Best Pokemon Rom Hacks

The Top Ten

Pokémon Adventure - Red Chapter

You Play As Manga Red, enough Said

Pokémon Light Platinum
Pokémon Dark Rising
Pokémon Victory Fire
Pokémon AshGray
Pokémon Glazed
Pokemon DarkCry
Pokémon ChaosBlack
Pokémon Flora Sky
Pokémon Liquid Crystal

The Contenders

Pokémon Dark Rising 2
Pokemon Prism

It's crystal rom hack but
+You can customize your avatar
+You can play as your pokemon
+New types Gas and Sound
+New Legendaries
+New Regions named Naljo and Rijon
+You can evolve your pokemon without trade
+Gen 3-4-6 pokemons added

Pokémon My Ass

I love the smell of this game! - Sillyguy

Pokémon Fuligin
Pokemon Clover
Pokémon Snakewood
Pokemon Insurgence
Pokémon Adventure - Green Chapter
Pokemon Gaia

Even Though It's Still In Beta, It Has A Complete Storyline, Is A Hack Of Fire Red And Has Gen 4-6 Pokemon

Pokemon Uranium
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