessons than dancing in school.

dance is my least favorite class and when I'm in 1st grade the girls (including me) have dance class teachers makes it like it was an important class I hate dancing

6 History

History allows us to learn from the large scale mistakes that many have made throughout in the past. By not learning history, we can develop views that are wrong and views that are not in any way based on facts or truth, but rather the hate for a large group of people, whether it is religion, race or gender. By learning about the past our views become valid, because we have based them on facts.

I'm extremely good at history, and it is my favorite subject so this will obviously be biased. I want to politely counter some peoples arguments seeing it as unnecessary, and say just this. The reason history is important is because it shows how the following developed: religion, civilization, culture, society. History shows us how the world used to work, and how it applies to the modern day. They say that those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it, and we have seen this several times in the past. It can be important to learn history to shape the way people think, otherwise we can travel down the wrong path again, and again, and again. For example the crimes, killings, and atrocities that the Japanese and Germans committed during WW2 were some of the worlds greatest atrocities with the death toll in the tens of millions. If people don't learn about this, people could be influenced by a "New Hitler" that can rise to power, and change everything we know, and not knowing what ...more

History encompasses a much broader area of study including Language, Sociology, psychology, culture, religion,geography, exploration, literature,etc... because it is an ongoing record backed by specialized scientists: archaeologists, geologists, linguists, sociologist, psychologists, etc... who track patterns and trends and discover sources and methods used by various people and what defined or expanded their boundaries to cultivate culture or dis-ban it. Not only is it fascinating, it also possesses more practical applications than most may expect: GPS anyone? Without the intersection of science and history (including geographers and early explorers who developed tools of innovation and navigation), you may not be holding a Smartphone in your hand.

Why did I have to suffer year after year of Australian history in primary school, and now European and Asian history in secondary school? It's a waste of time...

7 Critical Thinking/Social Change

Critical thinking is a skill, not a class. Social change is the result of ideology and personal beliefs about systems that need to be tweaked for specific purposes in human interaction and is tied more closely to history.

As to whether there is a course someone slapped a name on to pump up self-importance: it's done all the time. Most "strange" courses are the result of dissertation students or professors obtaining grants, however. I'm guessing this course probably has to do with examining multiple solutions to current social crisis.

The hell?! This is a class?! The world is damaged...

I don't know what that is

Really it’s a subject! More useless then dance

8 Latin

Both Latin and Greek are precursors to most world/modern languages including what are known as the Romance Languages: Spanish, French, Italian. In addition, English possesses many borrowed words and phrases from these languages. Above all, Latin and Greek are universal in both the medical and legal fields worldwide and connect such individuals as scientists globally which is important in the advancement of medicine.
In this day and age, it probably should be elective, though. That being said, you have probably been exposed to it already in English, history, and your science courses more especially including Biology. Nothing is useless; the question is whether or not your place a value on it.

Latin... Greek and Latin are in some of the words in English. The roots of these words can be important to us, so I really don't understand why this may be a most pointless school subjects

Teachers and parents say that Latin it will help with my vocabulary, but it really hasn't. I've never looked at a word and said 'ooh that word's root is from the Latin word...'. Also, they say it helps with other languages. However its never helped me in French or Spanish. Parents also say it helps with maths and science. in maths it is standard to learn about kilos etc. and Latin has never helped me in maths, same goes for Science. Latin is a dead language and no one speaks it. Hindustani /Urdu is more useful than Latin even though I'm never going to go to India or Pakistan.

Modern languages like French, German and Spanish SHOULD be taught in schools. At least they are actually spoken in the world and are used in many good businesses, but Latin? It's a dead language! Nobody speaks it anymore! So WHY THE HELL would you actually teach it?! All classical languages should be scrapped from the education system and replaced with French German or Spanish. Latin is useless in every sense of the word!

9 Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education
10 Music

Music, art, literature, film: who can truly imagine a world without these. I certainly don't want to, and art connects us the most basic universal level of any other discipline. It's like a personalized Hallmark card with our stamp sealed on it. We need beauty and hope in this world to encourage, motivate, inspire and dare us to dream and create. This becomes a process tied to a cycle and life is a cycle.

"Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus..." anyone remember that? We need music and all other types of creative expression even if we don't pursue them personally, we are certain to gravitate to them and they provide relaxation, comfort, joy, hope, and inspiration. What a sad world, we'd occupy without them!

I disagree and I don't know how this is even up here. Music is perhaps one of, if not the most important aspects of life. To have a class that can teach you why, or a class to teach you how is just as important. Music is how people can communicate and express feeling. Music has been a part of civilization ever since humans discovered sound could be produced to make tunes. It is cultural, it is magical and inspirational. You take music class not because you are or are not interested in music, but because it is important to understand why music is so impactful in the first place. Who knows, maybe you'll even learn how to create music yourself.

