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1 P.E.

PE is simply ridiculous. It does not help you with anything in life, and is more likely to get you a pathetic life than a productive one. And it ruins your dignity from when you start it until when you can drop it. - PositronWildhawk

P.E. is ridiculous, you shouldn't be forced to do something and pay for something you don't want to do by people that have no relation to you whatsoever. Who cares that some people are overweight? They are just the same as we are. Plus, it should be our choice of who we want to be and why. - benhos

School is about education, not running around an AstroTurf football pitch and tiring yourself out. After all of this you're still knackered and unable to concentrate on the next lesson. A completely anti-productive subject that hinders on anything near it.
Anyway, isn't school about learning interesting things, that are beneficial in later life? P.E. doesn't benefit anything! All it does is makes you run around like an idiot. - Cazaam

My favourite subject ever!

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2 Religious Education

I'm irreligious, why do I care when Jesus died or how Man was "created" Another subject that's a lie and shouldn't exist. If you wondered, Man was created when E.T. had intercourse with a gorrilla. That makes as much sense as Creationism does. - Cazaam

I wish you atheists would get off of your high horses and start actually analyzing the contents of religious groups and texts. You are not more special than us. You are not smarter than us. You do not have anything that makes your opinion more eligible than ours. Yours is just a worldview like everyone else's, and it's time we start treating it as such. - GrimmShady

I'm Catholic so I have to go to religion four days a week and it's really boring. (No offense to God. ) - Connor360

Tell me when once in my life knowing how Jesus died and went up to a mystical sky father who granted him eternal life is gonna get me anywhere? What jobs does it provide? BARELY ANY!


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3 Algebra

The use behind algebra is to get us to think. I believe they should introduce these topics in school but let the children decide if they want to move on. Most would disagree by saying that we would lose most peoples interest in math by doing that because nobody would want to move on with math, but that's basically saying you have no faith in the children. I feel as if they are turned away because they are FORCED to learn the topic.

I cannot use the computer because I don't do my Algebra homework. I don't see myself ever using these equations beyond school. I only use basic math, and fractions on rare occasions if I'm outside of school. Waste of time.

Algebra is pointless because the vast majority of people in life never use algebra, less than 20% of Americans use algebra at work whether basic or complex and studies have shown that mathematical performance of students gets worse when they start algebra.
Besides if there is a need for algebra then just use a computer. There are many apps for computers and smartphones where you can calculate algebra rather than waste hours of your precious life performing pointless algebra. - OC96

it sucks

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4 English Literature

English literature is a bunch of bullsh**. How is it going to be beneficial in life. Will shakespeare really play a part in your future life. I really hope not! Do you really think people want to sit in their chair for 1 and a half hours talking about Shakespeare conveying his emotions and thoughts. Do you really think that Shakespeare himself thought about whether or not he's going to use a metaphor, simile or personificaiton. I highly doubt it. Is there a point in learning about things that had happened 400 years ago and is fictional. Children nowadays are wasting their lives reciting some bloody play that they will only do once. The essay you write for 1 or 2 exams will be a waste of time because at the end of the day no one will read it ever again. Although modern english is beneficial to current lives for communication will you ever say this to your girl/boyfriend thou is't well looking. Sorry to people who like english but your wasting your time reading a whole load of crap. ...more

What a load of crap. This subject reminds me of religious studies. The teachers are just trying to make you believe in something that just isn't there. The author of a book doesn't sit there thinking "which literary technique should I use now to convey this idea". No, they are thinking "i better write something down or I will never get this book published so I can make some money and stop living with my parents".

I honestly hate English class. It feels so useless. I understand that being able to analyze texts and stuff is useful, but after college am I going to have to recite Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, or Homer's Iliad? No! Does absolutely any job, even being an author, require me to do anything related to literary time periods, texts that are anything but relevant, or anything of the sort? NO! I'm so done with wasting my time in this class.

The fact that people are still studying 2000 year old texts shows that human nature has not progressed beyond then.

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5 Dance

I already know how to bust out some moves, does it mean anything to practice some boring routine when I can just make it up as I go along? Just another class to wag. - Cazaam

My dance teacher always broke down at our class, which made the whole class pointless

I have always wanted to go to a performing arts school. Sadly my school isn't, so it doesn't have dance.

Why the hell we have to learn and force to dance.

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6 Human Geography

Geography is about learning about the earth and what goes on below your feet. I don't care about how people live in Uganda... An actual examination I had to do. Is this going to benefit me?
I want to learn about the formation of volcanoes and how earthquakes occur. That sort of thing is INTERESTING! - Cazaam

This class has been a complete waste of my freshman year of high school.

pointless and unnecessary.

A.k.a shave too much biology into your mouth - amenyoussef

7 Music

No point of this class even existing. If you was interested in music, you'd know before then. The only thing this class has done is made me scared of the recorder. - Cazaam

If I wanted to play something, I would teach myself or get a non-school teacher. All this does is split students up so the teachers are not overwhelmed. I had a recorder shoved down my throat when I was 11. - benhos

Have to vote for this one. Don't have Religous Education here (I don't go to a catholic school) so I had to pick this one (I'm sure RE would be my pick if I had to learn it). Music class is pointless beyond pointless. In highschool I have to take an art to get my art credit, so I took visual arts Grade 9 for an easy one (Didn't have room on my timetable for Grade 9 art in grade 9 or 10 as only 2 and 3 electives were available and I took the courses I like) - CheesyNachos

It's dumb

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8 History

We care about some dead person who did something no one cares about why? I don't know. The only interesting part of history is evolution. - Cazaam

We would never need History because it is not like anybody is going to give you a paper in your job and tell you here I want you to do exactly what Thomas Jefferson did.

