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21 Physics

Very hard to grasp. Not useless - Ned964

Pretty much useless for anyone who doesn't want to be a physician. Also, confusing as hell.

22 Sexual Education

In it's current form it's just repeating the same things you learned on other classes a year or two ago. Pointless.

We have porn for this!

We have sex and pornhub

23 Language Arts

I will only read a book about useful things like dog potty training but not about fiction or whatever. - DumbWays2DieFan

Yeah! At least math has pragmatic value. Language arts is thoroughly useless

By the time you're in seventh, you know everything about language arts. - LordDovahkiin

It honestly depends on the teacher and most la teachers suck like mrs.estrauda

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24 Reading

This subject in my opinion is the absolute worst. Having to read books for school, which is stupid in itself, is pretty useless. Who actually wants to read books, chosen by some of the most education savvy twits in the world, that seem to be the center of boredom. They always pick classics, too. This has brought my definition of a classic book to being over 50 years old, overusing unnecessarily long words, and having the content worth no man's time, all inside a poorly drawn beat up cover. The amount of crap that comes from reading books for school is just stupid!

You want me to read? I'm reading on my computer. I don't need books. - DumbWays2DieFan

25 Geography

This is the most boring subject ever why would I ever want to know about rocks and the formation of rivers spits and bars. Where is this going to be useful in my life we already know east where the sun rises west the sun sets north east west south.

Useless and boring. my mom says its useful for travel. first of all, we can bring maps. second of all, I hate travel. geography is better than history though - DumbWays2DieFan

26 Speech

Cried so much in this class. Some people are naturally gifted in speaking and some (like me) are just not. They can actually fail you for this useless subject.

It sucks because if you have stage fright you wont wanna say anything

27 Computer Science


Even though not all of us wanna become website makers or whatever, it can change the world and its fun to mess around with This subject is an ok subject, but the useless ones are the ones like biology, chemistry, and algebra. - DumbWays2DieFan

28 Logic

What the hell kind of class is this? Probably for people who don't have common sense.

Doesn't teach u logic just stupid maths - DumbWays2DieFan

So useless no one cares about debait

This stupid excuse of a subject should be ABOLISHED!

m y school forces me to take logic and it DOES NOT TEACH YOU LOG IC! t he curriculum consists of proofs and is like algebra. Here's an example:

(a * b)v a
t herefore, _____ (make sure to justify this random ! i t will definitely teach you great things!)

29 Local Language

You shouldn't have to pass the language that is only spoken in your country unless you want to live there! Its basically a dead language.

I was taught the wrong type of local language for my area learning the opposite of the countrys. I go out to a place they speak it and they all can speak English anyway! It will be wiped out in a few years


30 Media

Honestly, the most pointless and useless subject. This has to be the worst subject and even though it is optional, it sucks. Why would people want to learn to be able to predict the end of a film by the first 5 minutes of it. I really needed to know that the kid was the villain and you have to kill him or nuke a state just by seeing the door open. Thanks Media. You ruin the greatest things in life.

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I don't need to know about happy lives.

What's this? - LordDovahkiin

32 Drama

School has enough drama - DumbWays2DieFan

Drama is actually the most stupidest class there ever is it’s like liberal arts in a nutshell.

33 Health

It doesn't take a scientist to figure out that we need to eat healthy to be healthy

34 Keyboarding

Where in life am I going to use this. Not only is there literally no use for this, but it also wastes valuable class time. My teacher also does not teach us.

We will be using computers, but I know where the keys are. don't teach me something I already know. - DumbWays2DieFan

35 Fly Fishing
36 Earth Science

It is basically middle school science and a course to make kids feel stupid. At my school they reach about the water cycle in the class. Pointless and it shouldn't exist. Biology is more useful than that joke of a course.

Why would anyone becoming a math teacher need to know about tectonic plates. And all of these small details we will just forget in the next ten years.

37 Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education
38 Engineering

Such crap. all you do is sit round and get yelled at by a teacher while the "popular" kids do the work. this is a useless lesson and doesn't even teach kids anything important. whoop, we know how to make a crappy lamp.

39 Media Studies

Unless you want to be a journo for a tabloid, a film reviewing feminist or interested in working for the mainstream media or film ind. Or marketing In any way, there is really little point in picking media studies as it doesn't really teach you anything valuable or useful that you couldn't learn in sociology or English class, or by downloading Photoshop and movie editor. Trying to find what the colour blue 'signifies' on a man's shirt on a magazine cover is NOT education. Most of the course was painfully common sense based and I regret choosing it because it isn't a very valuable a level. I wish schools didn't lie to us like this.

40 Cooking Classes

Ok this isn't really useless but why learn it in school why not later on in life or learn how to cook on your own at home there plenty of ways to learn it at home my school actually gives us cooking classes and call it food technology.

They just teach us how to make things like cake. teach us how to make healthy foods too like salad - DumbWays2DieFan

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