Have to vote for this one. Don't have Religous Education here (I don't go to a catholic school) so I had to pick this one (I'm sure RE would be my pick if I had to learn it). Music class is pointless beyond pointless. In highschool I have to take an art to get my art credit, so I took visual arts Grade 9 for an easy one (Didn't have room on my timetable for Grade 9 art in grade 9 or 10 as only 2 and 3 electives were available and I took the courses I like)

I think this class is absolutely useless in every way possible for me because I already know how to play music way better than my teacher. In addition, my teacher does not know what she is talking about. Furthermore, she gave the whole class a 100 point test with an open ended question. How unfair.

I have to disagree with this. Music is important day to day and for people like me who are serious musicians (I play the piano) I cannot live without music. It goes beyond playing the instrument, music helps improve your intelligence, memory and coordination. Music helps to get rid of modern day stresses.

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11 Problem-based learning

I honestly don't know what this is, but it sounds stupid

12 Art

School’s depressing for me. Art was the only thing I looked forward when it came to school. Obviously people untalented and can’t draw voted for art. And honestly P.E deserves to be 1 there are other ways to stay fit than run around with sweaty students trying to catch a ball.

I only take art because I'm forced to pick 3 electives and the good electives are full. The teachers limit your creativity so much its pointless

I don't get how P.E. is at number 1 and art isn't. Look at the facts, putting lines on a piece of paper opposed to getting physical education. People need physical education because how many overweight people we have in America. We also have a lot of stupid people in America which also includes for the people who voted P.E. for 1. Than people have the audacity to say Algebra is number 1. How do you people live with yourself? God.

Art is pretty pointless, if someone liked art they would do it outside of school. Not as useful as other subjects on this list, both below and above art. Spanish is on this list even though it is the second most widely spoken language in the world. RE is pretty crap but it helps to understand people's religions. PE has been said to reduce obesity in children ("apparently"). Science definitely helps also.

13 Study Skills

I have a BA and an MS and am working on a JD. Think I have figured out how to study at this point in my life. Why am I forced to take and pay for a class that is an utter waste of my time and only serves to add to my work load, which for a JD candidate is already heavy enough. The 4 hours a week of work it adds is disproportionate to the 1 hr of credit I get that isn't even required by the degree.
There is no reason why this class should not not be no. 1 on the list as the biggest waste of time.

14 Gender Studies

So in High School, I was choosing classes to take, so I was like "AyYyy lEts TakE tHiS" and it SUCKED. I do think that women deserve equality, but the class was SO bad! The tests were LITERALLY asking us "Do all people deserve equality" and "what is a queer" EVERY SINGLE TEST.

Man the lefties are using new improved tactics to indoctrinate little kids nowadays

Most useless subject by far. Taught by waves of whales and fat feminists.

Literally does not help you in any way whatsoever

15 Human Geography

If you want to travel, buy a travel book and study it. Buy a map, etc. That's the only thing geography is useful for, the rest of it is a waste.

What was the point of this class again? Oh yeah, there's no purpose to it. Geography has taught me nothing new. I've only had maps and pointless essays shoved in my face. In addition, I've lost countless hours of sleep typing those damn essays. I think I've only learned to hate--despise even--this absolutely useless and boring class. Thank God this is only a semester-long class at my high school.

Geography is about learning about the earth and what goes on below your feet. I don't care about how people live in Uganda... An actual examination I had to do. Is this going to benefit me?
I want to learn about the formation of volcanoes and how earthquakes occur. That sort of thing is INTERESTING!

I just can't focus in this ridiculous subject, it is idiotic, hideous, and is a waste of your time.
Like what are you going to use your knowledge of weather forecasting for?
Also, like what kind of job are you doing where you need knowledge of different rocks?

16 Spanish

Extremely important especially if you live in a border state! Roots in Latin the original language from which every major work has been translated. All language is relevant-- see my other reflections in sub-areas of this list for further explanation!

Just saying, languages are for the most part elective classes. Besides, English is not "main language" of the world. Chinese, followed by Spanish THEN English are the top three languages spoken worldwide. If anything, Chinese or Spanish is preferable than English. Get your facts straight

There are only two languages you should be forced to learn; Your native language and English, since English is the main language of the world wide web.
Forcing another language on a person simply because the country you share borders with speaks it is ridiculous.

I've heard several times over the last ten years it's recommended to learn Spanish because of the immigrants coming here. But my point is why the Hell bother... They should learn English yet stay the Hell in their country

17 Math

Mathematics is by far the most useful thing in the universe! Without mathematics, the universe will cease to exist! And many people are asking what job required advanced mathematics? Well every good paying job. Every STEM job requires it. Even if you are going to work in McDonald's in the rest of our life you need math for some basic finance. People say I am biased since I could do AP Calculus in 3rd grade and university mathematics in 4th grade but that is so untrue! I love mathematics and I believe everybody should.

Math is useless! Is it pointless and makes students stressed and makes them fail! Time could be well spent on other subjects like science.

OK, as much as I despise maths, it’s not even close to being pointless. Some parts of it are though, such as pythagoras theorem, scientific notation and matrices.

