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1 Top Ten ..... Users / TopTenner Awards

You can put any word (if you use appropriate grammar) in there, there are about a 100 lists like this and the figure always rises, now there is no point in making lists like top ten users of November 2014, December 2014, April, May and it keeps on going. - yatharthb

2 Top Ten Reasons Why Is Better Than

How embarrassing that an unknown person is comparing you with someone without even knowing a bit about you. - yatharthb

This is really annoying and mostly causes fights and hypocrisy - simpsondude

It's actually very useless. People just need a list to make nothing else, completely pointless, they don't care that whether it is even logical or not. - Ananya

3 Top Ten Facts About the User

I don't see anything wrong with this. - Misfire

If another user makes it, its fine but why make a list about yourself - yatharthb

4 Top Ten Things That Should Happen to
5 Top Ten Reasons Why .... Is a ....
6 Dumb Things to Do

The items in this kind of lists are really dumb to happen in reality and not very humorous so they are not that interesting, some of them are indeed good but most of them are immature - yatharthb

7 Most Pointless Things

I admit making this list on a pointless topic but I was frustrated by the type of lists mentioned above. - yatharthb

8 Random Lists
9 Things They Have Masturbated To
10 Music Lists

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