When will we need this? It's not like in future someone's going to come up to you and say "Hey! When did king Henry die? Or when did the Battle of the Hastings start? " - LyidaFaiths

To be honest while it's useless, its probably one of the easiest classes out of everything else.

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9 Product Design

What's the point of designing a basic thing you already own from scratch? It's just an extremely tedious lesson which I quickly abandoned. - Cazaam

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10 Art

Art is pretty pointless, if someone liked art they would do it outside of school. Not as useful as other subjects on this list, both below and above art. Spanish is on this list even though it is the second most widely spoken language in the world. RE is pretty crap but it helps to understand people's religions. PE has been said to reduce obesity in children ("apparently"). Science definitely helps also.

Art itself isn't pointless or bad, but the way they teach it in school is.

Art should be something that is chosen but if it is forced to do it makes the students learn to hate art, same with music...


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11 Math

Math that we learn in elementary school and maybe middle school is good (things like percentages, being able to handle money, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, etc... basically anything you can apply to your real life). Algebra and trigonometry are examples of useless math. I don't think I'll ever need to know what x equals, what the hypotenuse of a certain triangle is, or how to graph linear equations.

Mathematics is so pointless, not because its hard or complicated but You have to pass it... If you already known the basics like Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication then you don't need to learn other things about math since if you had a job most (80%) of the time you wouldn't even need or use it...

Math might have been useful in the past, but then the calculator was invented.

Like many people here said, math is useful up to some point. However, as it gets more complicated, math eventually loses its point and become an abstract subject for many students. Unless one is going to be an engineer, physicist, mathematician or teacher, a lot of math is far too complex to be of any real use. (e.g. Mclaurins, trigonometry, hypothesis testing etc)

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12 Handwriting

The reason I wanted to break my hand. To get out of this abomination of a subject.
10 years later, my handwriting is still atrocious. Proof it doesn't work.
Who writes joined up anyway? - Cazaam

Actually, I need a class in handwriting. My handwriting is terrible compared to all my friends. - Pegasister12

This might have been useful in the past, but then Microsoft Word was invented. - gizzmokids

I seem to notice that a lot of adults have bad handwriting...

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13 Science

You know, school is pretty much meant to prepare you for the real world. Like, how to care for your children, get a job, all the important things. When I get married, have kids, and get a job, I'm not going to have to talk about the new periodic table or a amoeba! It's a waste of time and doesn't prepare you for anything in the real world.

Boy oh boy! I can't wait to get this banker job. However, I don't think it requires knowing how many chromosomes a human has.

Science is the most useless subject ever covered in human history. It was probably put to some use way back when, but this is the 21st century. Tell me about one time you had to go around telling people about the inside of animals or the make up of plants unless you're a botanist or a veterinarian.

When compared to subjects like RS Science seems like a free low budget vacation to me

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14 Spanish

Spanish is very important in North America. There are a lot of Spanish speakers in the US, and it only helps to learn the second most dominant language in the US

Just saying, languages are for the most part elective classes. Besides, English is not "main language" of the world. Chinese, followed by Spanish THEN English are the top three languages spoken worldwide. If anything, Chinese or Spanish is preferable than English. Get your facts straight

I've heard several times over the last ten years it's recommended to learn Spanish because of the immigrants coming here. But my point is why the Hell bother... They should learn English yet stay the Hell in their country

I'm not sure if you noticed but immigrants are taking all the jobs us Americans don't want.

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15 Physics

Pretty much useless for anyone who doesn't want to be a physician. Also, confusing as hell.

16 Latin

Modern languages like French, German and Spanish SHOULD be taught in schools. At least they are actually spoken in the world and are used in many good businesses, but Latin? It's a dead language! Nobody speaks it anymore! So WHY THE HELL would you actually teach it?! All classical languages should be scrapped from the education system and replaced with French German or Spanish. Latin is useless in every sense of the word!

Teachers and parents say that Latin it will help with my vocabulary, but it really hasn't. I've never looked at a word and said 'ooh that word's root is from the Latin word...'. Also, they say it helps with other languages. However its never helped me in French or Spanish. Parents also say it helps with maths and science. in maths it is standard to learn about kilos etc. and Latin has never helped me in maths, same goes for Science. Latin is a dead language and no one speaks it. Hindustani /Urdu is more useful than Latin even though I'm never going to go to India or Pakistan.

Why. Don't try to bring it back to life it's a dead language. Pointless.

My word, boring, pointless, stupid, nobody speaks it anymore! All it ever did was fill up my valuable memory with unhelpful verb ending and phrases. AAARGH! Just why.

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17 Logic

What the hell kind of class is this? Probably for people who don't have common sense.

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18 Reading
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20 Speech

Cried so much in this class. Some people are naturally gifted in speaking and some (like me) are just not. They can actually fail you for this useless subject.

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