Not only is it very important, it is vital to daily functioning: comparison shopping for best values, creating or following basic recipes, redecorating or redesigning a home or personal space, investing and saving money for retirement and financial portfolios, ensuring you aren't ripped off at the cash register, clocking departure and arrival times, especially in the aviation field. Can you imagine continual sky crash-- those would not be "friendly" skies! Lol...

18 Media Studies

Unless you want to be a journo for a tabloid, a film reviewing feminist or interested in working for the mainstream media or film ind. Or marketing In any way, there is really little point in picking media studies as it doesn't really teach you anything valuable or useful that you couldn't learn in sociology or English class, or by downloading Photoshop and movie editor. Trying to find what the colour blue 'signifies' on a man's shirt on a magazine cover is NOT education. Most of the course was painfully common sense based and I regret choosing it because it isn't a very valuable a level. I wish schools didn't lie to us like this.

these are not actual subjects get them off here

19 Handwriting

Some states don't even require this anymore. And this is not a class per se; it's a skill that's often taught at the primary and elementary levels. That being said, I believe everyone needs to develop a signature at the very least. I realize we live in a tech-based world and not everyone has gorgeous handwriting, but people benefit from this on several levels: learning different strokes that can be used in hobbies like calligraphy or even drafting, pattern recognition (yes, this applies to cursive writing), spatial awareness, and fine motor skills, especially for children with orthopedic problems or receiving occupational therapy.

There are computers now, and they have keyboards. How much do we really need to write? Not much, except when schools make you WRITE essays. Typing is way faster and especially with modern technology being more and more accessible, handwriting is not important.

My handwriting will suck forever, and the world isn't going to care about it either when I'm being lowered into a hole in the ground.

The reason I wanted to break my hand. To get out of this abomination of a subject.
10 years later, my handwriting is still atrocious. Proof it doesn't work.
Who writes joined up anyway?

20 Latin American Studies
21 Product Design

What's the point of designing a basic thing you already own from scratch? It's just an extremely tedious lesson which I quickly abandoned.

The most stupid subject, ever and with 3 hours of homework every day. It is commonly known as poinless subject #1

I couldn't agree more. it is a waste of money, time and flesh


22 Science

Relevant, fun, and engaging courses with many sub-disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, Horticulture, Agriculture, etc... It teaches the function and role of life processes, explores the history and evolution behind them, uses applied (hands-on) experimentation and collaboration, requires that you ask as many questions as possible, formulate hypothesis as well as dissuade them. It's always based on discovery and therefore cyclical and never-ending much like history!
Fascinating and teaches various skills: problem-solving, critical thinking, mathematical computation, creative inquiry, etc... Definitely need these courses! Not only for doctors, more specifically as you advance (yes), but in general populations as well: teachers, chefs, engineers, computer techs, media specialists, farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, inventors, lab techs, etc...

Unless you're a scientist or major in a scientific field, there is really no use at all for this subject. I don't think science truly deepens our understanding of the world. It's great knowing how basic things function, but schools make us memorize complicated parts that don't help us understand science any better.

(it shows us how things work, but not why things are this way/questioning reality.. for example, do the things we interact with exist? Does knowledge really make you smarter? Are the things we believe "right" or "wrong"? )

the questions above are part of what philosophers study- they put their beliefs to the test and really QUESTION EVERYTHING!

By far the most useless. A question for the school board, will we EVER and I mean EVER use the information we learn in Biology, Chemistry, or any other mainstream science in normal everyday life? No, we will never use it unless we are in that specific field in the future (and in that case should be either an elective or a college class only). Honestly, Financial Education should be put in place of Science in the High School requirements to graduate. And honestly, half of what modern High Schools teach should be elective ONLY! I rest my case

I'm going into professional musicianship. When will I EVER need to know how to write lab reports or what the polymers of RNA Polymerase ribonucleic acid is? Oh wait, I forgot- I won't. If I stopped taking Science, History and English classes in 6th grade, I would've been more than fine as far as my career is concerned. None of it even matters or really has any use to anyone unless you are SPECIFICALLY going into said scientific field.

23 Economics

While a young person may not consider the viability of this course, let me caution you: invest, save, and comparison shop. Tracking trends and patterns and becoming familiar with basic terminology relevant to your work life: income tax, sales tax, net pay, gross pay, deduction, IRA, etc... allows you to maximize and
to secure your earning potential!

I guess it is important to learn about but is not going to be relevant to 95% of careers.

Anyone? Anyone?

24 Pre-Algebra

Right when you thought standard algebra was useless, there is more..

A pointless subject to make the smart kids look bad

Your right m8

25 Chemistry

I am currently a software developer. So, why the hell was I forced to study chemistry at school? To become a software developer you don't need chemistry at all. 90% of careers don't need chemistry as well, so I can't understand how is that we are forced to study this subject.

Chemistry is sometimes useful for making new medicines for example when a disease is infecting everyone. We need chemistry to make the new medicine.

Thank you, thank you, same problem here, but or Chemistry teacher is killing us, we must know every single thing, why?

No one uses chemistry in the future

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